FrankThomas8's videos

Frank and the Vulcano 

FrankThomas8 plays heads up sng poker regular vulcano23

In this video, FrankThomas8 plays PokerStars heads up regular "Vulcano23" at the $100 turbo speed level.  He discusses his approach to a creative, winning opponent during this series of matches.

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FrankThomas8 Talks About Developing Reads 

frankthomas8 plays heads up sng poker on cake

FrankThomas8 plays back to back matches on Cake, talking about developing reads, specifically hand ranges and bet sizing.  The matches take place at the $25 + 1.25 regular speed heads up sng buyin level.

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FrankThomas8 Plays Razz Husng 

FrankThomas8 plays a razz husng.  This video is aimed at players that are new to razz.  As members continue to develop and dive into other heads up formats, we will continue to work hard to present basic winning concepts to help them become profitable players in more than just no limit heads up sngs.

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Guest Video 11 - FrankThomas8 in the $57.50s 

FrankThomas8 plays the $57.50 turbos on PokerStars.

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FrankThomas8 Plays 4-Mans 

FrankThomas8 plays two round of a 4-man heads up shootout, as well as a single heads up sng match in this video.  The buyin level is $570.

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