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sa1251's Heads Up Turbos At $15 

The newest video from Sean Anthony is a break from his series of hypers vids targetted at beginners seeking to move up. Instead, in this one, Sean live reviews games he played two-tabling at the $15s against unknown opponents. By live reviewing, Sean is able to deliver his analysis from the same perspective as when the decision was made, rather than having his analysis be colored by hindsight. Sean is seeking your feedback. If you have comments or criticisms, be sure to post!

This week I tracked 39 players - 21 showed profit, 11 had losses and 7 were break-even. Winners combined for about ~$132,000, losers for ~$70,000. Ryan "Moca Choca89" O'Donnell played biggest sample - 1223 games.

Jack "jackstack99/aisixer3jk" Ketendjian Won The Most (+$20,471 after 408 games)

Spin and go interview with Daniel 'Pl@yerABC' Sklar 

Note: To read our 2014 interview with Daniel, click HERE.

Charles Hawk: What was your first impressions of the format when you started grinding Spins and how has it changed/developed in the process? 

Daniel 'Pl@yerABC' Sklar:  When PokerStars started Spins, I was mainly a heads-up player. My thinking was: "Why not give it a try? I will play few of those tournaments - just for fun." After finishing first Spin session I was hooked. Recreational players in big quantities and instant action on multiple tables. What more can you ask for? After a lot of battling in $60 division against good opponents I could not believe my eyes. Are we back to the great Party Poker era? People shoving 72-offsuit type of hand 25 bb deep (only because this was only 2x multiplier and they wanted to quickly end the table and move on to a bigger multiplier game). So I immediately made a decision - to make a transition from $60 heads-up to Spins.

sa1251's Beginner HUSNGs Part V 

Here is the fifth installment in Sean Anthony's series of live review heads up hypers vids for beginners. In this series of videos, Sean plays at the micro levels against random, unknown opponents, and focuses his commentary on fundamentals and other topics that are important for helping low-stakes players move up.

The earlier vids can be found here:
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Beating HUSNG "Recs" Charity Video Pack 

Beating Recs by ibavly

If reg battles are the romance of poker, then grinding vs recs is the preparation for the date. It's not the most exciting topic, but it's where most of the money is made and it's what propels your bankroll to be ready to play higher stakes.

Ibavly makes his video coaching debut, bringing his fresh take on how to approach the most lucrative side of husng poker, playing against recreationals. In this live play video you will get to see ibavly play against recreationals at the 60s and 100s while he comments on his plays and strategies. This is a valuable opportunity to peer into a 200s reg’s mind and see how he approaches these games. A bonus section is included where ibavly introduces some theoretical concepts specific to recreational games that are rarely discussed publicly. This short pack won’t make you a crusher on its own, but it will give you tools and ideas to help propel your game to the next level. It’s a no brainer value pack and goes to help a good cause.


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