Live coaching session/seminar on twitch with "coffeeyay"

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With, I've set up a twitch seminar with special guest Adam "Coffeeyay" on Friday, February 19th at 8pm CET on my twitch channel.

And here is a picture of the stream for you all to get an idea of the setup.

I started playing Spin N Gos at the beginning of December last year at 15s with the goal to break through to 100s. I had 0 hyper turbo experience but did crush 15 and 30$ 4 man turbos last year and claimed three nr.1 spots on sharkscope leaderboards.

I played about 800 games in 15s before moving up to 30s. This is my 30s graph so far with a 75 chips per game EV. The volume has come from playing 3 tables on stream a large majority of the time.