HSR weekly report #198: Biggest Winner - "TILTMENOT "; ''IKSecret'' made the 2nd most

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Charles Hawk
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TILTMENOT made the most this week with $19,492 profit. His average buy-in was just over $1,109!

***Arturs ''IKSecret'' Kurnajevs made the 2nd most, with $15,560 profit.

the 1rake1 made the 3rd, with $15,217 profit.

Other profit totals

huang33 $14,489

AceSpades11 $14,118

v2the3 $12,383

madonken13 $9,704

OtB_RedBaron $9,370

majcy $9,314


Auca32 $8,615

simpledude16 $7,986

TheDonOnSwan $7,397

rams85 $6,967

Serk $6,859

*gillboyg $6,690

*BarniexEdd $5,788

Rockets992 $5,662

EL TORO XXX $4,479

Ben86 $4,347

anthonyff $4,346

Tinas21 $4,303

Ziroto $4,247

allinrusty $3,998

Samar4eg $3,983

*franSir $3,856

skyhand00 $3,620

razvanel1987 $3,394

samesameohhh $3,242

allen i323 $3,226

G.Escobar88 $3,091

ptheadsup $2,893

pita1 $2,442

salmor $2,393

7Al7eX7 $2,246

roninio1 $2,211

kenies $2,169

n1fan $2,119

Danpid76 $2,053

Naglithor $2,027

I am always looking for new interview opportunities with HUSNG and Spin Reg's who play $30s and higher. Please PM me here or on 2p2 (Charles Hawk).

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You'll notice this week's

You'll notice this week's results are a little different. We have changed the way we do these results.

We will no longer show losing results, we will only show players that made over $2,000 in a week (with an average buyin of $200 or above).

We've also expanded results to include all the major poker rooms.

We will not show any yearly profit results from any players not opted into the major tracking sites. We will show 7 day results for all players, no exceptions.