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CoffeeSpins - Spin and Go HUD

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CoffeeSpins is a brand new, state of the art HUD package designed for PokerTracker 4.

.Your purchase comes with two different HUDs that are designed for use in Spin and Go/Jackpot poker games.

Check out the video below for a full overview of the two HUDs.

CoffeeSpins Standard starts at the beginning of the video.

How to use CoffeeSpins Heads Up starts at 26:57

CoffeeSpins Max starts at 28:42

CoffeeSpins Standard - This HUD has a great deal of stats that are perfectly suited to any spin and go player. Design and ease of use was at the forefront of this version of the HUD.

CoffeeSpins Max - In this HUD, we jammed every single stat you could possibly ever need into one single HUD. This HUD is for players that want every statistic at their fingertips at any given time.


Cost $99



Order Now

Special Instructions!

Once you order the HUD, download the special font for this HUD. The download comes with installation instructions. In order to get the best performance out of this HUD, we recommend you install this font prior to using the HUD.

Font Download

Within 24 hours after you purchase this HUD, we will activate your PT4 license for access to this HUD, and then your PT4 installation will automatically download and install this HUD. Be sure to completely fill out the checkout form with your PT4 registration e-mail and 6-digit code. You can find that e-mail and 6-digit code in PT4 itself by clicking the "Help" menu and selecting "About".

Read about our HUD Guarantee Policy.

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Here is the installation

Here is the installation guide video for the HUD

If you have any issues with the HUD, check with this thread first (including the solution in my last post in that thread), as there were some recent PT4 errors impacting HUDs with a solution that already exists.

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Leak Buster

Hello: I want to pull up my stats from a certain time period or stake. I found how to pull my lifetime stats in general from Coffee's vid but is there a way to pull up for example the last couple of months without purging the rest of the games from my database? I posted this question in the forums but I think that is probably the wrong place. Also is it possible to add more in depth pop ups myself if I wanted to add for example more stack levels or is this hud sort of "locked in" to the format that was sent out?

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Is there a free/sample

Is there a free/sample version like coffeehud lite?

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There is no lite version

There is no lite version currently.

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i think there is a problem

i think there is a problem with the effective stack display when the blinds go from 20/40 to 30/60 and you look at the 'Next' stack the number is not correct. 

maybe it's programmed to think that there is a 25/50 level after 20/40?

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This is correct, thanks for

This is correct, thanks for pointing that out. we'll have this in the next update.

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Pokertracker is 'not responding'

Pokertracker starts 'not responding' at some point during my editing of the hud, (I'm not 100% sure yet but possibly occurring when one player gets eliminated)

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Have you tried a custom cache

Have you tried a custom cache rebuild?

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Yes, I've done a custom cache

Yes, I've done a custom cache rebuild (had problems with this too but PokerTracker support helped me out) but the problem still occurs. I don't think it's a big deal, as so far I think the problem only occurs sporadically while editing and saving the hud during live play, all that means in practice I think is that it takes longer to get the HUD exactly like I want it to be.

Speaking of which - do you guys have any tips for arranging the HUD on small tables (4 tiled tables on a 1280x 720 laptop screen)?

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(No subject)
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A terribly dumb question

I apologize in advance for sheer newbness/stupidity of my question - are there any default layouts for CoffeeSpins for Pokerstars? I just bought and installed it and get a crazy jumble on screen. I tried to reposition everything while playing, but it caused me to pretty much go crazy because while playing it occasionally resets itself. Is there a smarter/less insane way to do it?

In addition - why and how does it change between look #1 and #2 (first and second image shown here)?

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Did you install the special

Did you install the special font for the HUD?

I have a message out to the programmer to better answer your question in the meantime.

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The programmer has some

The programmer has some additional instructions.

He says that you have to manually set the layout. He says this could help - https://gyazo.com/f0de9737334db80029dc3b88283a202b

To change between look 1 and 2: To set this up he should use: Hud--> Edit hud options --> click profile Select

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Yes I did. Sorry for not

Yes I did. Sorry for not being specific - it is that the groups itself are all over each other. I had to spend some money losing in some lower buyins (because PS wanted to sell me play chips :) which was a humiliating experience but I somehow arranged it all in the end. And purged those offending tournaments from PT4 afterward :)

Thanks for the image instructions - I know the drill, I just thought that when initially imported, it would be in some kind of order.

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Hello, I have a suggestion for future update of this hud. It would be nice to have most stats as vs hero. It's very important vs regulars because for example isoing, 3beting non all in ranges are way different vs another regular compared to vs recreationals. Or when we are BB vs SB regular his mr/limping frequencies will be totally different vs us than vs population so seeing total stats might hurt us. 

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Stats at the wrong place

Hi there,

I noticed a mistake in the coffeespins hud, in the panel BB postflop 3w, the stats Xr and dk bet are inversed in the limp part, it s good for the raising part.

Thx for correction

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Hi there, I bought the HUD

Hi there, I bought the HUD 3days ago but still didn't get it activated. Sent two emails but got no answer. I realize It's a manual process but it's taking a while nevertheless. Any way I can get some help?


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Hi Evan, We sent you an email

Hi Evan,

We sent you an email over 2 days ago asking you to provide the correct 6 digit code and email (found in "help" and "about" in PT4), since the ones you provided at checkout did not work. It is possible this email went into the spam folder. I did see that you sent us an email about 18 hours ago about your order not being activated, but you didn't mention a new code, so it seems like you did not see our email.

If you can email those over, we can activate it for you.



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Hi Ryan, Yes I just saw your

Hi Ryan,

Yes I just saw your email, my spam folder was full. The code is right but the email attached I gave you was wrong, sent you the right one.

Thanks for your help!

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A large update has been
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When I purchased this HUD today I didn't see anywhere in this post that it said this HUD expired after two years. However, in my order summary it says the HUD is valid to June 29 2016, is this correct?

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That's just the role for the

That's just the role for the purchase on the site. It doesn't mean anything, we just have to add a role for every purchase. You'll get to use the HUD on PT4 for as long as you have PT4.

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Thanks.  HUD seems very good


HUD seems very good so far.


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Big Raise stat

Hi, I would like to know the range of BB villain needs to open to count like a Big Raise and not like a Open Shove or a mini-raise. Thanks

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Hey, sorry for the delay in

Hey, sorry for the delay in reply. Min raise is 2x-2.25x, big raise is 2.25x-(effective stack/3), Openshove is > (effective stack/3)

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Question about stat

Hello! Id like to ask why in group "Postflop BB vs SB" is stat named "CS BB vs SB Float flop". As i understand, this should be "bet when missed cbet", in other words "how often villain bets when checked to"?

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Float bet = bet when missed

Float bet = bet when missed oop cbet = checked to when IP when OOP ended pre-flop play as aggressor. Ie it's named that because that's what a float bet is. So the person is correct that that's what the stat does, and the PT4 term (and common poker term) is float bet (which is much quicker to write).

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Gotcha! Thx for very quick

Gotcha! Thx for very quick answer!

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From where i have to download the custom font?

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It's up top in the original

It's up top in the original post for download.

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vs Hero

Does this HUD includes "vs Hero" type of statistics?

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Yes it does. They're included

Yes it does. They're included as pop-ups.

Just watch the free video, they are described within it :)

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I have been using this HUD for months and one problem been here for a while.

Play at pokerstars and every session couple or more tournaments have invalid winnings.

For example winnings should be $14 but it registers 19.58 or sometimes it registers winnings as $12.58 but actual winning is $28 or $35 or more.

So ive been handfixing those corrupted tournaments after every session myself lol. Not sure that is due HUD propably not but maybe someone knows what to do.

Second problem started just today.

Ive been using coffespins HUD all the time and today i deleted it from HUD profiles and added coffespins Max. HUD works at the tables but data does not come up. Importing shows that hands been processed but tournaments arent registered and tracked. Not sure its due HUD again but i thought to start from here.


Kind regards


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First problem seems like a

First problem seems like a PT4 issue to me. 

Second issue, a few things pop up as possible to me:

- Could be related to the 1st issue.

- Could be this issue (solution is in my latest post in this link) http://www.husng.com/content/important-pokertracker-4-issue-regarding-cu...

- Could require a custom cache rebuild to display properly (we recommend that whenever switching to a new HUD for the first time).

I sent your post to a programmer though, the above are just my best guesses, I've seen a lot of different PT4 issues but I have no real technical familiarity of issues/solutions, just throwing out some ideas for you while I wait for a programmer response.

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The programmer replied: "i

The programmer replied:

"i deleted it from HUD profiles and added coffespins Max" -> for this, he has to set the new hud as default for short handed tables (HUD Options)

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Hud coffespins

Hello, I have doubts, what means stats:  F, F2, F4, CO, BR and FB?


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F= Iso fold F2= Folld in BB

F= Iso fold
F2= Folld in BB when BTN min raise and SB flat
F4= Fold to 4bet
CO= Call Open Shove
BR= Big raise
FR = Fold to Big raise

If you take a look at the video at the top it should explain each stat. I know the video is more than a few minutes, but it's definitely a comprehensive explanation of how the HUD works, why it was built a certain way and how each version can be used.

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trial or test first


is possible to test it for a few days previously???


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Hey, due to the manual nature

Hey, due to the manual nature of PT's custom HUD system, we can't do trials without it taking up too much time on the programmer end to get player information and put it in the system for a trial.

However, the video in the original post here is quite comprehensive and shows the actual HUDs you receive, so you can view both HUDs in detail before purchase.

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Hello, I am playing on

Hello, I am playing on Microgaming, and I have one problem, in hu doesn't work all stats about limp pot...

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Same prob here

I have same problems + a lot of bugs with hud appearence and general PT4 work with Microgaming (Betsson). Are you going to fix this???





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We're looking into this now.

We're looking into this now. It may be a PT4 bug, not a HUD issue, we're not sure yet. Will update as soon as we know more.

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It looks like these are PT4

It looks like these are PT4 issues, not specific to our HUD. I will reach out to the PT team, but it would help if you file a support ticket with PT on their site as well.

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Sure. Thank You.

Sure. Thank You.

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Bought the HUD but still not activated

Hey there,

I tried to send you guys a mail via the contact form but no way to be sure that it has been send so I'll try this way :-)

I bought CoffeeSpins HUD alongside with  Beating Spin and Go Poker video pack three days ago.

Got the key for unlocking the video pack few hours later and can watch it without any problems (btw greatest buy I've made ever ;-))

But I still haven't heard back from you for CoffeeSpins HUD (mail or direct download from PT4 software).

I've looked on my order (21175) and e-mail address and last 6-digit PT4 registration code are fine.

So I don't know what the problem is and if you can look at it and then tell me what's wrong it will be greatly appreciated.

PS : Sorry for the english. As you could tell that's not my native language ;-)

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HUD just got activated this morning ;-)


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You should be all set now.

You should be all set now. Sorry there was an error with the emails.

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CoffeeSpins is not listed anymore

Hi. Just started my PT4 and i saw some addons being installed prestartup screen; and right now, there's no CoffeeSpins HUD in my hudlist anymore...

I got this message  when pt4 loaded : https://gyazo.com/faf3eafcaceb0a8c5e45928136e266fa .

What do i need to do to get it back ? HELP.

wtf hu ?

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Upgrade your PT4. After it

Upgrade your PT4. After it installs, do a custom cache rebuild. You should be all set then.

We just upgraded to version 1.3 of the HUD.

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CoffeeSpins regular and Coffeespins max don't work

When I open PT4 I see:

Unable to import premium profile: CoffeeSpins 

Reason: PT4 Hud profile Version 1023, Expected 1022

What to do? Thanks for help.