mjw006's videos

mjw006 Turbo Speed Leakfinder 

mjw006 heads up turbo speed leakfinder poker video

In this hour long video, mjw006 analyzes play from a student at the $7 turbo speed level.

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mjw006 Pokeroff Heads Up Sit and Go Leakfinder Review 

mjw006 heads up sit and go match leakfinder review pokeroff poker video

In this video, mjw006 reviews match play for Taburett on Poker Heaven. He discusses fundamental concepts in a variety of situations. This heads up sit and go leakfinder video was a result of a contest on the Russian poker community Pokeroff.ru.

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mjw006 $100 Turbo Leakfinder 

mjw006 Does a PokerStars Leakfinder Heads Up Poker Video

MJW does a $100 turbo speed leakfinder for Kanitey, the week 1 winner of a leakfinder competition. He focuses on calculating ranges properly from one street to the next. He also discusses proper bet sizings in various situations with a focal point on the river. There are also a pair of games played against a regular, TaediumVitae.

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mjw006's Handling a Unique Regular 

mjw006 $215 Against Unique Regular Opponent Continuation Bet Frequency Heads Up Poker Video

In this video, mjw006 discusses playing against a unique regular at the $215 level. He talks about adjusting to a player that does not continuation bet frequently and managing your ranges for both leading and checking as well as checking with a plan. There is also discussion of how ranges and actions should shift when playing multiple matches against the same person, based around prior action and how that prior action was perceived. The three matches in this video are replayed in a replayer.

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mjw006 and PHMERC Heads Up SNG Review 

PHMERC and mjw006 review heads up sng matches

PHMERC and mjw006 team up to analyze a pair of $300 level turbo and regular speed heads up sngs played between PHMERC and iamvariance.

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