Coffeeyay Black Friday Coaching Sale + Raffle 

As part of the Black Friday tradition of huge sales, I will be offering a one-day-only deal on a coaching package.
For $900 you will receive 4 hours of coaching (in any format you're interested in), a 20 minute theory video on the art of bluffing, and an entry into a raffle to win a free hour-long leakfinder.
To take advantage of this deal you need to email me at on November 27th--any timezone is fine, just mention the timezone in which your email was sent on November 27th and you qualify!

In the meantime, check out this free Spin & Go video.


Charles Hawk: Write me please your thoughts and feelings about PS RB changes in 2016? How it will affect the industry?​ Is it true that after banning Spinwiz $100 spins became unbeatable pre-rakeback to most regulars?​

Knut "smatt" Turk: First off on the note of spinwiz, I personally don't think the ban is a major change tbh. Together with the rb % changes announced for next year combined it just means that some % of the regs will have to adjust the amount of tables they play and - or move down in stakes which in turn will reduce the effective amount of regs in the player pool. I think there is still a lot of recreationals flowing in right now, and once the 1kk promo at the lower buyins ends there might be even more looking to play 100s. So overall I'd say these changes will in a sense force regs to get better next year if they want to stay profitable in that stake but as it is right now the games are still beatable pre rb.

This week I tracked 29 players - 11 showed profit, 10 had losses and 8 were break-even. Winners combined for about ~$110,000, losers for ~$83,000. "spiritedreal" played biggest sample - 1117 games.

spiritedreal Won The Most

Tomas "MASURON1KE" Kubaliak about "WE ARE ALL IN" strike against Pokerstars 


Tomas "MASURON1KE"​  Kubaliak about "WE ARE ALL IN" strike

This week I tracked 31 players - 8 showed profit, 10 had losses and 13 were break-even. Winners combined for about ~$39,500, losers for ~$70,000. "mavrickkk" played biggest sample - 1134 games.

307th Won The Most (+$10,225 after 324 games)

  • $1000: +$10,225 after 324 games.

More Winners

Olivier "Adonis112" Busquet won $8,010 after 119 games; spiritedreal won $6,238 after 154 games; Andres "ChuckNorrisQ" Allsalu won $5,536 after 403 games; majcy won $3,934 after 946 games; bubbleoutcas won $2,032 after 343 games; HosniMubarak won $1,730 after 114 games; Leon "flippetyflop" Louis won $1,656 after 513 games.