Conquering Tilt in Poker

SGT RJ's Tilt Management Mental Game Video Package

Nicole "SGT RJ" Rejiester pulls from her background in psychology and counseling to bring almost 5 hours of content dedicated to conquering tilt in poker. Nicole has recently completed her dissertation for her ph.d and has a masters in counseling psych. Below, she describes each part of the series. We also provide the introduction video free, as well as some popular mental game videos Nicole has previously made.


Introduction Video

In this segment, I introduce myself, provide a general framework for the series, and talk about why working on tilt is crucial to improvement in poker.

Defining Tilt

The first video focusing exclusively on the problem of tilt, this segment introduces the viewer to the two critical components that define tilt – emotional reactions and –EV play.

Recognizing Tilt

You can’t fight tilt if you don’t know when you’re tilting. In this segment, I walk viewers through the key things to look for at the poker table so they can figure out if they are on tilt.

Recovering From Tilt

Once you figure out you’re on tilt, how do you get back to your A+ poker game? Learn how to come back off tilt by halting the negative thoughts that drive this mental leak.

Tilt Prevention

This segment focuses on making long-term changes to your mental approach to poker. By constantly challenging irrational thoughts, you can improve your mental game and prevent tilt.

Poker and Life Balance

Learn basic tools to help balance your life and improve your overall mental health, prevent burnout, and enjoy your life.

Stress Management

In this final segment, I talk about the basics of stress, why it’s harmful physically and mentally, and provide concrete tips to help reduce stress and improve your poker game by being happier and healthier. This also includes a 5 minute guided progressive relaxation session to give each viewer an additional stress reduction tool.


Free Mental Game Videos

Nicole's free detilter and motivational videos have been very popular on youtube, twoplustwo and To get a better idea of what she has to offer you, watch these two videos.






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Release Date: October 21st, 2012

Release Price: $99

Length: Approximately 4 hours and 50 minutes

Total File Size: 403mb

File Type: MP4


Once you have purchased the video series, you can access the video by clicking on THIS LINK.


prekmurka's picture


i found some of her videos in  premium membership, so my  question is this:; are videos  in this pack  something other than premium  membership  videos of that author?


stay  cool and tilt less...:)

RyPac13's picture

You are correct.

The videos in this video pack are brand new material. It's a more focused "course" to help you conquer tilt. The videos that Nicole RJ did in the free/standard/premium sections are stand alone videos.

Barrin's picture

Is this Videopack for HU SNG

Is this Videopack for HU SNG players only, or is it tought for any kind of poker player?


RyPac13's picture

Hi Barrin, It's for all types

Hi Barrin,

It's for all types of poker, not just heads up sng. Since it really deals with the emotions and tilt identification and prevention and steps you can use to really get yourself in a better mindset so you can grind better and longer, it's really applicable to every game type a player feels they can improve their mental approach and emotional reactions in.

skizzy00's picture

Can you expand on what makes

Can you expand on what makes this product stand out beyond the anti-tilt material already out there like the Tendler book, etc? Thanks.



SGT RJ's picture

I am generally familiar with

I am generally familiar with Tendler's work and approach, although I haven't read all of his book.  I believe one of the primary differences is the focus I place on recognizing and dealing with the underlying irrational thoughts and beliefs that drive tilt, and how conquering these can show a dramatic decrease in tilt and overall mental game improvement and health.

As with all materials that cover the same topic (like tilt), there will be some overlap between some of the material, but I reworked all of my previous tilt materials to make this video pack and to provide the most complete and in depth approach to preventing and eliminating tilt by using the ABC model of psychology.