3bet pot. What is my calling range?

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Hi guys, 

i would like to share my thinking process in this hand that i played in a €5 HUSNG. My question is about my calling range and i would like to have an opinion about my thinking process and the resulting conclusion.

Hands details:

EFF stacks: 75BB

no strong read on oppo, sample to small, but it seems a solid player.

PF: i raise A6o to 2.5bb from SB, oppo 3bet to 6BB and i defend by calling.

FLOP: 6h-4h-2h, oppo bet 0.5 pot and i call.

TURN: 5c, oppo bet 0.5 pot and i call

RIVER: 8h. oppo bet 0.5 pot and i call


My reasoning and post sess analysis.

I think the best strategy with this hands is to call flop and fold turn.

I've arrived to this conclusion since the range advantage of oppo betting range on the turn is too strong to defend by calling with A6o, i've picked up some equity with the 5, but how much? 8%? not so much. Maybe i can consider a defense by check-raising but im not sure if oppo is capable of folding, moreover i dont see many river cards that i can bluff-Jam on the river. (im i wrong?). now by wrinting this post im realizing that maybe a good line would be to call flop, and check-raise as a bluff turn, but still not so sure tbh.

On the flop I think that calling a middle pair with an ace as a kicker is good. First, its the strongest middle pair that i have in my range and i block AA and Ax that i think are in oppo 3-betting range. Moreover IF i dont defend with this hand on the flop my impression is that we are quite exploitable and we make ATC of oppo 3betting range profitable.

I also would like to share my thinking process during the hand and share with you what i think is a mistake that i constantly make. On the flop, i though its a easy call, on the turn i though: ok: by betting 0.5 pot i must defent around 67% for deny oppo a profitable bet with ATC, i have a middle pair and i dont see a lot of stronger hands in my calling range that can call here. therefore i call since if im not i will be exploited. I think that the mistake of reasoning in this way, (and i also think that i know where it comes from this mistake, i.e too much theory) is that im not thinking about oppo range and blindly apply a theory concept in a wrong way. What is your opinion?

Any comment/suggestion will be really appreciated. 


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I'd prolly fold. I know there

I'd prolly fold. I know there isn't much 3x in his 3betting range, but there's definitely some 7x. And the size is wrong for it to be a bluff, although AA etc never really bet river... I wouldn't think!?!? Plus we have a LOT of 3x and 7x, so a bluff doesn't make sense from a solid player, that's for sure.

Definitely interested to hear further opinions??

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"Definitely interested to

"Definitely interested to hear further opinions??"