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Fydor_8 HUSNG Leakfinder 1/17/12 - Starting Out 

Fydor Low Stakes Beginner Heads Up Poker Video Review

Fydor reviews play for a newer player in this video, discussing the downsides to slowplaying hands, the importance of value betting, the psychology behind abnormal bet sizings and limping. There is an emphasis on improving preflop play in this lower stakes leakfinder video.

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Fydor_8 HUSNG Leakfinder 1/4/12 - HUSNG Hand Ranges 

Fydor HUSNG Poker Video on heads up sng hand ranges

In this HUSNG Leakfinder, Fydor reviews play at he $7 turbo speed level on PokerStars. He talks about preflop ranges from both positions and 3bet ranges in particular. He also discusses how to put your opponent on an accurate range of hands postflop and how to respond and attack your opponent based on that analysis.

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Fydor_8 Winning Strategy in Low Stakes Heads Up SNG Poker Leakfinder

In this heads up sng leakfinder, Fydor_8 teaches a $7 level player how to play a solid, winning style. He covers various topics throughout the video, including bet sizing, timing tells, and basic fundamental suggestions on how to form an accurate decision making process imperative to winning heads up poker.

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Fydor_8 HUSNG Leakfinder 11/26/11 - Getting Inside a Student's Mind 

Fydor_8 Thought Process Student HUSNG Leakfinder

In this HUSNG Leakfinder, Fydor analyzes a student's play at the $7 turbo level on PokerStars. The student includes notes about his thought process throughout the match to add depth to the analysis.

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Fydor_8 HUSNG Leakfinder 11/13/11 - Low Stakes Reg Wars 

Fydor_8 Low Stakes Regular Wars Heads Up SNG Poker Video

In this HUSNG Leakfinder, Fydor explains how the thought process changes against more "regular" opponents at the $20 and $30 levels. Tips on how to succeed while battling intermediate level opponents, or lower mid stakes winners, is discussed.

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