Interview with Paul 'Cog Dis' Collins 

 Interview with Cog Dis


Charles Hawk: Last time we talked 2 years ago. What changed during this period of time both in poker and off-tables?

Paul 'Cog Dis' Collins: Off table not much, I've just been doing the family thing. On the tables I've been playing spins for 99% of my volume, between $30-$100 buyins.


Charles Hawk: ​Have you fully transition to Spin and Goes? Do you play some husngs on a side? 

Paul 'Cog Dis' Collins: Yeah I'm 99% spins, I just play some husngs now and again


Charles Hawk: How are you learning the game of Spins? Are you studying hard?

Paul 'Cog Dis' Collins: I study constantly, I wont say how I study, don't want to give anyone edge, but rest assured I'm constantly improving.


Charles Hawk: Do you set any goals what do you want to achieve in Spins?

This week I tracked 61 players - 27 showed profit, 15 had losses and 19 were break-even. Winners combined for about ~$124,000, losers for ~$70,000. "azn-ra" played biggest sample - 1476 games.

mavrickkk Won The Most (+$15,334 after 806 games)

  • $1000: +$1,821 after 14 games;
  • $500: +$8,761 after 166 games;
  • $300: +$2,032 after 74 games;
  • $200: +$1,518 after 252 games;
  • $100: +$1,202 after 300 games.

azn-ra won $14,300 after 1476 games

  • $300: +$8,004 after 850 games;
  • $200: +$6,517 after 404 games;
  • $100: -$221 after 222 games.

madonken13 won $11,777 after 920 games

Interview with Jiri 'dusan32' Dusek 

Interview with dusan32

 Age: 24

Country: Czech Republic

Hobbies: soccer, squash, travelling

Charles Hawk: How old were you when you started playing poker?

Jiri 'dusan32' Dusek: I started playing poker when I was 18 but started taking it more seriously about 3years ago. After I finnished high school I worked for a few months, but decided to play poker proffesionally. I've always played only HU hypers. I'm a member of 60s division and hope that I will make it to the 100s division till the end of this year.

Last year I made Supernova for the second time.


Charles Hawk: What have you started to do differently? What changed?

Jiri 'dusan32' Dusek: I was a typical fish, playing all kinds of formats and didn't know what is bankroll management but one day I managed to get some coaching and recommendations in free videos on I really enjoyed mersenneary's videos and, of course, I bought chaders's pack. After that, I was crushing 15s but I have to say that I was running extremely hot for the first year.

HSR weekly report #167: Biggest Winner - ''OLD TIME GIN''; Biggest Loser - "azn-ra" 

This week I tracked 28 players - 11 showed profit, 8 had losses and 9 were break-even. Winners combined for about ~$46,500, losers for ~$37,000. "azn-ra" played biggest sample - 1381 games.

OLD TIME GIN Won The Most (+$13,005 after 707 games)

  • $5000: +$13,236 after 25 games;
  • $2000: +$12,500 after 33 games;
  • $1000: -$8,327 after 473 games;
  • $500: -$6,846 after 65 games;
  • $300: +$1,902 after 37 games;
  • $200: +$540 after 74 games.

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Interview with majcy (part 1) 

Interview with majcy


Charles Hawk: How long have you played poker? Tell me how you started?

majcy: I've been playing poker for maybe 5-6 years now, last 3 professionally. I figured through uni that I don't want to follow the career path my course was preparing me to and I didn't have any other ideas what to do with my life, so poker that used to be a hobby, grew into a job and eventually I quit uni. That's when I met the 1rake1, mav and adamc1988. I think that story got mentioned here and there. Thanks to that lucky event I ended up in perfect enviroment to keep improving and I made it way past just comfy life, pretty much living the dream. I was always inspired by other poker players blogs - how they can live in exotic places, travel the world, and now I'm lucky enough to also live that lifestyle.