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Coffeeyay and Friends - Spin and Go Video Pack

Only $99

Coffeeyay leads instruction in this 4 hour video pack, teaming up in each video with a professional spin and go player and reviewing hands and games, discussing strategy and concepts at mulitple buyins up to the $100 level.

Video 1 - Coffeeyay and Koovoon (48 min)

Video 2 - Coffeeyay and smattle (48 min) - Comes with subtitles

Video 3 - Coffeeyay and Marrco69 (43 min)

Video 4 - Coffeeyay and wubblepig (43 min)

Video 5 - Coffeeyay and wubblepig (56 min)

About the Authors

Adam "Coffeeyay" is a professional poker coach and has coached hundreds of winning players in HUSNGs and Spin and Gos.

Kevin "Koovoon" plays professionally in Mexico. He is from the United States and relocated after black friday. He plays $60 and $100 buyin games and is soon to be a three time Supernova Elite on PokerStars. Below is his Spin and Go graph prior to his recent million dollar spin and go win.

Koovoon Graph

Knut "smattle" is a professional from Estonia. He recently won a $180,000 spin and go jackpot! He plays $60 and $100 level buyins. Below is his graph.

smattle graph

Marius "marrco69" plays professionally in Lithuania at the $15 and $30s level. Below is his graph.

Marrco69 graph

Scott "wubblepig" plays professionally in London at the $100 level. Below is his graph.

wubblepig graph

In the free video below, Coffeeyay and Koovoon review Koovoon's recent million dollar spin win. The type of analysis you'll find in this video is what you can expect from this spin and go video pack.



Price: $99.99

Length: Approximately 4 Hours

Format: .exe (note: This pack requires Windows and does not work in a virtual machine)


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just checked all the people in this video on spinlyzer, and all of them are breakeven or loser prior to their jackpot. 

I believe the chip ev graph are right, but I have doubt about the chipev stats infos related to "real life"  because almost 100% of the time I see a nice graph with chip ev, the guy behind doesn't make any money or lose money. Maybe the math behind chep ev are wrong don't know ...

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I think you're looking at it

I think you're looking at it in a fallacy way.

If you look at profit for players that don't hit jackpots, they will likely be running under EV (IE bad).

Then if you discount jackpots from players that win, those are the players that are over EV.

It's like MTTs, if you don't place top 3 for like 6-12 months as a solid pro you're probably running really bad, and if you hit first place you're likely running well above EV in the short term.

As far as these players, Wubblepig for example has 22k in EV, but -10k in profit. Koovoon has 980k in profit, but 7.5k in EV. I'd personally look at EV, it's the best indicator of skill and the point of the video pack is to help teach people to make more profitable decisions. But if you want to look at profit instead of EV, Koovoon and Smattle will of course be highest.

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ChipEV is the best indicator of future results. There's nothing incorrect about it. If you play with SwongSim you will find though that as Ryan points out, the majority of players should be under EV because they don't hit big jackpots enough, but the minority will be over EV because they hit a big jackpot. It doesn't change EV though, it all averages to what chipEV predicts.
Also worth noting that looking at results without looking at rakeback is a big mistake too. These guys are playing 60s/100s with 5% rake and 40-70% RB--so at 100s this adds $2-$3.5/game. That's huge! With rakeback, even with running quite under EV, all these guys are making solid money :)

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Hi, Looks interesting.  :)  


Looks interesting.  :)   Can you say if this is taking the place of the bonus material for the "Beating Spin&Go Poker" video pack? 

Thank you

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No, bonus material will be

No, bonus material will be released on the 1 year anniversary of the pack, which is in about 10 days.

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This is a really cool

This is a really cool package, took a lot from it.

There's two ways of doing hh reviews, one where you mark interesting hands, and another where you pull full games for review. While by doing the former you get juicy, sick spots they do tend to be unusual hands (if you thought they were trivial you wouldn't mark them) and there's not always a great amount of repeatable edge to be found by spending half an hour solving them.

Coffee here does reviews of full games. Whilst you lose some 'omg wtf'-factor, it means that even when students make what looks to be standard pre flop folds / calls he's able to discuss when it would be appropriate to play / fold / raise the hand. It also means small leaks that come up often are flagged, and in hands you wouldn't dream of marking for review. Theres lots of edge to be found in plugging a small leak you get to make 10-15 times a session compared to a big leak in a spot only see once a month. One thing that the pack does really well is discussing cut-offs in what may otherwise look like standard spots. lots of edge to be had there imo.

The discussion element helps and he constantly asks about reasoning, alternative lines, factors that go into making decisions etc. The players are established regs and so aren't passive in the discussions of hands. The pack introduces some advanced ideas for more established players such as balanced / exploitative play, pop tendencies, multiplier effect, win rate maximization etc, as well as lots of nuts and bolts basics for newer players.

It's not as comprehensive a theory guide as his full spins pack, but it's also very accessible, informal and there's lots of ground covered, especially for the price

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I am looking for videos to

I am looking for videos to improve my thought process at the tables for HU turbo and hyper (from high level players). How relevant will these videos be for that? Any other content relevant for this? (I don't consider ZzzTilt high level by todays standards)

I have been studying barewire's cash pack and his new videos till now, but I am looking for videos that are more SNG specific (short stacks, more exploitable players, coffee HUD etc).

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Well this package here is

Well this package here is primarily for spin and gos.

For higher level short HU SNG content, I would look more towards GTO in HUSNGs Coffeeyay pack, maybe Will Tipton's Solving Poker pack too. Those two packs are pretty high level and teach you to do some really advanced things and how to find the answers you probably week as a higher level player.

For more solid fundamental instruction in short husngs, pbogz journey pack is an excellent choice.

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is this gonna be on mac any

is this gonna be on mac any time soon?


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We don't have any public way

We don't have any public way to sell it for Mac currently unfortunately, sorry.

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First video, hand 82o

hey cofee, I watched the first video, and our hero is checking back 82o amd the flop is top pair and the villan with 10bbs is betting and our hero is shoving the top pair there, you say that is clear flat? you don't shove it like protection? There a lot pf turn that kills our hand, and a lot of rivers that we could not afford the bet, and also give me your thoughs about how to play this hand in next streets, also if turn and river is blank are you calling have pot bet ? Thanks