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Spencer "360flip19" Moe Wins WCOOP Event 

Two weeks ago, we interviewed heads up pro Spencer "360flip19" Moe. We planned to ask him a few more questions, but this was delayed when he broke an ankle ("Man, I feel cursed with my ankles. It's like every year I injure myself," wrote Spencer). Since then, he has won the pokerstars World Championship of Online Poker's $215 HUSNG event (here is a write-up from the PokerStars blog). We took the opportunity to talk to him about the event as well as finish the previous interview.


Spencer "360flip19" Moe: It was Event 12 $215 buyin. I had to win 11 matches in a row since I didnt get a bye in round 1. Obviously anytime anyone wins that many games in a row they have been running rather well. But hey, I'll take it. :)

Charles Hawk: How did you feel emotionally when battling the last three opponents? Did you play anything else on the side then?

SM: No, I was only playing one table. I wanted to focus on those matches as they were worth quite a bit. The jump from 3/4 to 2nd was slightly more than double. I didn't want to be bothered with anything else on the side.

Katipo Hypers Vs Very Aggressive Opponent 

In this video, Katipo plays two games of $120 hypers on black chip poker against an opponent that he describes as "crazy aggressive". Such an opponent's more extreme tendencies can catch a player off guard and require extra adjustments from one's usual play. Katipo is a CoffeeHUD fan and in this video we see useful examples of how CoffeeHUD can help us identify an opponent's tendencies.

This week I tracked 64 players - 35 showed profit, 27 had losses and 2 were break-even. Winners combined for about $278,300, losers for ~$136,600. adamc1988 played biggest sample - 1457 games.

Biggest Winner: Rachid Ben "SkaiWalkurrr" Cherif (+$46,587 after 343 games)

Fydor_8's Readless Hyper Turbo Sit N Gos Part II 

Here is the second in this pair of videos from veteran video producer Fydor_8 in which he reviews two hyper turbo games played against unfamiliar opponents. Although the games reviewed are short, Fydor explains his decisions in a lot of detail, providing viewers with a lot of valuable advice on playing against population tendencies as well as spending a few minutes after the game is over to discuss some tips on reviewing, note taking and adjusting to opponent tendencies. The first video in this two-part series is available here.

Latvian Poker Room Blocking And Interview With IKSecret 

Recently, Latvian gambling regulators have increased their enforcement of a 2006 gambling law and disabled access to 102 websites. Here is an article from explaining the situation.

We have spoken with Latvian poker pro Arturs "IKSecret" Kurnajevs, the subject of an interview we conducted in July, to get a Latvian grinder's perspective on the situation.


Charles Hawk: Sorry to hear about the situation in Latvia with the new laws. Are you still able to play in any rooms? What are your plans for the future?

Arturs "IKSecret" Kurnajevs: I am still able to play on most poker rooms and it has not affected me too much. We still are allowed to play, but poker room home pages are blocked, so for new players it is a problem to register.

CH: So this is affecting only old players?

AK: Most poker rooms are working fine. We can play and there are no laws now forbidding it, but poker room web pages, where we can download clients, are blocked.

If Latvia will block me from playing, in the worst case scenario, I will move to Estonia or Portugal for some time.


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