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HSR weekly report #63: WCG|Rider and Dan Colman Won $171,800; The Most; SwanRonson and chadders0 Lost $133,500 (+2 EPISODES)

This week I tracked 25 players - 14 showed profit, 8 had losses and 3 were break-even. Winners combined for about $262,000, losers for about $176,000. Korpieworm played biggest sample - 908 games.

Douglas "WCG|Rider" Polk - Won $92,200 in just 267 games!


His average buy-in was only $1,418, so technically he won about 65 his buy-ins. However $72,102 came from $5,000 turbos (31 games) and $9,558 from $1,000 hyper-turbos (206 games).

His most profitable opponent - SwanRonson. WCG|Rider managed to took $57,858 after only 22 games. Another victim, this time in $1,000 hypers, was PrimordialAA. WCG|Rider won $10,925 after 84 games.

After this performance WCG|Rider jumped into 11th profit list place. His 2014 balance is +$48,000.

WCG|Rider is most known for being one of the best HU CASH player. His personal TOP10 of the best HU CASH players: CLICK HERE

Daniel "mrGR33N13/riyyc225" Colman - Second Best with +$79,600!


As I can predict, he battled chadders0 again and just crushed him. Last week they played 546 games, and Daniel took $33,802 at the end.

Biggest Dan's profit came from $1,000 hypers: +$72,249 after 705 games.

Results by different buy-in level (PS+FTP):

  • $5,000: +$4,622 after 5 games;
  • $2,000: +$7,625 after 6 games;
  • $1,000: +$72,249 after 705 games;
  • $500: -$4,538 after 162 games.

Finally PartyPoker's 7th Premier League is viewable to anyone. I believe this is first Dan Colman's TV show ever. Check out Episode 1 and Episode 2.

More Winners

Jack "jackstack99/aisixer3jk" Ketendjian won $25,133 after 508 games; Olivier "Adonis112" Busquet won $16,762 after 106 games; Martin “0Piggybank” Finger won $10,866 after 444 games; Ryan "Moca Choca89" O'Donnell won $9,119 after 869 games; killer012 won $6,823 after 152 games; WhatIsICM won $6,418 after 331 games; Dmitry "JustNoPain" Ivanov won $4,640 after 199 games; Fishenzon won $3,672 after 96 games; Allan “Sifosis” Baekke won $2,300 after 187 games; Dominik "mad_domonox/domonox" Bosnjak won $1,844 after 361 games; Rachid Ben "SkaiWalkurrr" Cherif won $933 after 135 games.

Break-even: Qi "qihu00" Hu won $561 after 200 games; I Just L0Ld won $413 after 496 games; Pieter "Siervos" de Vries won $304 after 309 games.

SwanRonson Lost $75,696 after 498 games

Two weeks ago he he was the biggest winner with +$78,498 and wrote:

Finally started running well in all ins. Poker's much more fun when running above ev.

Last week he lost -$43,046 after 303 games. WCG|Rider took $36,346 of it. This time loss is even bigger: -$75,696. His least profitable opponent was WCG|Rider again who won $57,858 after only 22 games.

This week's result could be even worse, but SwanRonson was very successful at $1,000 hypers: won $22,480 after 369 games.

Results by different buy-in level:

  • $5,000: -$84,662 after 90 games;
  • $2,000: -$12,975 after 32 games;
  • $1,000: +$22,480 after 369 games;
  • $500: -$540 after 7 games.


Richard "chadders0" Chadwick Lost $57,883 after 890 games


Seems that he battled mrGR33N13 again and lost to him huge. Although chadders0 is very unsuccessful at $1,000s so far, two weeks ago he wrote:

Still going through quite a rough patch overall, 150k under ev since trying to move up to 1ks, but I'm nowhere close to giving up.


Results by different buy-in level (Pokerstars):

  • $1,000: -$65,524 after 465 games;
  • $500: +$1,223 after 187 games;
  • $300: +$2,877 after 83 games;
  • $200: -$1,047 after 78 games.


CLICK HERE to see his interview and hand pack against Harthor

Other Losers

Adam "v2the3" Sykes lost $14,016 after 745 games; Conor "Earl Hindman/Jaws Washington" Shelly lost $12,312 after 128 games; Eric2441989 lost $6,101 after 851 games; Korpieworm lost $5,677 after 908 games; Daniel "w00ki3z./jungleman12" Cates lost $2,528 after 11 games; GlassOfBeer lost $1,517 after 58 games.


Posts From Last Week

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Would be interested to know the reason for his transition from cash to sng's ?


Go forth and CRUSH !

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We'll have to find out. It's

We'll have to find out.

It's good to have another very visible person at the high stakes in HUSNGs. I'm sure some of the regs don't like it, but honestly, guys like WCG and Jungleman could do a lot more for HUSNGs as far as attracting new fish to the game than most of the HS regs seem to be doing.

I'm not talking about every high stakes reg, for example, Olivier has done an awesome job of being visible over the years and really helping grow the game. The amount of people that likely started husngs due to seeing Olivier's success and face all over the place being associated with HUSNGs is pretty high (based on all the emails/messages I used to get about him, and how many people searched his name).

But you have other HS guys that just want to pretend that HUSNGs don't exist, rather than growing the game they just put their heads down. It's their right, of course, but it's also my right to love to see new blood that is more visible at the top of our game.

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But you have other HS guys

But you have other HS guys that just want to pretend that HUSNGs don't exist, rather than growing the game they just put their heads down.


i suppose that for some players that is a tax thing. here in germany the tax and legal situation concerning onlinepoker is very weird (technically it´s not even legal to play online, albeit it´s not being prosecuted, since the games don´t take place in germany, but wherever the server is located), that´s why many pros relocate to austria or malta for example. as for those who stay, they sometimes choose to remain below the radar. i don´t know if it´s such a big deal for high stakes players, but for mid stakes players who make a decent living playing online, it surely is an issue.

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Defo an interview is in order

Defo an interview is in order to hear his pov on the subject :-)

Go forth and CRUSH !

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My guess would be that he

My guess would be that he can't get much action at cash games.

These megasharks become victims of their own success => once they rise to the top and gain notoriety, no one wants to play them.

The sng lobby works more effectively to force action at a given stake because you can't sit out. So if you want a spot, you have to play well enough that the other sharks are not incentivised to sit you.

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"Would be interested to know

"Would be interested to know the reason for his transition from cash to sng's ?"

I'd be surprised if the reason for him & Jungleman playing HUSNGs this year isn't mrgreen's recent success.  They see how much money is to be made in them.

I certainly don't follow cash much, but I'd also be very surprised if both of them aren't still playing cash regularly.  I wouldn't call it a transition.  I'd say they're just adding more games for more action.

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I certainly don't follow cash

I certainly don't follow cash much, but I'd also be very surprised if both of them aren't still playing cash regularly.


they are sitting cash lobbies for hours with noone playing them. take a look at the lobbies, i sometimes browse them, never saw them play.

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Jungleman is playing all

Jungleman is playing all sorts of games. From talking to him, he's really interested in making money in every way possible, and HUSNGs are a somewhat natural transition for his skillset.

While I wouldn't call him the top hyper player, he is likely (or will likely if not already) quickly be a top turbo player. Hyper success wouldn't surprise me at all either from him, but I think the bar is far higher for him.

Based on hearing what others say and some of the early results, I'd say Doug (Wcgrider) finds it a challenge to move into short stack HUSNGs and really loves the competition of it. That's pure speculation on my part, I'll try to get some words with him, perhaps an interview even.

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I doubt an expert deep

I doubt an expert deep stacked player would move to short stack play for the challenge.

I think his motivation would be better summarised by:



It reminds me of the shift in the popularity of cricket formats.

Enthusiasts still love 5 day test matches, casual fans love the intense action of 20/20 matches.


In poker, an expert would probably prefer to play deep stacked but presently recreational players want to donk around in short stack formats.

Professional players are in poker as a business and must cater to their customers' needs.

I would imagine guys like Jungleman see adding additional games to their service offering as simply an expansion of their existing capabilities into horizontal markets.

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Doug plays HU Cap cash,

Doug plays HU Cap cash, similar to hyper turbos, so seems natural he'd go to that.

There's no way hypers are immediately the best game for him to play, the regs are far too good for that to happen initially. He probably enjoys the challenge. You're also probably right, long term he likely wants to make a big profit.

As to the other comment, I'm sure they all know about gr33n and Olivier and other people's success. You can't really hide success from the best in the game, everyone at that level kinda knows who has made a ton of money and who has not in online poker.

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Loving the quad fünf from

Loving the quad fünf from MrGr33n. 

Ja !

Go forth and CRUSH !