Hyper Turbo Masters


Over 200,000 Games       Over $500,000 Profit       Average Stake $200+


Hyper Turbo Poker Masters Video Pack


This premium level video pack is authored by professional level players Chadders0, HokieGreg, Mersenneary, Shortsharpshock/Carryhero and U cnat spel. With live play, hand review, leakfinder and slideshow format videos, this pack is designed for intermediate level players and above. With almost 6 hours of brand new content, the videos are sure to help dedicated players move forward in their progression. Below we introduce the authors of this pack.

Special Free Coaching Offer - Every pack purchaser will be entered into a weekly raffle. Each week, for the first 4 weeks this pack is on sale, we will draw one winner to receive a free 30 minute coaching session with HokieGreg.


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Richard "Chadders0" Chadwick started making videos on HUSNG a little over a year ago. He created the very first hyper turbo pack, an incredibly popular guide to beating this format. His pack was hailed as "An excellent series for aspiring hyper turbo professionals" by Serkules himself, the 2012 profit leader for hyper turbos, with over 1 million in profit after rakeback. Chadders himself has over $150,000 in profits, and has moved up from the $60 level in late 2011 all the way as high as the $500 and $1,000 buyin games today.



Greg "HokieGreg" Tiller has been a professional poker player since 2008. His original blog became a poker world sensation as players followed his honesty about his undisciplined early days, morphing into an incredibly balanced and strong player today. Greg currently leads the HUSNG.com staking program, with his private coaching and group classes receiving a very loyal following. He also plays on the Revolution Network as HokieGreg. Greg was Mersennary's first choice to take over lead role in the FastTrack Program as well and filled that role successfully.

HokieGreg Revolution Network Hyper Graph



Maxwell "Mersenneary" Fritz is known as the pioneer of high level super turbo videos and content. His 60+ end game videos on HUSNG.com are considered gold by many great players. His psychology degree from Princeton and classroom teaching experience combine with his estimated $160,000 in hyper turbo profit to make him one of the most complete heads up sit and go coaches there is. He has also authored the free 65+ page ebook on this site and ran the incredibly popular FastTrack Program, a private study group for dedicated players.

Mersenneary Super Turbo Full Tilt Poker Stats



Dan "Shortsharpshock," also known as Carryhero on PokerStars, has over 1 million in lifetime heads up sit and go profit after rakeback. He's been racking up dominating wins over top caliber opponents for years. When he's not traveling, he resides in Las Vegas, where he spends most of his time playing live cash. He also plays on the Revolution Network under Carryhero and on the Merge Network under Carryher0. Dan's videos on HUSNG have been popular ever since his first appearance in a pair of Melanie Weisner guest videos. He is known for giving straight analysis, only focusing on the important parts of a video or hand, with no wasted side talk or irrelevant analysis.


U cnat spel

Christopher "U cnat spel" Mayer, also known as coffee n ciggz, is considered a dangerous hyper turbo opponent. His videos in late 2012 for HUSNG.com were known for their high level of quality. He has solid experience at both PokerStars and Full Tilt and you can currently find him in the $200 and $300 level buyin hypers.



Video Pack Breakdown


1. Chadders - A $200 level buyin game that shows how to exploit a typical opponent at this level and gain an edge. (Running time: 25 minutes)


2. Chadders - Richard plays a match against a regular opponent and utilizes the CoffeeHUD.  (Running time: 16 minutes)


3. Chadders - This video takes place at the $1,000 buyin level on Full Tilt Poker. (Running time: 21 minutes)


4. HokieGreg - Greg starts this video off by analyzing the stats he has on his opponent, using the CoffeeHUD. He talks about how his opponent's tendencies shape his strategy, then reviews the match via the PokerTracker 4 replayer. (Running time: 16 minutes)


5. HokieGreg - This $200 level match is reviewed in the same manner of the last video, with a breakdown of the important stats and tendencies on his opponent, and then diving right into hand analysis. (Running time: 15 minutes)


6. HokieGreg - A high stakes hyper turbo regular is the opponent in this video. Greg talks about how a very high caliber opponent can still have leaks, and how to focus on finding those leaks. (Running time: 17 minutes)


7. HokieGreg - Greg faces off against a familiar opponent at the $100 level in this video. He talks about how to find weaknesses to attack against a thinking player and reviews his stats prior to play once again. (Running time: 18 minutes)


8. Mersenneary - Maxwell makes use of his "Deck of Leaks", a compilation of hand histories from his coaching history showing frequent errors made by students. He focuses on preflop hand selection and argues that due to the frequency of that category of mistakes, they are likely the most important for students to seek out. The goal: Identify what made FastTrack successful, and try to transfer that knowledge in this video pack. (Running time: 41 minutes)


9. Mersenneary - This video continues with the "Deck of Leaks" to talk about other common preflop mistakes. He uses graphs to show expectation of calling vs. 3-betting hands out of position, and talks extensively about overusing the limp and punishing other players who do so. (Running time: 44 minutes)


10. Mersenneary- He finishes the hand history compilation by analyzing frequent errors in postflop play. Among the leaks analyzed: Weak-tight play, fancy play syndrome, missing turn leads, passivity with marginal hands, missing bluff opportunities, and making bad bluffs. (Running time: 48 minutes)


11. Shortsharpshock (Carry Hero) - Dan plays a pair of tough thinking opponents in this video, both at the $100 hyper turbo level on PokerStars. (Running time: 54 minutes)


12. U Cnat Spel - Chris reviews hands using HEM in this video, with slides mixed in. The video is broken down into three sections; Basic 3 barrel spots, 3-bet shoving hands and  fish frying techniques. (Running time: 35 minutes)


Cost: $99


Payment Methods: Paypal (Credit or Debit card without a Paypal account), Moneybookers

Release Date: January 27, 2013

Release Price: $179 (Now only $99!)

Producer: Chadders0, HokieGreg, Mersenneary, Shortsharpshock (Carryhero) and U cnat spel

Length: Approximately 5 hours and 52 minutes

Total File Size: 838 MB

File Type: MP4 and WMV


Once you have purchased this pack you can download all the videos from here


olly's picture

Im pretty sure ive seen the

Im pretty sure ive seen the hookie and carryhero videos in the past premium package monthly subscription?

Does this mean ive just paid for what i had already paid for? I was under the impression this was all new material?

either that or im have a mega deja vu!


RyPac13's picture

No, these are 100% brand new

No, these are 100% brand new videos not found in any other package at all.

CarryHero recorded his videos in February I believe, while HokieGreg recorded around December. The Premium Videos ended in October 2012.

The other instructors recorded in January/February and it's brand new material.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

RyPac13's picture

Congratulations to Beserious

Congratulations to Beserious for winning week 2's 30 minute HokieGreg coaching giveaway.

We'll draw another one next week.

Everyone that bought the pack previously is qualified, so people that bought week 1 end up getting 4 shots at this.

SwingKing's picture

I have Chadders0 video pack,

I have Chadders0 video pack, is "Hyper Turbo Poker Masters video Pack" the same or is it the next step?..


RyPac13's picture

In a lot of ways this is the

In a lot of ways this is the next step (this or the Premium Pack).

The Chadders pack is the closest thing to a guide that you can find for these games, and is aimed at beginner to intermediate level players.

The Masters Pack (and Premium Pack) are intermediate to advanced level content and are more in the form of analytical videos, rather than laid out guides. The Masters Pack is the newest high level hyper turbo content online, while the Premium Pack is a bit older, but with a tremendous amount of videos (800+ and 200+ hyper videos).

SwingKing's picture

Well the thing is that i want

Well the thing is that i want to learn it step by step, i have to be able to climb before i can walk, and if i get the Premium Pack i have no doubt that i get alot of fantastic information, but im afraid that all the information will be useless for a micro guy like me, and i have no guide lines where to start according to where i am in my learning process, whit the video packs like Chadders0 i learn it step by step and i can go back in the process if i stumble on my way so i get the fundamental stuff right before i move on and thats important imo, so what im looking for is the next step after Chadders0 Pack, if thats the Premium Pack or a video Pack doesn't matter to me, i just want the right thing for me where i am in the process. I would be great full if you/someone have ideas. 



Sorry my English




RyPac13's picture

I would just make sure that

I would just make sure that you've watched Chadders Pack through fully and you have a good grasp of what he talks about.

It's much more difficult and counter productive to look at the game as a guide form once you learn the basics, since a lot of what you're doing is learning various adjustments and faster ways of identifying what your opponent is doing (and thus, how to exploit it).

That doesn't mean "you're on your own" with any of the other packs, it just means there isn't really another "here is step 2 to follow" as much as the Chadders Pack, which provides a lot of those basics.

RyPac13's picture

Congratulations to Oljieha,

Congratulations to Oljieha, he is week 1's free 30 minute coaching with HokieGreg winner.

We'll continue to draw one winner each Sunday, 3 winners are left.

It was fitting that Oljieha happend to be the first purchaser of the video pack, and the random number generate chose him!

SikhStallion's picture

mers vids

anyway to make mers vid mp4 so I can play them on my iphone?


RyPac13's picture

I will email Mers today and

Update: Mers videos added in MP4 option on the downloads page.


I will email Mers today and ask if he can make another copy for us in MP4. It should not be a problem, and then I will upload them and label them separately on the downloda page as "Mersenneary, MP4 option (For Iphone/Ipiad/Etc.)."

He may not get to it until Saturday, but it is likely to be done sometime between now and Saturday night. I will update if there are any issues.

RyPac13's picture

A few extra details:- Weekly

A few extra details:

- Weekly Hokie coaching winners will be emailed by me and posted in the comments section here. I will draw them every Sunday using a RNG.

- I'm waiting on a few more graphs to add to the player descriptions.

- The numbers at the beginning of this page do not count U cnat spel's lifetime totals, I don't currently have those.

- We'll add more sample videos over the upcoming weeks.

- We will add requirements for this package for any rakeback/VIP earners on our requirements page shortly.

- As of January 29th, we've updated the Chadders video 1 and 2 for extra clarity/enlarging the tables. The files are named different than before (#2) in case you're not sure which version you have.