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Black Chip Poker reliable??

I've deposited on BCP but decided after a couple of days of playing that the site is kinda crappy compared to PS, very few superturbo tables running and that the software is definitely not on level with a site like Pokerstars.So i decided to withdraw my money, but al of a sudden Its a big hustle to get my money withdrawn (if i will ever get it).First had to fill out forms, scan id documents, but even after that the withdrawel procedure keeps pending.I contact support asked why? First they say w"we get back at you within 72 hours". After 4 days still nothing. Then i email again and they say "we'll get back to you within 24 hours". Ofcourse no reaction again . I email them again and they say we'll look into it within 24 hours. And guesss what ... still nothing I can deposit money within seconds. But Ive been waiting for over a week now to get my money withdrawn. I find this all kinda sketchy. Hope i will get my money. Anyone else experienced problems?

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Hey there,I can help you out

Hey there,I can help you out here. It's not always apparent to everybody, but use vip@blackchippoker.eu for all your problems, that's black chip's personal support and it's very good.The regular emails for black chip (and other skins on the merge network) go to the Merge Network's support team, which is inferior to black chip's support, by far.As for the cashout, without knowing all of the details it's hard to say what will happen. I don't know the exact requirements, but most poker rooms require a minor amount of play per dollar deposit before you cashout (because deposits cost the site money). Most sites also require ID verification for all cashouts (at least the first time). Merge's ID verification process is notoriously slow and a bit cumbersome (a coach on this site recently had to verify and it took over a week, this was just to transfer too, not even cashout).About the software and games, Pokerstars is by far the largest poker room in the world. We don't have HUSNG specific traffic stats (yet, coming soon I believe), but for overall poker they are as large as the 2-10th poker rooms combined I believe. Merge is a decent sized network, but only about 1/20th the size of PokerStars.And of course, I don't believe any software outside of Full Tilt's comeback should compare to PokerStars either. Stars puts the most resources (time, money, etc.) into their software.If you can't get anything done through the VIP email though, email me personally, rypac13@husng.com, and I'll make sure you talk to the right people.

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Thanks Ryan, Ill try the Vip

Thanks Ryan,Ill try the Vip e-mail

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Ha! All of a sudden i get

Ha! All of a sudden i get reactions and within a couple of hours my accout was verified and they said the money is being transfered.Thanks a lot!