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Hello HUSNG community! Nice to meet everyone here!

I' am new to headsup and never learned any strategy for playing headsup! I would love to start learning, but I don't have a lot of money to invest. Could anyone give me good advice where to start? I hope I came to the right place, and I will try my best look around this site to see what I could find. 

Thanks to all who replies!smiley

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Start with free money. Even a

Start with free money. Even a successful full ring player will have trouble beating HUSNG games without experience.

Build your free money bankroll to 1,000,000.

After you have done that, move up to the $1.50 games. Get at least 2000 games in before moving up.

Good luck.

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Hi Danxity Place the free

Hi Danxity

Place the free games like Adam says until you feel confident to play for money.  Also watch as much free husng videos as you can and try to understand why the coaches play their hands the way they do.  Also build up a network of poker friends on skype you can talk strategy with and learn from. 

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Take a gander at the free

Take a gander at the free material, pbogz, coffeeyay and ph33rOx's vids are  fantastic for all levels.

Research endgame strat.

Best of luck on your journey, husngs are the nuts imo.