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Virtual Seaworld

Just watched "Blackfish" & I must say that Online Poker reminds me of the Orca entertainment industry with Pokerstars playing the role of Seaworld, poker-players playing the role of the Orca, and "losing" poker-players playing the role of the fish.

Online poker-players are separated from their loved ones at a relatively early age and end up spending a large amount of their waking hours being induced to perform tricks with the promise of fish. 

They then spend their nights locked up in their own loneliness with nothing but fish and a relentless grind to look forward to the following day.

In time they start to become aggressive towards one another and eventually some will go on to a form of psychosis and start to attack their masters and hence the industry itself.

Afterall, free fish is a poor compensation for loss of loved ones, loss of freedom and the requirement to perform tricks all day long.

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When I saw the title, I

When I saw the title, I thought for sure this would be a spam post, pleasantly surprised that it is not.

My first thought when reading your post, however, is that human beings (poker players) have choices in what they do with themselves. Nobody is forced against their will to play poker.

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when a poker is done with his

when a poker player is done with his grind he can do w/e he wants when the orca is done its back to the pen i dont see the comparison but it was a good read lol