croixdawg's videos

Croixdawg Video 21 - $115 and $105 on Full Tilt 

Croixdawg plays a $115 turbo then plays three $105 regular speed games against the same winning player.  His perception of his opponent's play and adjustments change throughout the matches.

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Croixdawg Video 20 - Various $315 Regular Speed Games 

Croixdawg plays various games at the $315 and $345 level on Full Tilt, including both single and double tabling.

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CroixDawg Video 19 - $115 Turbos on Full Tilt 

Croixdawg is back and playing $115 turbos on Full Tilt.  In this 52 minute video he plays a solid winner, breakeven player and a losing player.  He stresses patience, knowing when to play aggressively and adapting to different styles of play.

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Croixdawg Video 18 - Four $34.50 Turbos 


Croixdawg plays four $34.50 turbo speed games on PokerStars, several against a winning player.

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Croixdawg Video 17 - Regular Speed Versus CHECKdezNUTS 

Croixdawg plays high stakes winner CHEKdezNUTS on PokerStars.

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