sa1251 Two-Tabling Micro Stakes Heads Up Turbos Part 1

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With his latest vid, Sean Anthony returns to live reviewing heads up turbos. Sean two tables at micro stakes, and does not use a HUD or other software aids, which allows him to develop and discuss his reads and adjustments naturally. In part one, Sean plays on both tables an opponent that he has faced before.

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Hi there sa1251 ​Really good

Hi there sa1251

​Really good to see more turbo content. Everything seems to be hypers and spins these days (which I find not very entertaining).

Played against glorioustito myself a couple of times. 

Would love to see more vids.




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Agree with Adam. Great video,

Agree with Adam. Great video, this one and part two. Nice to see some turbo content as well.


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Whats the theory behind the
  • Whats the theory behind the specific potsizes? 52% 68% 83%
  • What do you think of lower cb sizes on dry boards? 31% 37% 44%
  • What do you think of having a strongish 3x range deep vs fish to build the pot?

[2.05,  K9 :: 982 ] Why not cr and get value from worse pair or a draw?

[4.05, Q9 :: AA8] Why do you check back and giving him free eq?

[7.10, K3 :: T66] Same as above.

[7.45] You talked about calling with T5o when shorter for the high-card value. What do you mean by that? You do call with Q4o later on. Whats your bottom CC range there? Would you consider jamming the bottom suited range vs someone who opens a lot?     

[8.50, KT :: 763] You cb and planed on jamming some turns. What would you do if he raise you on the flop?

[9.20, A6o] You limp-jam. Whats your standard limp-jam range? A-rags and low pp?


You do a lot of balancing, do you think its worth it at the low stakes or against someone that your not gonna play a lot of games against?