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zZzTILT: Hypers Hand History Reviews Part III 

We continue zZzTILT's series of $15 to $60 hypers hand history reviews with the third installment. This video has eleven more hands reviewed by Matt that he received from many different players.

For more from Matt, be sure to take a look at his latest premium effort, zZzTILT Presents Crushing Regs: The Way to Beat Tough Opponents, a production of over six hours.

Coffeeyay: Live Play Against Population Tendencies At $30 Hypers 

Reviewing live while playing $30 hypers on Stars, Coffeeyay plays an opponent with no prior history between them, and in the process discusses a number of interesting topics, including population tendencies, limping or open folding, and trapping.

Coffeeyay is the creator of the CoffeeHUD and his video pack, Math In HUSNGs, is known for helping people improve their play with essential poker math, software use and study habits.

HSR weekly report #64: Dan Colman Won $55,000; Gorcsev Lost The Most (+GRAPHS&STATS) 

This week I tracked 30 players - 16 showed profit, 11 had losses and 3 were break-even. Winners combined for about $187,000, losers for about $86,000. Adam "v2the3" Sykes played biggest sample - 1298 games.

Yesterday I posted interview with Eric "paddygo" Sullivan. If you haven't read it yet: CLICK HERE Also take a look at his hand pack (he commented every hand):  CLICK HERE

Daniel "mrGR33N13/riyyc225" Colman Won The Most

After one loosing week (last time he lost $8,846 after 86 games), Dan is back on track again: he managed to win $44,222 in PS and $10,510 in FTP. All-together he played 479 games.

Results by different buy-in level:

Eric "paddygo" Sullivan


Please introduce yourself to those who dont know You.

I am Eric Sullivan, I am 24 years old. I live in Rosario, Argentina and have been playing poker for around 4 years professionally and right now I am playing heads up from 200 to 1k turbos and reg speed.

No Limit Holdem Tournament • 2 Players • pokerstars

Hand converted by the official hand converter

SB JustNoPain 1809  
BB paddygo 1191  

Effective Stacks: 30bb

Blinds 20/40

Pre-Flop (60, 2 players)

Hero is BB

d9 hA

JustNoPain raises to 80, paddygo calls 40

Flop (160, 2 players)

d5 s7 s5


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