Ryan "xSCWx" Dodge's Winning at Blackjack

Prior to Black Friday I had been playing up through the $5,500 HUSNGs and as high as 300/600 ($60,000 buy-in) PLO cash games. Action on the US sites sucked and legalization in the US wasn't making much progress. I had just bought and furnished my first home and had close friends and family nearby. Picking up and leaving wasn't much of an option. Live poker poker was feasible, but 15-30 hands per hour was a bore and and I was more of a heads up kind of guy. Additionally, there is no casino poker action in Texas so I would have to find home games or grind or spend a lot of time traveling. A friend of mine got me into card counting blackjack. I immersed myself in it. It scaled well with my bankroll and allowed me a great hourly without a huge learning curve to start. To date, I've made over $200,000 in profit from blackjack in addition to enjoying amazing comps and getting a very fresh change of pace from the poker environment.

Ryan Dodge's Blackjack Winning Betting Strategy


Become a VIP

I've received over $50,000 worth of comps from casinos. These range from free flights to Vegas, complimentary rooms, steakhouse dinners and tickets to shows. Anderon Silva's big UFC fights? I'm there. Cirque de Soleil? I've seen them all. The casinos win a lot off of most blackjack players so they spend a lot of money to keep them coming back. Beyond all of this, the biggest benefit to me is that I get invited to poker and blackjack tournaments with some of the casino's biggest degenerates. Common conversation at these poker tournaments: "What's your game?" "Roulette." Some of these guys have never played a hand of poker in their life.

Love freerolls? I made $18,000 from 4th place in that tournament and did not have to pay an entry fee.

Build a Bankroll

I'll teach you about risk and reward. You want to know your risk of ruin with 500 units? I'll tell you. You want to know your hourly profit betting $25 at a 6 person table? You'll find out. The beauty of this game is that if you double your stakes you instantly double your hourly. There is no ceiling.

Learn Advanced Secrets

I've always told everyone that card counting is easy but the hard part is not being caught. I can tell you how to act, play, and blend in with the rest of the tourists. I can even help you conseal how much you're profiting from the casino's records.

Proven Strategy

I've used this strategy successfully for the last two years. I discussed it with other experts, run simulations across BILLIONS of hands on my computer, and refined the strategy with knowledge learned books, web research, and from my time as a high stakes poker player. You don't need to be a genius to learn how to beat blackjack. You just need an understanding of how the game works and where the edge shifts. You don't need a team like in the movies.


Is it illegal to count cards, change bets or play blackjack professionally in a casino?

Card counting is only illegal if you are using electronic devices to help you count the cards. While counting in your head, you can't be arrested or even detained. With my strategy it will be very hard for them to detect you, but even if they do the consequences are trivial. The worst case scenario is that they bar you from playing in their casino.

What kind of hourly rate can I make?

You can expect to make somewhere around 1.75 units per hour while playing with a $200 average bet. If you are playing lower stakes than you can make more units per hour. At higher stakes a bit less.

What bankroll is needed to start?

A 400 unit bankroll is reasonable for testing the waters. I suggest more if your bankroll is unreplaceable. Less if you are just looking to run up some quick cash over the weekend.

How hard is it to learn these strategies? Do I have to be a math genius?

Contrary to what the movies try to imply, card counting is laughably easy. I've designed this pack to make the learning curve as casual as possible. The research is all done for you and with a little bit of practice you will have no trouble employing my strategy while sipping a beer and chatting with a girlfriend. The strategy is broken down into steps that allow you gradually advance your skills rather than having to figure it all out at once. Even as a novice card counter you can develop a big enough edge that it won't break your piggy bank if you make a mistake here and there. Mistakes help you blend in anyway. You don't want to chase your edge so far that you actually LOOK like a professional. I teach a strategy that is easy to implement while still having fun on vacation.

What's Included

Three strategy videos, "Intro to Counting," "How to Count" and "Remaining Undetected." A 4th video, "Speed Lesson" that summarizes the first three videos (this can be used if you want to hit the tables as soon as possible or if you just want a quick refresher). I've also included basic strategy cards for different types of blackjack tables. Most blackjack players are unaware that basic strategy differs with different table rules. You can actually print these cards up and place them on the table during play (explained in the video). There are also strategy charts that will help you press your edge while counting.

Cost - $49.99

You can pay via paypal, credit card, debit card or skrill (moneybookers).

Once you have purchased the pack you can download it here.


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Thx very much Ryan for offering the course, was helpful, logical and concise.

Sorry for all the Q's...hope its not overload ;)

Q...Do you know one book on the complete mathematics of blackjack...a complete breakdown?
- Where is the best place to get reliable updated info on casinos
and their rules for bj around the world.

- You said its best to walk away on a big low count...how low and how
early in the deck can you get away with just walking away without being
- Best casinos in the world youve played at??...best rules etc
- if your just simply betting more with a bigger + count at times
and were to make your bets as random as"seemingly" possible how long would
it take them to detect you?As in..how much money or how consistent will you have to be before they kick you out
- Thoughts on Don Johnson who won 15mill and what are the possibilites for creating these opport. ? Have you ever done it? and how big of a whale would you have to be for them to listen to you?
- What do you believe is the optimal money management strategy...excluding detection worries
-besides actual counting...it seems (with my practice online) when especially at a full table where you get to see more cards come out of the deck that their are extreme amount of small cards come out making it obvious that the count is high. If your to bet big here what would the casino say or how do they react to you reacting of obvious situations.
- You didnt talk much about penetration and everyone i read says thats the most important...what % penetration is necessary to beat the game...ive heard up to 50% isnt.
How advanced are the casinos cameras..do they have some kind of biofeedback?..how much information can they get from you?
-Are online games beatable? Ive played about 100 hours of bj (on the free version...absorba games), they say they used 4 decks. They shuffle after 4 rounds also. Ive tried to find only full tables so i can see the most amount of cards played. I bet around 3-5x min and only bet when the count was +3 or higher and have been a consistent winner along with running well fo course from around 2,000 to around 18,000 now. ( with of course very agressive money management) Are my results bullshit? Seems like online casinos would never allow a strategy to win.

thx again


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-For complete mathematics I

-For complete mathematics I think the best is to use the software from qfit, I used CVCX and one other program from there. I forget which one was more in depth (I've been pretty much universally banned for a couple years now), but the software from the site is very good.


I'm not sure as far as a math book goes. Blackjack Attack by Don Schlessinger and Burning the Tables by Ian Anderson were my personal favorites.

-For updated information on casinos I used a Green Chip membership from here:


They publish regional newsletters with updated conditions.

-This really depends on how anal they are. If you leave regularly mid-shoe at the high limit room in Tropicana or Hard Rock in Vegas you will be banned very quickly. If you do this at Aria I don't think it will impact you much. I'm not sure how to give a universal answer to this, you've just got to feel out how much they're hawking over you. I think leaving while winning is a much bigger red flag than leaving while losing. If you bust your buy in mid shoe on a bad count I'd leave for sure. Contrastingly, if you bust your buy in on a good count I'd buy in again much bigger. Try to think of what recreational players would do. When to walk away follows roughly the same ruling. Every true count is worth about 0.5% house edge so don't let it get too deep unless you're really reluctant to take a ban.

-My favorite casino to play at was Mandalay Bay in the high limit room. They seemed very relaxed toward my play there and had about 75% penetration on the double deck (fixed notch).

-Casinos have very different approaches to banning people. I got maybe 150 hours with a $400 average bet at Mandalay Bay before getting banned. Contrastingly, I played at El Cortez while completely drunk and changed my bet sizing once from $25 to $50 and was banned within 15 minutes.

-My understanding of the Don Johnson scenario is that he negotiated rules that made him extremely +EV in the game (this wasn't a counting strategy). I'm absolutely dumbfounded by how a casino could allow this. I might be missing something. The articles I've read didn't explain it well.

-The CVCX software will give you a good idea of risk of ruin which is pretty much the #1 concern for bankroll management. If I were disregarding detection and had the proper bankroll for it I'd be min betting all -EV decisions and max betting all +EV decisions.

-If you're at a full table you're probably playing at a stakes where they have one pit boss watching over several full tables. They likely won't start paying attention to you unless you go on a heater or do some kind of massive spread (like 10x your bet). In the high limit rooms it's usually something like 1 pit boss per table which requires a lot more cover play.

-Yeah, I really fucked up by not talking about penetration in depth. I had a ton of topics I wanted to cover and somehow had this as an embarrassing oversight. Here's an article that should give you an idea of how much deep penetration ramps up your profits:


At the M in Vegas (an off strip casino) I found a dealer that I'm fairly sure I knew was counting and was giving me a ~90% penetration (they did it by hand in double deck, not a fixed notch). I tipped the hell out of her but I never saw her again after that session. The highest I've been able to regularly find is about 75%.

-I've read tons about casinos like Stratosphere and Bellagio having software in the cameras for catching card counters. I haven't seen any evidence of this being true but I'm not confident enough to deny it either.

-I wouldn't try counting online. These sites tend to be super shady, a video popped up on reddit a couple days ago of a dealer subtly pulling the second card instead of the first in one of those live dealer games. The smarter move would be for them to just take some of the 10 value cards out of the deck to maximize their edge. The only circumstance in which I'd be comfortable grinding online is if you're exploiting some kind of deposit bonus. PrimordialAA used to do this a lot with this dad back in the day.

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GREAT!...thx alot for all the info.

It seems that with a persons margin of error such as losing count, getting distracted, making mistakes along with intentional mistakes you mentioned,  that you'd really need 67% penetration(what most online have said)....so then how common is 67% in all the casinos you visited? ive only been to a casino 2x in my life.

I read of a few places that stake you(for big action)...can you recommend anyone reputable to work with. What are their  requirements? Im from canada but in philippines now going back in a few months...but if i decide to take this seriously id like to know that best strategy globally to do this. Seems you really need to be near a casino locally or be getting comped to make some "decent" money.

Last one is... ive had some difficulties understanding the diff. between the law of large numbers and gamblers fallacy. ive read a bunch of explanations but it always seems to be a contradiction. For example with poker after playing for years, you obviously go through swings in EV and in general terms..flips...and they end up for the most part evening out, but my understanding of gamblers fallacy is that each event(or flip) is independent of its own. I thought i could play small online or in casino , then when i went through a massive downswing such as 400 units i could start playing bigger(giving a properly sized and proportioned bankroll) expecting eventually an upswing....no?






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-In my experience the vast

-In my experience the vast majority of casinos are around 67% penetration for double deck - 75%+ might be more common for shoe games. If you lose count you should at least have a ballpark to base it off of (if you know it was negative you can just make your best guess for where to start from and bet conservatively). The intentional mistakes actually help you on your bigger bets (overall they're good with high counts) so they shouldn't be doing much damage to your edge if doing any damage at all.

-This is the first I've heard of blackjack staking. I'm not sure how they could do this profitably without the risk of stakees falsely reporting the winnings (live blackjack can't be tracked the way online poker can). I had a lot saved up from poker by the time I got into this so staking never crossed my mind.

-I think you're understanding gambler's fallacy correctly but not the law of large numbers. I think it's easier to just explain it this way. Let's say you have a 1% ROI per hand in blackjack. If you play 1,000,000 hands, you're expected to make 1% of 1m which is 10,000 units. Now let's say you start out playing a bunch of blackjack, but you run bad so you're down 1,000 units. You aren't "due" for an upswing. If you play 1m hands from here you're expected to go from -1,000 units overall to +9,000 units overall. Playing bigger while down is generally a very bad idea because it increases your risk of ruin while your bankroll is smaller. If you ever see someone tilt off their entire bankroll in poker - that's usually how it happened.

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Ok, i just figured there werent many double deck games available...i'll look around.

I understand what your explaining but to put it in simpliest terms like i said, when your playing poker and you go through a downswing which is made up of let say a high percentage of flips, those flips for the most part on average come back to you over time. This is how i understand  the law of large numbers and this is what casinos rely on obv. to not go bust. They have some kind of understanding of their overall statistical deviations within games and the law of large numbers. So LLN is saying flips will even out over the long time,  you just cant put it in the category of "im due" for a flip over the short run....yes? Like i mentioned,  i said about starting with a large # of units and betting very small, then waiting for the huge downturn to occur then stepping in with *proportionately* sized bets with your bankroll to limit your risk of ruin. Am i just pissing away my "expected earnings" and missing out on EV with my bankroll on the possibiltiy or % of chance i will go through the downswing.

"The LLN is important because it "guarantees" stable long-term results for the averages of some random events. For example, while a casino may lose money in a single spin of the roulette wheel, its earnings will tend towards a predictable percentage over a large number of spins. Any winning streak by a player will eventually be overcome by the parameters of the game. It is important to remember that the LLN only applies (as the name indicates) when a large number of observations is considered. There is no principle that a small number of observations will coincide with the expected value or that a streak of one value will immediately be "balanced" by the others (see the gambler's fallacy)." ...wikipedia

"The law of large numbers is a useful tool because the standard deviation declines as the size of the population or sample increases, for the same reason that the number of heads in 1 million flips of a coin will probably be closer to the mean than in 10 flips of a coin."

thx again



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The difference in the example

The difference in the example you're giving (being down and due for the upswing) versus the large numbers example (1 million flips of a coin) is that you're using something that has already happened in the past to predict what will happen in the future. They're talking about a future sample of 10 vs a future sample of 1 million. If you lose $2000 in blackjack it's the same as you spending $2000 at the store. It's gone and has no impact on future probability at all.

The chart from this wikipedia page explains it a lot better than the google result you're using:


It's saying that if you flip a coin a lot of times the results will probably be very close to 50% heads and 50% tails. If you do 4 coin flips it is very likely for you to get a result that is 75/25 or even 100/0. As you increase in sample size, the liklihood of that level of deviation drops rapidly in favor of things much closer to 50/50.

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Ok....thx very much for taking the time with me, i appreciate it ;)



inveigle's picture

need to buy this pack.. but i

need to buy this pack..

but i dont have money on paypal/moneybookers....

any other for of payment? like direct from credit card

RyPac13's picture

You can pay for the pack via

You can pay for the pack via a credit card without needing a paypal account through the paypal link. Just select the small text when you choose paypal and are taken to paypal (itll say something like "pay with a credit or debit card without a paypal account).


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Playing aggressively, what's the edge in this case?


first of all congrats for making this interesting video.


I wanted to ask: when you say you have been quickly banned from some casinos because playing particularly aggressively, what was your edge during this way of play?

And also: how does it effect variance/bankroll management? Ex. if I remember well you advice  to have at least 400 units and I guess you were referring to a 1-2% edge play. Which kind of bankroll would you suggest for a more aggressive play with a bigger edge? Thank you

xSCWx's picture

The edge from my play was

The edge from my play was around 1.5% for the bulk of my hours, if you really want to be able to drag it out for years to come I think it has to drop closer to 1%. With that said, there are some casinos where I think they are paranoid and would have banned almost anyone with a bet spread. For comparison, I got banned from El Cortez spreading 2 units at $25 while actually drunk in about 15 minutes. At Mandalay Bay I spread either 5 units or up to 2 hands of 4 units (effectively a spread of 8) with an average bet around $400 and got about 200 hours before being flat bet.

For the bankroll guidelines I gave in the video I assumed super aggressive play (I figured that a lot more people would be doing this temporarily than trying to go long term pro). The requirements could vary radically depending on how you play, but I wanted to keep the pack simple for people who were just getting into it casually. Unfortunately, I don't have the software anymore that I used for calculating bankroll management but if you're super curious you can get it here:


CVCX is good for basic stuff, CVData is much more in depth and what I used for the bankroll requirements. It's a lot of fun to fool around with if you're passionate about blackjack.

mastrogep's picture


Thank you really a lot for your fast and clear answer!

One more question: let's pretend a card counter wants to increase even more the spread to arrive at a 3% edge, do you think would he be able to play for let's say 300 hours at an avg. bet of 100 dollars before being banned from all Las Vegas and California casinos, or it would be just out of reality?

xSCWx's picture

I think that for the bet

I think that for the bet spread needed to get to 3% edge you would get banned within about a half hour at most Vegas casinos while betting $100. This might be possible at the lowest limits where they don't care but if you're spreading something like $100 up to $1200 (I'm guessing this is what it would take off the top of my head to get to 3%, big margin of error here) you'll attract a lot of attention even if you aren't counting.

I was playing at Hard Rock $100 minimum and a bunch of low cards got dealt out. After betting $100 for most of the shoe the guy bet $2500. They called security before even finishing the hand. Hard Rock is kind of paranoid, but it demonstrates how fast something like that can get their attention.

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what are you using?

Are you using HiLo or KO. Wondering if you keep undetected using a player card to receive the comps????!!! Nobody gets undetected receiving comps. Biggest mistake to play to get comps. You are flying under radar. May bee you are lucky until yesterday. Sorry for my English.

El pepe

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I use HiLo, but purely

I use HiLo, but purely because it is what I learned first and am more familiar with. Their overall performances are almost identical.


Using the player card definitely makes it harder to play long term (with a bigger sample size you get closer to representing an actual winrate), but at higher stakes it simply isn't feasible to play without one. My average unit is about $400 - if I sit in a random casino and buy in they usually request a host before I play my first hand. It is very sketchy to refuse unless you're only playing a few minutes then leaving. I recommend putting chips into your pocket during each session. You should easily be able to do this enough to show up as a long term loser. The pit boss will track how much you bought in for and how much you left with, but they generally won't be playing close enough attention to know if you pocketed any. I logged 200+ hours at MGM properties before getting flat bet and earned enough comps to be Noir 2-3 times.


The card scenario really depends on how high you are playing and how long term you plan on doing it. This is the only place that this pack is sold, so I went into it with the assumption that a high percentage of viewers would just want to become +EV as fast as possible for recreational gambling. I'm happy to answer more in depth questions here though.

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Pepe is right

When you play Bj so hight, you are always under radar. What about the cams. You are a welcome guest and when you are winning like this..... casinos have software to figure out on what count you are and what are you doing. You average unit bet is 400 US, so your total bankroll is about 200K or even more to never get broke. There is always a communication between pits and other staff personal when you bet 400 dollar unit. casinos hates winning player, no matter if you playing hight or low bets. BJ is a game for a long time winners and i cannot believe under certain Vegas strip rules, that you can make that money in a short time. I believe I know Pepe and he is right. If iam wrong, you are my BJ CHAMP. 

xSCWx's picture

A player who sits and plays

A player who sits and plays basic strategy is going to win something like ~48% of their sessions. If the casinos were banning every person who won over a small or medium sample it would be DEVASTATING to their customer base. It is common for the pit boss to call the camera crew to watch over someone who is on a big heater, but beyond that you won't get much flack simply for winning.

The cameras are definitely a threat, but if you know what they are looking for they aren't difficult to deceive. Your best move for deceiving the cameras is to include intentional strategy errors in your play (something that makes it look like you are a recreational player rather than a professional counter). Things like always staying on 16, always staying with 12 vs 3, always taking even money on blackjack... these are common mistakes that recreational players make, but they are also only mistakes at low counts (they are optimal play during high counts which is when all of your bigger bets will be coming in). Also, obviously having your bets correspond perfectly with the count makes it very easy for the staff to pick up on. You are much better off just betting someone wildly and having your bigger bets roughly corellate with bigger counts than doing everything in an exact fashion.

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Never stop learning

There is a nice vid on YouTube about card counting. Counting cards'the secret of blackjack gambling. I believe its a must to watch it, before starting counting cards. If a member decide to start counting, don't forget to read Ian Anderson book: Burnig the table in Las Vegas. Good Luck on the tables. Over and out.

El pepe

caribboy's picture

very helpfull

Hi pepe, this was a great info. I didn't know, that casinos hates so much winning player. How do you play undercover. What are you colors. Do you coach BJ.

el pepe's picture


Playing for a long time. Its not so easy . You have to be an actor. I don't have the time for coaching, because I play Bj and Poker semiprofessional. To play as a Pro, you need a big bankroll and its better standing on 2 legs,so don't give your job up unless your are winning 200% what you need for you life. Sorry for my English. I speak Spanish too . If you want, we can keep in touch.

El pepe

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BJ on Stars

Thanks, wondering what are you thinking about Stars BJ. games. Are the any good, I mean what is the house edge.

el pepe's picture

I play only multiplayer on

I play only multiplayer on Stars. The house edge is about 0.65% (8 decks, hit soft 17, 3x resplit, double on any 2 cards, split 1x AA, double after split. I like them very much. Sit on 1. or 3. base only. Watch card flow to make decisions. Don't double on dealers 6 with any soft hand. If you want more info send me a mail.

El pepe

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watch your mail please.



madison79's picture

BJ vids

I'd say not to buy this product.  The presentation isn't that great.  Ryan knows his stuff but doesn't seem to put much of an effort into this.  If I was going to make a ppt I'd deck it out if I was selling it.  Some of the information is great but could be learned from a book that you could dl online.  

JQIVJQIV's picture

Enjoyed the information

I actually enjoyed the format of the video pack. Although I agree you can find all of the information in the video pack in books, websites, and other locations, I'm someone who enjoyed not having to do that.

BJ is far from poker. I'd guess most of us aren't trying to make a career out of the game, but occasionally play a session or two. With that in mind, being able to go from slightly -ev to slightly +ev is something I'm very willing to spend $50 on, but I'm not interested in sitting down and reading an entire book or searching for information online. 

xSCWx's picture

Availability of Information

Sorry that you didn't enjoy it. If you e-mail membership@husng.com we will be glad to reimburse you.

With that said, I've read most of the commonly recommended books on blackjack (Burning the Tables, Blackjack Attack, etc) and don't think that any of them come even remotely close to consolidating the amount of useful information in this. My goal when creating this package was to make it so someone who has some experience in poker (as I assume that almost everyone who manages to come across this pack will) can go into a casino and be as +EV as possible in as little time as possible. While most books you come across are longer (and yes, likely better written), much of the writing contained in them is amusing anecdotes or charts of information that simply isn't necessary to learn. For example, in Blackjack Attack there is an analysis of betting 5 units vs betting 2 hands of 4 units. This influenced me personally, but for someone getting started with card counting it simply isn't necessary to memorize. I did my best to "trim the fat" when creating this pack.

There is no denying that all of the information you could ever need is definitely available SOMEWHERE on the internet. However, my opinion is that the time saved by having it filtered and consolidated into one source is easily worth $50.

vherreral's picture

Do you recommend it for a

Do you recommend it for a casual player??, I mean, when I go to play live poker, I normally have to wait for 40-60 minutes befor a seat is open, and I'd like to play bj in the meantime if I find that I can actually make $ out of it.


xSCWx's picture

The only major drawback as a

The only major drawback as a casual player is that the game has a lot of variance. You can think of hands of blackjack like hyper turbo HUSNGs with a ~51.5% winrate. You'll win, but you'll experience some big swings along the way. If you're bored and have time to kill in the casino then I think learning will be a lot of fun and you should be able to pick up some nice EV along the way. Just be sure you don't press your bankroll too aggressively.

vherreral's picture

But, do u think it's worth if

But, do u think it's worth if I only plan to play low stakes, like 10usd average bet??


xSCWx's picture

Your hourly at that average

Your hourly at that average bet will cap out around $15/hour. I think that the entertainment has value in itself too, but beyond that I think it just depends what your priorities are.

KennyRedefine's picture


Hello buddy,


I am looking to purchase your course but problem is I am from Malaysia. 

The casino here shuffle the cards every single round. How will your course benefits me?

I also have some basic knowledge on card counting (eg: high-low count etc)....

Recently I found that there are actually online LIVE blackjack and I realized that SOMETIMES in SOME of their shoe, the RC is +13 and the small cards keep coming out..... Which simply beats the logic... 

Please could you tell me more?

Thanks :)



xSCWx's picture

If the cards are being

If the cards are being reshuffled every hand then the game is almost certainly unbeatable. I think that the only help this pack would be to you in that regard is for reducing your loss-rate by understanding the impact of card removal during the individual hand.

I have literally no experience with online games, but the only real possibilies for what you are describing are variance or dishonesty from the casino. Both seem very possible but your guess is as good as mine for which it is.

MiziO's picture

How about tables when u can

How about tables when u can also bet under and over 13,  do u have some info about that? 

xSCWx's picture

I've actually never seen

I've actually never seen this, but Wizard of Odds tends to be a great site for finding info on obscure side bets like this one.


dumanis's picture

any free clips??

any free clips??

xSCWx's picture

Free intro clip

Sonya Zhang's picture

Do you play other casino

Do you play other casino games beside blackjack, would be interested to know the strategy of baccarat, thanks.

xSCWx's picture

I've read that under cirtain

I've read that under cirtain circumstances baccarat can be beatable but beyond that I don't know much about it. Sorry!

pistons87's picture

Great video, learned a lot

 I'm really not sure what all the criticism is about, I think maybe people just dont have an open mind to these types of things.  I found this video pack extremely informative and well put together.  It was easy to follow and a lot of substantial information that I will use the next time I decide to play blackjack.  Its nice to be able to "degen" at something for fun, but if you can have an edge in (even if its small) it becomes a million times better.  I beleive this video pack has allowed me to get that edge. 


Thanks Dodge,


Ankush (pistons87)

Almito's picture

Confirmed busto!

Confirmed busto!

Youpi's picture

When i read that, the first

When i read that, the first question that comes to my head is, what's in there for you? You sell you'r knowledge for 100$, you spend time working on that, why don't you just go to casinos to win money if this strat realy work? Im realy surprised and I can reasonably think it's a swindling. Can you justify?

RyPac13's picture

Just like poker, teaching vs

Just like poker, teaching vs playing isn't a one or the other choice, most people that teach play better for it.

As far as blackjack strategy, there are plenty of professionals out there that teach the game. Given the amount of casinos and tables and an infinite supply of money from the house, it's not even like poker (which as you can see is taught extensively here) to where there are finite "fish to play."

He maps everything out in his pack though, it's not like some emotional or guessing strategy. It's mathematically backed, there are edges if you're spreading your bets a certain way at certain times, but the value isn't even in that (it's not that hard to learn when the deck is good and to bet bigger), the value is in learning how to spread your bets in a way that gives you a maximum chance of the house not caring/telling you they don't want your action.

If casinos didn't pay attention to winning blackjack players everyone would be counting cards because it's not terribly difficult to get an edge with the right shoe setup if you're patient and do your homework before going to the casino.

I guess because blackjack with straight bets is a -EV game some people don't know a lot about it and assume this is like "how to beat a slot machine." But if you read up off HUSNG.com you can read a lot about blackjack. Spreading bets, avoiding detection... if you're good at those you can make some solid money in this game, and that's been true forever in blackjack.

I would like to ask the people that made a few insulting remarks (2 of you) to at least read up more about it from a third party site, then come back here and either stand behind your comments or share with us what you've learned. Ryan did work hard on this and we absolutely stand behind it.

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I live in Texas and have to

I live in Texas and have to fly to Vegas every time I want to count cards. Between family, dating life, and trying to work out on a regular basis I'm becoming more favorable to passive income. This helps with that. I also don't think that the risk in casinos finding this and banning me is very high.

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Lie how? My reputation alone

Lie to people how? My reputation alone is worth considerably more than any profits I'll get from selling this pack. There are plenty of high stakes regs who have played blackjack with me enough to know I'm very good at it (PrimordialAA, simpledude, trex313 to name a few). This pack includes literally every piece of information I could imagine a starting card counter being curious about in addition to several approaches to being +EV.

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Could you tell me, that if

Could you tell me, that if you play blackjack well, how big safe bankroll you need for an average 15$/hour winrate or better? 

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It's a really volatile game.

It's a really volatile game. To do it safely without ever moving up or down I think you should probably have around $4k. You could get away with less if you're willing to either take some risk or move down if you start off on a downswing. On the up side, the game scales almost perfectly with your bankroll. As you move up in stakes you the pit bosses pay more attention to you but the trade off is that the rules for the table tend to be a little more favorable to the player. If you can do it at $15/hour then with time you can build it to the point that you can do it for $150/hour.

In other words, the grind is slower than with HUSNGs and poker in general but you never have to worry about getting plateaued as you hit a certain level. The games stay just as easy.

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Thank you for the answer!

Thank you for the answer!

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Doesn't Blackjack get boring

even if you are winning lots of $? Like you study a fixed strategy, and then just go there to implement your strategy without many on-game adjustments. No competition vs super smart ppl, seems boring =/


How was it to watch live Anderson Silva get K'nock the fuck O'ut  :P ?

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Most of your on-game

Most of your on-game adjustments in blackjack are against the pit boss and security team rather than against a player. If you know what to look for you can essentially get a read on how welcome you are to continue playing there and adjust your strategy accordingly. It isn't as dynamic as poker is, but I think it would actually be my favorite game I've played in spite of that. I like being able to talk to people I meet while I play and I love the idea of being able to stealthily syphon off the casino's profits. It makes me feel like a secret agent.


The Anderson Silva fight was really crazy. The whole card was phenomenal. I had mixed feelings on the actual knockout because everyone I was with went all in for huge amounts of money on Anderson Silva. I probably would have as well but I had a sexy date afterward and didn't want to risk ruining it over a sports bet.

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i guess i'll make you a vid about picking mma fights