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SpinStats Tool

Hey guys,


This is a new tool for filtering specific positions vs regs, even filtering vs specific types of regs. Splitting a PT4 database into 0/1/2 reg games databases for easier analysis.


You can watch the demo here : https://youtu.be/q4RjNeinERQ

And the tutorial here : https://youtu.be/rF6dvLqDZaI


Download here : https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B_9MtW_4D6ULLVRMelNpU0ZrSHM/view?usp=sh...


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Thanks - this look

Thanks - this look super useful :)

I'm working on a backup database of PT4 in VirtualBox.

When I launch SpinStats I check connection and get confirmation that "PostgreSQL connection OK".

However when I select the "PT4 DB" I receive the error "Could not connect to database. Driver not loaded".

The DB is working fine in PT4. Any ideas please sir?

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That error means the program

That error means the program is missing libraries, try this version : https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B_9MtW_4D6ULS1cwVkpZRk9BamM/view?usp=sh...

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Ty - unfortunately I'm

Ty - unfortunately I'm getting the same error message on that version as well.

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Same issue :(

Same issue :(

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Updated archive
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Many thanks to Accord for his

Many thanks to Accord for his time and support with this on Skype and Teamviewer.

All looking good now - the fix for me was the Microsoft Visual C++ installation that was linked in the previous post.


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Hi. I can not run the file

Hi. I can not run the file SpinStats.exe .

I have a problem with the library and the link to MIcrosoft Visual C++ not work more.

Could you help me? Thanks

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Fixed issue when hero was

Fixed issue when hero was marked as reg.

Updated versions will be available from the following URL from now on, you can download only the .exe if you don't want to download the whole thing again.



Also forgot to explain how you view the databases after the split in PT4 so here's how to do it : 

Go to PT4 menu Database -> Database Management -> New -> Browse Databases -> Select one of the new databases -> Connect

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Antivirus warnnig:



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Im testing, when load notes

Im testing, when load notes from PT4, I have only blue notes, and the program show red labels (daltonic?)

Other thing, PT4 not mark all spins whith lottery flag, and the program only read games whith lottery flag.

I have 5400 games, and only 3444 whith this flag.


Good work and good idea, TY TY

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Thanks for this tool, it's

Thanks for this tool, it's really cool! One thing though, I'm having trouble saving a list, it keeps saying "nothing to save" no matter what I try. Any idea why is that?