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Interview with Paul "PBogz" Bogin Part 2 

Last week, Charles interviewed Paul “Pbogz” Bogin. This week, he got a chance to ask Paul a few more questions. And even better, there's three hand reviews from Pbogz at the end!

Charles Hawk: What was the hardest thing when you started playing poker professionally? What is the biggest weaknesses that you successfully eliminated from your game?

Paul “Pbogz” Bogin: The hardest part was separating home life from work. Since you work from home, you always feel like you're on the clock. I believe it's unhealthy to live like that, and need to make sure you think to a certain schedule. Like a real job. My biggest weakness was getting enough volume. Some due to where I live, but overall I found myself taking too many breaks in the past. Now, not so much.


CH: How would you describe your game? What is your competitive advantage against the field?

PB: I would describe my game as solid. I do everything really well and my instincts are for sure my competitive edge. Both live and online.


CH: Do you get bored when grinding? Do you have any advice on how to keep focused when playing bad players?

Streaming Spin and Goes / Jackpots with PBOGZ!! 

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This week I tracked 31 players - 10 showed profit, 7 had losses and 14 were break-even. Winners combined for about ~$120,500, losers for ~$75,000. Andy "mightmad/ Andy161" Lee played biggest sample - 1772 games.

OLD TIME GIN Won The Most (+$53,411 after 255 games)

  • $5000: +$46,816 after 36 games;
  • $2000: -$6,238 after 9 games;
  • $1000: +$13,544 after 105 games;
  • $500: -$202 after 101 games;
  • $300: -$309 after 3 games;
  • $200: -$200 after 1 game.

Richard "chadders0" Chadwick won $27,996 after 488 games

Interview with Paul "PBogz" Bogin 


Limits: reg speeds 50/100/200; turbos mostly 60/100's; hypers 40/60's some 120's; $10 and $40 spin n goes

Memorable quote: I hate that poker is heading into formats that have much more variance

Charles Hawk: Introduce yourself to our community.

Paul Bogin: My name is Paul. I'm 29 years old. I'm mostly Italian with a mix of a few other things and I live in NY. I've been playing poker going on 9 years. I started off playing in high school when a few friends invited me to a home game. At first, I didn't really show any interest, but as soon as my brother won a few bucks while playing online, I was hooked. He ended up sending me 5 bucks and I haven't looked back since.

Hobbies: Fishing, playing sports, video games, working out.


Charles Hawk: What poker advice you would give to new players who are dreaming of reaching high stakes?

sa1251 Two-Tabling Micro Stakes Heads Up Turbos Part 2 

Continuing where we left off with part one, Sean once again two tables at micro stakes, and does not use a HUD or other software aids, which allows him to develop and discuss his reads and adjustments naturally. In part two, Sean plays faces two opponents that he has no history with.


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