CoffeeHUD For HU Cash Updated To 1.0.1

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Hi everyone!

Today we have updated the HU Cash edition of CoffeeHUD. The major update for this version is that all of the CoffeeHUD elements have been renamed just as we had done with the 2.0.4 update for the HUSNG edition of CoffeeHUD. This is intended to resolve rare installation errors that have occured in the past. While working on this update, a few errors were detected and fixed as well. Most notably, the counter for hands vs minraise in bb was not filtering correctly for the 10-13 bb line, which has now been fixed.

It is highly recommended that CoffeeHUD for HU Cash users who are using a version of PokerTracker that is 4.11 or newer perform a full cache rebuild in the Database Management window of PT4. We have seen reports suggesting that this is necessary any time you create custom stats or import a custom add-on (such as a custom HUD, like CoffeeHUD). If you are using PT versions from 4.10.6 to 4.10.9, this is not necessary. Fortunately, the steps themselves are simple. From the main PT4 screen, select as follows: "Database", "Database Management", "Rebuild Cache", "Full Cache Rebuild".

While the previous version was called 1.0a, today's update carries the version number of 1.0.1 to better align it with the versioning system that is used for the HUSNG edition of CoffeeHUD.

Just as we have done with the past two updates to the HUSNG edition, this update to the HU Cash addition will cause the updated profiles to be installed in parallel with the previous 1.0a profiles in order to prevent your own customizations to the HUD from being discarded and to give you time to transition into using the new updated profile. We have already added all 1.0a users to 1.0.1 access. All you have to do to install this updated version is start (or re-start, if it is already running) PT4 itself.

As with the previous version, this release of CoffeeHUD for HU Cash has both a 0-30 bb filters "capped" profile and a 0-150 bb filters "deep stack" profile. In the past, a few CoffeeHUD HU Cash customers had only the "capped" profile. With the release of this update, we have corrected this and now everyone that has access to CoffeeHUD for HU Cash will see both profiles in their list of HUDs.

CoffeeHUD is an on screen display add-on for poker tracking software. We produce two editions for PokerTracker 4, the HUSNG and HU Cash editions mentioned in this announcement, and an HUSNG edition for Holdem Manager 2 with Notecaddy.

If you encounter any errors or have any trouble in using the HUD, or if you would like to have your old 1.0a profiles removed after you have transitioned to using 1.0.1, please contact us through e-mail at or use our contact form.