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I've been playing poker since I was twelve off and on. Recently, I jumped back into the game. I started with a $20 bankroll at a home game, and put the $100 I won on pokerstars. With no BRM what-so-ever, I quickly lost it playing $15 sng's and $5 tournaments. 


I hit the books and swore I'd never make that mistake again. I bought Will Tipton's book and began working through it, I scoured the web for resources and spent long nights studying and developing a strategy. I applied what I learned at the same home game and started to gain some confidence. About two months ago, I put $40 on 888poker and almost exclusively played HSNG's. At 100 games in I have a 13% roi at the $1 level. The skills I learned playing heads up made me much better playing live. I played 3 local tournaments in a row and placed in the top 3 each time, adding $600 to my bankroll. 


My question is - where do I go next? I would like to invest my $600 into getting better at the game, rather than jumping up stakes right away. Any feedback would be appreciated. I know the player pool is much more difficult online, so I'd like to continue climbing the lower stakes until I get better. I have no problem putting the hours in.


About me: I am a web designer currently employed as the marketing director at a development firm. Poker has quickly taken up all of my time outside of work.


Ultimate goal: Make a living from freelance web design and online poker grinding. 

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Hi! Great to read you're


Great to read you're looking to focus on getting better. I am in a very similar situation myself right now. Have you read the merseanary ebook yet? As good as it gets when it comes to free resources.

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I'd definitely recommend some

I'd definitely recommend some coaching with PBogz.


But I'd also caution you that you only told us a very, very small sample size. Even to determine if you're a winning player at all needs at least 1000 games at a given stake level. Nice to run hot though!