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We are Poker - We give Back!

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Although this project is not revolved around myself, or even about me, I would like to introduce myself and give you some background information:

My name is Lukas. I am 30 years old and live in Vienna, Austria. I studied Business Administration and did my master thesis on microcredits and their recent developments. After my studies I worked for 5 years full time in the banking and business consulting industry. I have been playing poker for 8 years now.  I started with cash games and MTT´s and eventually switched to HUSNG hypers 1.5 years ago. I have always considered poker as  fun hobby, but as I am currently having a break from work, I have decided to take a slightly more serious and professional approach while I am not working.  I currently  play the $100 –$ 300s on Pokerstars and some of you may recognize my screen name - Yovengo.


Now you should have at least a rough idea who I am, but probably have no clue what this is all about. Good, read ahead:

Every day we „play for real“, face all-ins, hope for better cards or results on the next day.

Every day others struggle with their daily existence, for real, giving it all in. Hoping, for a better tomorrow or even a (new) chance.

I have always enjoyed helping others, and my mind has been relentlessly thinking about opportunities which could make a small but decent change for people who are not as lucky in life as you or I am. When I was writing my thesis and gathering lots of information about charity, donations or microcredits, I realized that already a tiny contribution can make a big impact on someone elses life.


So here is the plan:

 I want to establish a „club“, whose only cause is to give back and support people who are in need. Its members are you and I, US poker players. Every month there will be a poll, on which we vote for 2 or 3 projects we want to support in the following month. We will give away 1% of our monthly winnings to these projects. Once the projects are chosen, there will be 1 click donation widgets on the website with a short explanation of the projects and a $ progress bar. So every member can donate directly to the project of their choice. Furthermore all members will get a monthly newsletter with a summary of the last month and ofc a reminder to vote/donate again.

Maybe some more information about the projects: we are not going to just blindly donate to big NGOs but only to real projects which are supposed to be sustainable or whose progress we can follow. For example supporting a construction project to build a school or a well. Or supporting a local orphanage, or give people without health insurance the opportunity to get medical treatment. The possibilities to help are unfortunately endless and every member is more than welcome to propose projects.


As soon as we got enough people particpating we are going to start coding the website. I will also try to get Pokerstars on board as soon this is up and running so that they might match our donations. So if you can imagine to be part of this please leave a comment in here, or contact Ryan or me directly, so we can get this up and running as fast as possible!


Cliffs: We are about to found a „club“, which members are U and I, us poker players. The purpose of the club is to help people who are in need. We will give away 1% of our monthly winnings to chosen projects.



 P.s. I already want to say a big thank you to Ryan, Rocco "rocmar87" and my gf for the great feedback and support so far!

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This is an excellent idea and

This is an excellent idea and I am in as well.

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I think this is a great idea.

I think this is a great idea.  I'm in. 

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Yes, definitely!

Yes, definitely!



TWITTER  @Sentin9&

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I'm in as well!

I'm in as well!

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In obv!

In obv!

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When this is up, be sure to

When this is up, be sure to have a widget on your site not just for people who are "members". I would love to contribute on an ad-hoc basis if this takes off.

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Its not gonna be a "closed"

Its not gonna be a "closed" club - everyone can be a "member" by just donating whenever he wants to :)

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Count me in too.

Count me in too.

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Great idea obv. I did something similar (which I decided to organise when I saw what Nick Jivkov did) in Bulgarian PokerNews forum and it had very good results when you think that there are not many high stakes player there but we collected money which I sent to another member of the forum who is ill (all agreed to that). We couldn't help to get him completely healthy because of his hard illness but anyways it was good help for him. A lot of people donated money for the cause. The problem is that I did this only once (for a period of like 14 days) but then I realised that no matter how much money we raise every month we can't help to all people with illnesses and there will be times when you have to choose to which people to help (because you don't have enough money for both or because of the time they need)... Then I decided the next month to raise money again but for other causes which I believe were with the concept of educating people or make them happy, fullfilm they are dreams which I though will give a result of making all of us a better person and then there will be more help for the ill ones. But only a few people donate money so that was the end of that. 
So... I'm pretty good in making names and cool stuffs :D and I came up with super cool name for my initiative which I'm suggesting now to you and if you want you can use it as official name of the cause or even for the site: I Raise For You 
You got the meaning of the name, right? And it is also poker related. :)
There is also a designer in the forum who helped to come up with cool logos for the name and the initiative and I believe he will be OK to use it for this one too if you like them. He also made some of the logos for HUSNG. :)
That's for now. I'll also join you guys but not with 1% of montly winnings but with randon number whenever I can.
By the way sorry if there are any mistakes in my English..

But it ain’t about how hard you hit. It’s about how hard you can get hit, and keep moving forward. How much you can take, and keep moving forward. That’s how winning is done!

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i'm in, would be cool to have

i'm in, would be cool to have members t-shirts to wear at live birds :)

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i'm in

i'm in

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Quick update: the feedback

Quick update: the feedback has been amazing so far and as you can see we could already add the one or other player to the "member list", hopefully many more to come! Big  for everyone who is helping to make this possible!
Furthermore i just wanted to add that every idea, which could improve the project and its progress, is more than welcome!
@Gio: could u add me on skype (Yovengo) pls, so that we can talk about this a little more?

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This sounds really nice, I'd

This sounds really nice, I'd love to join :)

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I'll be in!

I'll be in!

Skype/AIM- cogdissonance1