Premium Video Pack

With this video package you get full access to every previous membership video on the website from Early 2009 until October 2012, including 400+ videos, many mid to high stakes level, not found in the standard package.  The total video library is over 800 heads up sng videos, with over 400 videos exclusive to the premium package.

Among the 400+ exclusive and 800+ total videos that you'll see are over 60 vidoes by noted end game expert Mersenneary, 50 videos from HokieGreg, 10 recent hyper turbo videos from Sa1251 and over 20 each from players like Skates and PrimordialAA. There are also several videos from established professionals such as SkaiWalkurrr, H2Olga, Melanie Weisner, shortsharpshock/carry hero, Croixdawg, U cnat spel, xSCWx, Chadders0, Heybude, ITRIED2WARNU, Jared Hubbard, mjw006 and Barewire/krab42. The numbers in this paragraph represent videos exclusively found in the premium package.

This pack features 200+ hyper turbo videos, 350+ turbo videos, and other videos such as deep stack/regular speed/heads up cash.


Note: Accounts and purchases are one per person, please no account or video sharing.

You will receive access to over 800 downloadable videos for 5 months. After purchasing the package you can find the videos here.

Price: $99

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