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HokieGreg $200 Hyper Turbos 

In his latest video, HokieGreg reviews play at the $200 hyper turbo level on Revolution using PokerTracker 4's build in replayer. He uses extensive HUD analysis and discussion about specific adjustments to make to maximally exploit weakness in an opponent. There is also a lot of discussion about limped pots.

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HokieGreg $1,000 and $2,000 Hyper Turbos 

HokieGreg rocks back into action with 4 matches vs an aggressive weak player who has some very unique frequencies, especially in his short stack play. This video features the CoffeeHUD and ICMizer

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HokieGreg Hyper Turbo Review of Mrbambocha (Part 2) 

HokieGreg HU Poker Hyper Turbo video Leakfinder

HokieGreg continues to review play from $100/200 level regular mrbambocha47. He talks about adjusting against aggressive regulars at short effective stacks, HUD stat analysis and explanations of how frequencies on previous streets impact decisions.

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HokieGreg Hyper Turbo Review of Mrbambocha (Part 1) 

HokieGreg Heads Up Sit and Go Poker Video Hyper Turbo
HokieGreg reviews Mrbambocha's play at the $100 and $200 hyper turbo level on PokerStars. Greg talks about raising ranges when facing limps at short effective stacks, hand selection for minraise folding at short effective stacks and how simple information gained from previous hands should impact future decisions.
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HokieGreg Leakfinder - Theory Tangents and Hyper Turbos 

Hyper Turbo Leakfinder

HokieGreg reviews hyper turbo play from student Braminc and talks about adjusting gradually, combing population tendencies with small sample sizes, using perceived ranges to your advantage and when and why to limp. Hokie talks about a lot of concepts in this video, often pausing the video and talking about the broader picture, in addition to the analysis of the specific hand in question.

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