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fydor_8: Readless Hypers Part I 

Here is another free video from veteran video maker fydor_8. Fydor has been seeing success in his recent return to poker after spending time away from the game, and has picked up with his video-making ways as well. In this video, which is the first of two parts, he faces an opponent that he is not familiar with, showcasing play with no reads. Fydor spends a lot of time discussing each hand in depth and really walks us through his head as he explains his decisions.

This week I tracked 21 players - 11 showed profit, 9 had losses and 1 was break-even. Winners combined for about ~$101,600, losers for ~$51,700. A13X_J0nes played biggest sample - 1114 games.

A few days ago I posted interview with A13X_J0nes: CLICK HERE. Two hand packs posted last week: CLICK HERE and HERE.

Biggest Winner: Conor 'Earl Hindman/Jaws Washinton' Shelly

Conor's upswing continues: second best score in a row. Last week he won $46,925 after 744 games. This year he is up $153,258 in PS and $49,159 in FTP.

Alex Jones

Stakes: Up to $1k turbos, $200 hyper turbos

Charles Hawk: Firstly, please introduce yourself.

Alex Jones: I'm 22, spend my time between Whistler, Canada and Seoul, Korea, play turbos up to $1ks at the moment and am in the $200 hyper division. I've had a lot of success early in my career at 6max Cash games and now in HU. I've been playing professionally for about 2 years now.

CH: In your opinion, what are the main success factors that have allowed you to reach such high limits in such a fast time?

AJ: Living with HU hyper players in Canada was huge. It was the reason I switched to HU. Also just having a love for the game is important. Realizing you can learn anything from any situation or any player.

CH: With whom did you live?

AJ: 360flip019, MDg0rd0n, vers, alloman, ekko1, stinkypete13

CH: How do you study poker?

AJ: I don't have any magic way for studying. Mostly just talking hands/strategy with people whose opinion I respect. Nothing out of the ordinary.

CH: Describe your standard day.

CoffeeHUD Updated To 2.0.5 

Hi everyone,

We have one more CoffeeHUD update today. With yesterday's 2.0.4 update, we missed a previously reported bug in some of our donk stats. Four of our donk stats were not correctly identifying donk bets, and that has now been fixed. Thank you to bjela for catching the mistake and reminding us of it.

As with yesterday's update, this 2.0.5 version is being installed in parallel so as to prevent the discarding of customizations that occur every time a PT4 add-on is updated. If you don't like having so many CoffeeHUD profiles appearing in your PT4 HUD list, just send us an e-mail asking us to remove you from access to the old ones, and we'll take care of it for you.

CoffeeHUD Updated To 2.0.4 

Hi everyone!

Today we have some good news about the best heads-up HUD for PokerTracker 4: we have just released version 2.0.4 of CoffeeHUD. The critical changes in this version of CoffeeHUD are that a stat bug in the code for two of the open shove stats has been discovered and fixed, and also we have just completed a massive rename effort for all of CoffeeHUD's internal components, which should eliminate some rare errors that occur on new installs.

And we have even better news: unlike past CoffeeHUD updates, with this update, instead of replacing the old CoffeeHUD profile with the new one, we have instead added the new version as a second profile that will not affect your previous 2.0.3 profile. Every time a PT4 add-on like CoffeeHUD is updated, PT4 resets all of your customizations to that add-on (such as, for example, how you positioned all of the stat groupings in CoffeeHUD). Unfortunately, we have no way to transfer your CoffeeHUD 2.0.3 customizations to CoffeeHUD 2.0.4, regardless of which update approach we take. However, with the approach we are using now, at least your 2.0.3 customizations will not be discarded by PT4 for 2.0.4. This gives you the leisure to continue to use the 2.0.3 profile with your old customizations intact while you work on customizing 2.0.4 the way you like it. We have already added all CoffeeHUD 2.0.3 users to 2.0.4, and PT4 will automatically download and install 2.0.4 for you next time you start (or re-start) PT4.


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