Chadders0 Videos

Chadders Hyper Turbo Games Against Tough Regular v2the3 

In this video, Chadders0 plays tough regular v2the3 in hyper turbo games at the $200 level on PokerStars.

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Chadders0 Hyper Turbo Poker at the $100 and $200s 

Chadders0 plays $100 and $200 level hyper turbo poker on PokerStars. He plays up to 4 tables during the session, mostly against regulars. Discussion includes postflop sizing, dealing with polarized ranges and making plays based on your opponent's perception of your hand range.

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Chadders0 $200-500 Level Hyper Turbos 

Chadders takes to the hyper turbos on PokerStars, playing anywhere from 1 to 4 tables at the $200-500 buyin levels. He talks about 3-bet ranges and how to deal with over aggressive opponents.

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Chadders0 $100 and $200 Level Multi Tabling 

Chadders0 Multi Tabling Poker Video

Chadders0 takes to the $100 and $200 buyin level in his latest hyper turbo heads up sit and go poker video. He plays anywhere from one to three tables that que up in four different slots, and talks about making decisions on the fly and playing against different opponent types at the same time.

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Chadders0 Hyper Turbo Rematches Versus Reg 

Chadders0 Hyper Turbo Versus Regular

In his latest hyper turbo poker video, Chadders0 rematches a regular opponent at the $300 level on PokerStars. He uses an aggressive strategy to combat what he deems a "nitty" style from the regular, as he discusses his decisions and actions.

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