Greenbast Beginner Turbo Speed Pack


About the Series


While the information in this pack can be useful at all stake levels, the intended skill range of this pack is from the $1 to around the $100 levels. Most of the analysis is done on games at the $30 - $60 levels. Greenbast is a well respected mid stakes turbo speed HUSNG regular. His free videos have reached thousands of players and received excellent feedback.


Greenbast Turbo Speed HUSNG Video Pack Graph

The pack covers

  • How to identify what adjustments you need to be making in games
  • How to adjust at different stack depths.
  • How to think in terms of ranges.
  • How to take advantage of common husng leaks.


The following are the 8 videos contained in the pack with a free clip below each explanation.


Part 1 – Introduction:

Greenbast overviews some fundamentals of turbo husngs. Included is basic principals of bankroll management, multitabling considerations, expected ROI and an outline of the software tools which are used throughout the pack.



Part 2 – Deep Play IP:

This video explains the key concepts of playing deep stacked (50-75bb) while in position (IP). Developing proper preflop raising ranges, ranges vs calling 3bets and ranges for 4bets are the core of this video.


Part 3 – Deep Play OOP:

This video focuses on the often difficult task of playing deep stacked out of position (OOP). Greenbast covers developing proper 3bet ranges vs different opponent types and developing correct calling ranges.


Part 4 – 25bb-50bb:

Excellent midstack play is a vital part of being a big winner in turbo husng. This midstack video takes many of the core concepts learned in Parts 2 and 3 and shows how to adjust them for a shallower stack depth.


Part 5 – Under 25bb:

Greenbast covers the area which many regular and turbo speed players suffer with, the often dreaded endgame. Developing correct ranges, knowing the math behind decisions, and adjusting vs different player types are covered. Postflop examples are given and the video concludes with calculating correct 3bet jamming ranges.


Part 6 – Postflop:

This video covers what factors to consider when facing difficult postflop decisions. Cbetting, double and triple barreling, flop leading, and why flop texture matters is included. 


Part 7 – Leakfinder:

This section reviews full games from Greenbast and one of his students. Many interesting spots develop throughout this section which lead to an in depth analysis.


Part 8 – Live Play:

Greenbast takes to the tables on pokerstars and plays a variety of regulars and weaker opponents. A few very tricky spots some up and are explained using may of the key concepts learned throughout the video pack.





I'm a $30 turbo player and I learned a lot from this pack. His barreling concepts and the turn being a "new flop" thoughts were real eye opening ideas for me.

Chris Horn-Davis

The overall setup was great. Greenbast lays out the topics that are going to be discussed in the video pack and touches on all of them thoroughly. I've already recommended it to some of my friends who are just starting out.

John Tanner
Going into the video, I was playing a completely different style than what is taught/shown in this series. By seeing a different side of what you can do in these turbo games, it has really expanded my game and made me a better player.

Jakub Kotula


Cost: $59.98

Payment Methods: Paypal (Credit or Debit card without a Paypal account), Moneybookers

Release Date: April 9, 2013

Release Price: $59.98

Total File Size: 600mb

Length: 6 Hours

File Type: .MP4



After purchasing this video pack you will be able to Download The Videos Here


hisboyelroy1's picture

giving it a shot

I went deep in a few MTT and won $600 from $3 tourneys, but now i would like to learn Turbo HuSNG to play on Bovada $5 tourneys. I'll check-in  in a few months to let prospecting buyers know how good or bad my experience was and what my results were.

RyPac13's picture

We wish you well! Make sure

We wish you well!

Make sure to play focused volume, no tilting, and remember that HUSNGs are going to be a long race, not a short sprint.

Once you've gone through this pack, if you're doing well and want to take the next step, Turbo Masters is a good choice as well.

caoduan124's picture

this video have Subtitles ?i

this video have Subtitles ?i am chinese,i only try to watch subtitles

Ellzebub's picture

I purchased this video pack a

I purchased this video pack a couple of days ago. I have to say the content is pretty decent for the money, it's helped my understanding of playing at different stack depths and constructing ranges considerably. So props to you Greenbast for the material.

I'm a bit confused however by the OOP calling range charts at the end of part 3. You say in the following slide that once we add our calling and 3bet ranges together we will be playing around 60% of hands vs most opponents OOP 50-75bb deep and that we should rarely be playing less than 50% of hands. However the ranges you have given in the charts only make up 45% percent vs a 60% opener and 57% vs a 90% open before adding a 3bet  bluff range.

So I'm left a bit unsure of what ranges I should be using. Is it really correct to only be playing 45% OOP vs a 60% open or is this an error in the range charts?

sadbeats's picture

hi guys, i'm interested in

hi guys, i'm interested in buying this turbo pack but there is not a lot of reviews of customers.

Could someone make a review of the videos in this pack ?

Sjors9000's picture

Is there a possibility that I

Is there a possibility that I can pay with PS?

RyPac13's picture

We have a lot of different

We have a lot of different payment options. I'm emailing you to see if we can find one that fits.

becksko's picture

Hi, same here. I'd like to


same here. I'd like to pay via Pokerstars or Neteller. Is that possible?

ColorDeFlop's picture

Hi Greenbast.  In video

Hi Greenbast. 

In video number 2 you said that there is no difference in the button if we are the player with 500 or with 2500. Can you explain it? Do you refer to our opening/shoving range or what?


RyPac13's picture

Hi, What he means is that


What he means is that there is no difference in how you should play if you have 500 chips and your opponent 2500, or you have 2500 and your opponent 500.

This is a fundamental principle of "effective stacks." It means you should make your decisions based on the effective stack size (smallest stack divided by the big blind), because in both situations above you can only win a maximum amount of 500 chips per hand.

Now, the only exception occurs when your opponent is playing differently based on the stack size and not effective stacks (some opponents might get really aggro when they are behind and really tight when winning), then you would of course be playing a bit different and adjusting to how they play in each situation.

FearAndLoathingInLV's picture


Hey Greenbast, I really liked your video pack.

I would really appreciate if you could share with our lazy asses your HM2 HUD setup, shown on #8 video.


HackerBaby's picture

+1 i also liked the pachage a lot

Greenbast's picture

Its an old version of Awesome

Its an old version of Awesome HUD (free), I suggest using the latest version as there are a few bugs with the version I used in the video (but, it sure does look cool). Glad you guys enjoyed the package!

exceptrita87's picture

Anybody else have feedback on

Anybody else have feedback on this package?


RyPac13's picture

Hi, We put the first 3 pieces


We put the first 3 pieces of feedbacker from viewers just above your comment in the description area of the class. I'll see if some more players will review the series for us.

exceptrita87's picture

I understand that; I'm just

I understand that; I'm just looking for non exclusive customer review. Thanks


RyPac13's picture

Do you mean a more detailed

Do you mean a more detailed review? I don't understand what non exclusive means.

exceptrita87's picture

Oh, I was just looking for

Oh, I was just looking for regular, " normal" commentary as opposed to the three that I assume were reviewed and chosen exclusively for advocating the package. Lol, it was a pretty simple question: does anybody else have any additional commentary on the content of this package? I'll probably end up buying it anyway, but you know...


RyPac13's picture

Oh ok, gotcha. Those weren't

Oh ok, gotcha. Those weren't hand picked 3, they were the only 3 reviews we got when we asked a dozen or so turbo players that had the package what they thought. We'll try to get some more feedback though in here, thanks.

exceptrita87's picture

ahhhh, I see. Sorry if I

ahhhh, I see. Sorry if I seemed confused; I was!


rony2006's picture

It is correct?

Greenbast i have a question:

In video number 2 "Preflop in position" at min 00:14:06 you said that "if a player is folding to 1/2 psb cbet > 33% of the time we should almost make a cbet"

Are you sure that is correct folding more than 33%? Because if villain folds 35% of the time that means that his CBET CALLING % is 65 which i think is a little to much to make a cbet almost on every board.

Greenbast's picture

If we cbet and get called we

If we cbet and get called we can still win the hand with the bottom part of our range by barreling lots of different turns and rivers. If villan is calling 65% (and has a reasonable defending range out of position) their hand strength on many textures will be quite weak. 

It depends greatly on the board texture so just use that 33% more as a guideline. I start off playing with a near 100% cbet and as I develop some reads I start to adjust my cbet % depending on how they are adjusting. Since we should be opening very wide and cbetting lots of boards, if villans dont open up pre and check/raise or call down light then there is no point in slowing down. 

katalyzator's picture

powerpoint slides to the package

Hi, can you add powerpoint slides to the package also? I just watched all the videos from this pack and I have to say the resolution of the videos is not the best for the viewing of range tables. Or can you send it to my email please ( )? Thank you and sorry for my bad english.

Ondrej, Czech Republic

RyPac13's picture

Yes, we will add those to the

Yes, we will add those to the download page today.

ready2win's picture

Seems like they are still not

Seems like they are still not added....

kgw88's picture

Powerpoint or play?

I see the last two vid are playing vs powerpoint. Are the first 6 videos 100% powerpoint or will there be like footage of a few flops/scenarious (even if its a still picture)?

kevin wood

Greenbast's picture

 Through the first 6 videos


Through the first 6 videos lots of of different situations are discussed, these videos I discuss how we need to be adjusting our ranges vs different villians. Most of these discussions are through hand charts showing how we would adjust the ranges. There is a ton of preflop discussion in these videos which don't require flops of course. Through the slides I cover how we need to be continuing on different textures.


It should be noted that the videos are not all the same length, the last 2 videos are combined just under 2 hours so they are approx 1/3 of the pack viewing time. These videos really focus on the content I cover in the previous videos so I suggest watching them last.

I am the first to admit that watching powerpoint slides can get a little dull. I strived to make these powerpoints interesting but at the same time there is just a ton of content that I wanted to include. I debated adding more leakfinders and more specific hand analysis but ultimately I think the content breakdown I decided on will have a higher rate of return for the viewer. I personally have always found it easier to take notes for later reference based off of the slides.