Mersenneary's Videos

The Truth About The Poker Community 

Mersenneary opens the video talking about this video title, then leads into reflections of his own shortcomings, wrongdoings and interesting situations that have happened to him in the poker world. Having cleansed himself, he then dives into the problems of the poker community, using real examples of players and situations and markets within the poker world.

This is a very different type of video that really reflects on incentive problems and observations in the poker player world.

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Mersenneary Super Turbos vs Mid Stakes Regular (Part 2) 

Mersenneary plays a second session against NNNobodYYY on Black Chip Poker, focusing on exploitative adjustments to make against opponents who are playing against you as if you were a fish. At the end of the video there is a hero call to illustrate the point of how you can exploit opponents who use exploitative betsizes against you.

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Mersenneary Super Turbos vs Mid Stakes Regular 


Mersenneary plays NNNobodYYY, a solid midstakes reg, on Black Chip Poker. He opens the video by talking about the snobbishness of playing excessively balanced poker, and points out throughout the video why his opponent's tactics often lead to a lot more money against recreational players.

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Mersenneary Flashback: The Video That Started It All 

Mersenneary Historical Poker Review

Mersenneary reviews the super turbo video that sparked it all - his first one for He focuses on cringe-inducing errors and bad reasoning in the video. He uses this example to talk about developing yourself as a poker player, through the lens of all the things he was and wasn't two years ago.

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Mersenneary Super Turbos on Black Chip Poker (5th Edition) 

Mersenneary plays $70 super turbos on Black Chip Poker, first against a tighter player, then two-tabling against more active opponents. He points out seemingly innocous "spazz folds" and argues that they significantly harm winrates.

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