Interview with Jiri 'dusan32' Dusek

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Interview with Jiri 'dusan32' Dusek



Charles Hawk: Could you write me a short follow-up? What are you up to recently? What changed in your life since we last talked (CLICK HERE)?

Jiri 'dusan32' Dusek: Two big changes in my life from since we last talked. The first thing that I can't play on from Czech because there is new lottery law. I can still play on but there is no hypers sngs and no spins so it doesn't have value for me. But from other side I have to travelling (what I'm really enjoying) and I can see the amazing places in the world. So, probably not as bad as it looks like.

And second thing is that I decided to join staking program and start learning spins. This help me a lot because as I said last time I haven't studied as I want before but now I have coaching 6 time per week and can post HHs in group chat. and this move my game forward.


Charles Hawk: Hows rb cuts and popularity of spins affecting you this year? Last time we talked you were quite positive about online poker's – at least husng's – future, claiming, that mid stake regs could still will be able to make 50-70k a year which is still not as bad comparing with other jobs. Could you write your current opinion on this matter? Are you still confident about being a breadwinner in husngs for at least, let's say, 5 years?

Jiri 'dusan32' Dusek: Popularity of spins doesn't affected me a lot because as I said I am trying play spins too. Rb cuts is bad but if you want play poker you have to adapt to new things and trying to make the best.

And for second part of questions is yes I am still confident being a breadwinner in husng. Maybe you have to play lower avg buy in or add new sites but is still possible make good money from poker.


Charles Hawk: Last time you wrote that “poker gave you a lot of things that you can enjoy in life and it also totally changed your view on life itself.”. Could you expand on this? What are the main things you are grateful for being a poker pro?

Jiri 'dusan32' Dusek: It's changed my view that life is not only about going to work 8hrs/week, take a loan for house and do stereotype things like most people. You can travel, discover new things/places and enjoying your life.


Charles Hawk: So, where do you live now? Are your constantly moving/travelling or do you plan to settle down in any particular country? Tell me about your most memorable moments from places you’ve visited.

Jiri 'dusan32' Dusek: Now I am in Budapest and my plan was to travel till September (due to plans going to visit Asia in September) but from the first day in Budapest I am really enjoying being here and probably will stay here for more than 2 months. Prices here is similar like in Czech and center is amazing.

I don't know now what is the most memorable moments but 2 years ago I was in Thailand with my friends and it was awesome spent time there.


Charles Hawk: What are the main traps, leaks in theory for husngs players when transitioning to spins?

Jiri 'dusan32' Dusek: In my opinion, everybody has different leaks but for me the most trouble is to play 3handed from SB and if I could give advice, work on your 3handed game.


Charles Hawk: What is the most enjoyable thing about spins to you besides possibility to get instant action?

Jiri 'dusan32' Dusek: Probably feeling that maybe sometimes you can play for a big money.


Charles Hawk: What are your main leaks in SPINS which you are willing to improve this year?

Jiri 'dusan32' Dusek: I am still working on my 3handed game so I will try to do my best and improve as much as possible!


Charles Hawk: Do you use SPIN hud by Which stats are the most useful to get-the-idea about your opponents fast/in one glance

Jiri 'dusan32' Dusek: If I have some hands against opponents, I am looking for PFR and postflop stats like cbet or Fvcbet (it can show me if he plays tight or loose).

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