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sa1251's Turbo Speed HUSNG

Sean Anthony sets hyper turbo vids aside for a moment and, per forum request, brings us a turbo speed vid. Here, he faces an unfamiliar player at $7 buyin on PokerStars. Sean reviews in time with the action, but also takes advantage of slower moments and gives extra attention to a few hands of interest.

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Great Video

Very good guys! gotta mix some business with pleasure. I was laughing the entire time watching this video, very entertaining that sa1251 is.

I think you guys come make a comedy series with him, and some april fool's video. would be good to increase the popularity on your site ;)


Best Regards

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I couldn't disagree more.

I couldn't disagree more. maybe a few spots I disagree with like folding k6s vs a guy who was 3betting a lot, but nothing serious. I think the vid was good and really explained balanced ch back ranges very well..

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Quality content imo. Like to

Quality content imo. Like to see sa1251 playing higher stakes but this is just a micro series?

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now this is some high quality

now this is some high quality stuff for the tird time. lol at first comment are u serious bro. I think most people watching these vidz have no idea what a champ sa1251 is. looking forward for more vidz. GL

There is nothing worse than being average!!!

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Hi there sa1251 Many thanks

Hi there sa1251

Many thanks for this interesting video. Any more turbo videos would be appreciated, regardless of the stake level.

I felt like you missed some c/r opportunities later on - 89o and Q2o. I feel like a small c/r here forces the opponent into a decision for his entire stack, making for a very profitable situation, even though we don't rep very much. Would be interested to hear your comments.



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Any recommendations on cash

Any recommendations on cash game heads up guys to follow or look for on the forum Sir?



Bookmarked your two videos for husng part 1 and 2 but I play cash games mostly due to my rakeback kickback.



I am however going to watch your intro to husng videos 1 and 2 and hopefully imply some good learns to my sng games.





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Video Track

Watched. Excellent, thank you so much!

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Glad you enjoyed the video.

Glad you enjoyed the video. You grinding the Turbos?

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