Heads Up Poker HUDs

Your resource for both free and premium heads up display (HUD) software for Holdem Manager 1 & 2 and PokerTracker 3 & 4.

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Check out our CoffeeHUDs for cash or HUSNG on PT4 and HM2 - LINK


Software Screenshot Description Download(right-click save as)
PT3 Polycarpus's free HUD with minor improvements like the addition of the BB counter, AF and AFq.



HEM Katipo's heavily modified version of a free 6-max cash HUD from 2p2 (original author unknown). It's compact and has all the essential stats with detailed pop-ups.



PT4   CoffeeHUD lite is the free version of the leading heads up poker HUD: CoffeeHUD

PC and Mac


We now have a free Chadders PT4 HUD available to download.

This is a great HUD for HUSNg's. It is not as complex as Coffeehud but is a great alternative if you can't afford the coffeehud or are looking for a simpler HUD.

HEM 2 Free HEM 2 Poker HUD

This free HEM 2 HUD comes complete with Nash and Mersenneary ROFL charts built in.

Visit the forum thread link to the right for download.


Forum Thread


Ranka's free PT4 HUD.
Green stats are for current stack depth2.Green/Blue stats for extremes (too low/too high frequency).Clicking on effective stack (BB-s), you get a popup with NASH PUSHER, NASH CALLER and S-C (Sklansky-Chubukov). Clicking on stats, you get popup by streets

download the HUD here.