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Check out ICMIZER, the professional software tool that can analyze situations in game formats from 2 to 180 players.


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Find out what the top Heads Up Poker Sit and Go Pros are doing in our High Stakes Rail Forum. Weekly reports, daily hands, questions, bios and more!


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Pbogz Hyper Turbo Video Pack: A Journey Inside My Mind 


A new video pack by Pbogz

Today, we present the first premium video pack created by player, coach and video author Pbogz, titled "Hyper Turbo Video Pack: A Journey Inside My Mind". Many who have experienced Pbogz's coaching first-hand or have enjoyed his shorter videos have been eagerly anticipating a video pack release by him, and with this pack, the wait is over.

SpinWiz Registration Software New Pricing Options and Discount Announced 

SpinWiz support announced the following subscription options and discounts. You can access their software from their website.

LOWER STAKES ($1 - $15 buyin)

3 months - 19€
6 months - 29€
1 year - 39€

HIGHER STAKES ($30 - $60 buyin)

3 months - 59€
6 months - 99€
1 year - 159€

As an appreciation for our customers who have been patient and stuck with us when we had bugs and provided feedback and ideas how to improve the software, we will give a discount during the first 2 weeks in march.  

For new subscribers:

10% off 3 month subscription
15% off 6 month subscription
20% off 1 year subscription

Existing customers can upgrade their subscription with the same discount margins, meaning their paid amount will be subtracted from the new discounted price!

This week I tracked 45 players - 22 showed profit, 14 had losses and 9 were break-even. Winners combined for about ~$185,000, losers for ~$93,000. OLD TIME GIN played biggest sample - 1655 games.

OLD TIME GIN Won The Most (+$31,556 after 1655 games)

  • $2000: +$3,850 after 2 games;
  • $1000: +$6,155 after 1131 games;
  • $500: +$23,657 after 448 games;
  • $300: -$2,106 after 74 games.

anthonyff won $31,410 after 832 games

Interview With bighusla About His Spin & Go Challenge 

Last week, bighusla made news and turned many heads when he won his Spin & Go challenge of +5K games and +8.5% EV ROI in one month. (Read more about his challenge in this 2p2 thread.) Of course, after such a performance, we couldn't resist the urge to interview him.

Charles Hawk: How did you come up with the idea to start this challenge?

bighusla: When I first heard that Spins were going to be launched on PokerStars I was pretty worried since I'm a HU Hyper reg and the introduction of Spins would hurt my action a bit. I was also worried that if one day PS released the buy in for Spins high enough, it could even possibly kill almost all of my recreactional HUSNG action completely. So at first I completely boycotted the game, swearing not to play a single spin because I did not want PS to rake 1 dime from me. At the time, I believed they introduced a game that was 100% gambling with no skill and basically a complete rake trap. Then, during the HU Hyper reg strike back in November, action got really slow since queues were so long and you weren't allowed to play regs, so out of complete boredom I played a few spins. Right off the bat I noticed how soft they were the 1st game. 1st hand some player open jammed Q5o for no apparent reason, and not only that, he got snap called by a hand not too much better then that lol.

Spin & Go HUD Version 1.0.4 Released - Now Includes Heads-Up Tracking 

Today, we are launching a large update to our Spin & Go HUD. While this update has several new features and corrections, the highlight for many customers will be the inclusion of heads-up tracking.

Although our Spin & Go HUD underwent a month of real world testing prior to its public release one week ago, the public release has nonetheless provided us with volumes of feedback and suggestions regarding this HUD. Designer and programmer currrr14, committed to ensuring that this HUD meets the quality standards that professional players demand, has been hard at work incorporating this feedback into the HUD. So much work has been done since the initial public release that we are going straight from version 1.0.1 to version 1.0.4.


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