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This week I tracked 58 players - 18 showed profit, 30 had losses and 10 were break-even. Winners combined for about ~$141,000, losers for ~$231,000. omaha4rollz played biggest sample - 2644 games.

Dominik "mad_domonox/domonox" Bosnjak Won The Most (+$39,626 after 732 games)

Zak Wray about new Pokerstars owners: "it's been fun - nothing lasts forever" 

Zak Wray shared his opinion about the new pokerstars owners

Well I don't really know much about the new owners or their intentions so I can't really give an educated answer to that. I think it's a fucking joke how they originally said that the site was only going to be exclusively poker, with no casino-type games involved, but I think they have moved in that direction with some countries? So in that regard the future of skilled games looks vulnerable to say the least. At the end of the day they will always come back with, it's good for the games if there are more new customers on the site, but that really isn't good for the games, it just makes the site a quick buck and gives their shareholders something to celebrate at their next team meeting.

Just looks like pokerstars is moving in the same direction as other companies like Betfair, where profits are their only focus, whereas I think a few years ago they were more committed to offering quality of games before profits.

Just another cloud on the future of the game we love. Whatever happens, it's been fun - nothing lasts forever.


Interview With niceiq25 

Stakes: $300
Nationality: Romanian

Charles Hawk: What was the hardest when you started playing poker professionally?

niceiq25: There was no particularly hard part... things were easy back then. Now it's hard. :) If I were to choose a hard part, I would pick the learning process. It was hard to learn because there wasn't much information available like there is now. That has its pros and cons of course. I was a bit skeptical at the begining, didn't really think you can make a living playing this, but after a while it all fell into place and things moved on in a positive way.

CH: At which level did your start playing HUSNGs regularly? Any reg war stories?

niceiq25: I started playing HUSNGs on a European site with 2 EUR. Was playing them a ton as I thought those were most fun to play and most competitive. I also played 9man SNGs on the side because there you could literally print money. But i moved up relatively quick up to the $100 point where things got a bit more complicated...

HSR weekly report #88: Biggest Winner - "w00ki3z. "; Biggest Loser - “0PIGGYBANK” 

This week I tracked 60 players - 39 showed profit, 15 had losses and 6 were break-even. Winners combined for about ~$374,000, losers for ~$89,000. spiritedreal played biggest sample - 1971 games.

Biggest Winner - Daniel "w00ki3z." Cates

A Couple Of Questions With Eric "Paddygo" Sullivan 

Earlier this year, we conducted an interview with Eric "paddygo" Sullivan, a heads up pro in Argentina who readers will recognize for his frequent appearances among the top winners in our weekly heads up players report. Today, we have a couple more questions that Eric has answered for us.

Charles Hawk: What's the most important thing that you had to learn to make it from low stakes to high stakes?

Eric Sullivan: The most important thing I had to learn to get to high stakes was that I had and will have mistakes playing poker but everyone does. No one plays perfect, so the most important thing is to try to make the less mistakes, and always try to get more accurate about each spot. Try to solve spots with as much accuracy as possible and trying to fit in a balanced strategy (because against some players the solution for a spot will be unbalanced but as long as the player does not realize it does not matter).

CH: What are your biggest strengths these days and the things that you want to work on the most?


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