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SkaiWalkurrr and Tuna Review More Hyper Turbo Hands 

Skaiwalkurrr xSCWx Treezer

In this video, SkaiWalkurrr and xSCWx review more individual hyper turbo hands.They provide an in depth analysis of games at the $500 level against treezer and wizowizo.

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SkaiWalkurrr and Tuna Review Hyper Turbo Hands 

SkaiWalkurr Reviews Hyper Turbo Hands with xSCWx in this heads up sng poker video

In this New Year's special, xSCWx (bigtunajko) and SkaiWalkurrr (R-Quaresma) review hyper turbo hands submitted by $100-500 regular hyper turbo players.

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