12-15bb Shove or minraise?

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I'm having doubts on my play with 12-15bb stack size, with hands like K4s Q6s.Should i jam or minraise them. And if i get pushed into?When is the right time (bb wise) to start using push/fold strategy in place of minraising?And is there any charts for bu 10BB and less? I assume that showing from sb when 3 handed using nash is right,but still would be nice to know the sweet spot to start pushig.

Just played my first 450 of these suckers and they're frustrating but interesting enough to learn playing them.

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K4s and Q6s can both be

K4s and Q6s can both be played as a shove if villain has a high iso% or is just aggressive postflop. You don't have to jam if you feel this isn't the case, of course.

I wouldn't ever call these hands vs an isojam.

Generally jam/fold play starts at around 15bbs, but can go down to 8bbs vs the right villain. Actually, low PP can be jammed up to 30 bbs.

... oh, and I wouldn't ever minraise under 15 bbs or so... just limp, jam or fold. 

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I have a mr range 12 deep.

I have a mr range 12 deep. But not 10 deep. Id say this is pretty standard nowadays in SB.