Math In HUSNGs

Coffeeyay Math in HUSNGs Poker Video Package

Coffeeyay launches his video pack, expanding on his previous Math in HUSNG video series with almost 5 hours of brand new content. As a bonus we've also added all the previous videos, 3 hours and 52 minutes of additional content, to bring you a video pack totaling 8 hours and 46 minutes in length.

The audience is intended for intermediate players or players of any level that are dedicated to working on their heads up sit and go game.


These are Coffeeyay's Hyper Turbo Results through Dec 2012.

Coffeeyay EV Hyper Turbo Poker Graph

Below is a description of each video in the series. We have made the introduction video free, as well as a clip from video 11 that discusses Nash ranges versus ranges Coffeeyay has calculated to best exploit the average opponent, as well as the average loose and tight opponent.

Video 1 - Introduction

The introductory video has Coffeeyay taking you step-by-step through his video pack. He breaks down the different modules and gives you a glimpse of what you can expect to learn in each of them.


Computational Module, Videos 2-7


Video 2 - Math in HUSNGs Part 1*

Coffeeyay introduces key poker math and calculations that are useful to heads up players of all levels. He uses examples relevant to every day situations including hyper turbos and facing 3bet shoves  after minraising. Coffeeyay also explains important variables like effective stacks, pot size and equity. He also offers suggestions for private study at the end of this 45 minute lesson.

Video 3 - Math in HUSNGs Part 2*

Coffeeyay continues going over the essential math in HUSNGs, breaking concepts down into easy to understand and effective ways. He focuses on fold equity, and again offers further study suggestions at the end of the video.

Video 4 - Math in HUSNGs Part 3a*

This video focuses on combining pot equity and shove equity in situations preflop and post flop. Coffeeyay lays out easy to understand tips and equations on a powerpoint presentation throughout the video. He also recommends various software at the end of the video, further study suggestions and touches on concepts covered more in depth later on in the pack.

Video 5 - Math in HUSNGs Part 3b*

Coffeeyay uses the powerful ICMIZER tool to perform calculations on open shoving and 3bet shoving situations.

Video 6 - Advanced Computation

The first new video of the pack, Advanced Computation, takes math to the next level. Coffeyay takes you more in depth than he has before, focusing specifically on topics such as bluffs and semi bluffs on multiple streets.

Video 7 - Math in HUSNGs Part 4*

This video focuses on game theory - discussing different types of strategies, Nash equilibria, and how to try to use it in game to improve your thought process.


Population Tendencies, Videos 8-9


Video 8 - Modeling

Coffeeyay starts to talk about Population Tendencies in this video. He focuses on how to use population tendencies against a random opponent. After watching this video you should feel more confident with the ranges you should be using against your opponent, despite having no history against them.

Video 9 - Bayesian Statistics

Bayesian Statistics wraps up Coffee's section on Population Tendencies. Coffeeyay walks players through noticing villain frequencies and how those move villain away from the population. The video also focuses on taking the ranges you are using from the population and adapting them as your sample size with your villain slowly gets larger.


Solving Push-Fold Poker, Videos 10-11


Video 10 - SB Push or Fold: Readless

After focusing on Population Tendencies in the last section, Coffeeyay immediately ties that into the final section of the video package, Solving Push-Fold HU Poker. The first part of this section is based on Readless Ranges and will use the tools previously discussed in the video pack. Coffeeyay shows you how to find the maximally exploitive ranges you should be using at different depths and how they compare to Nash.

Video 11 - SB Push or Fold: Bayesian Adaptation

Coffeeyay quickly finds an opportunity to utilize the recently discussed Bayesian Statistics in the closing video of the final section, Solving Push-Fold Poker. As your villain deviates from the population tendencies, this video will show you how to adapt your ranges to further exploit them.




* Denotes video was previously released in the standard membership and has been added to this pack as a bonus.



Cost : $75


Payment Methods: Paypal (Credit or Debit card available without needing a paypal account), Moneybookers

Release Date: October 28th, 2012

Release Price: $75

Length: 8 hours, 46 minutes ( 4 hours, 52 minutes of brand new video along with 3 hours, 52 minutes of bonus footage from Coffeeyay's previous Math in HUSNGs video series )

Total File Size: 1.65 GB

File type: MP4

After purchasing the pack you will be able to download the videos from here


sonoio's picture

wich pack

Hi, I'm a new player of low stakes sping and go who would like to understand the HU part of the game and to improve in this field. Would you suggest this pack or the sentin's  (crushing the fish)? thank you

RyPac13's picture

Neither pack is a bad choice,

Neither pack is a bad choice, but one is focused on math concepts in an easy to understand way and the other is focused on strategies from the lower stakes a few years back. I think you can get value from both but Pbogz pack and (if you have a higher budget) Lotte Lenya's perhaps (maybe 2nd choice if you're lower stakes and not that adept yet) are better choices.

fnikitin's picture

Confused by terms pot equity and expected value


In video part 1, you define "Pot equity" as: Pot Equity = TotalPot*Equity - Investment

Shouldn't "Pot Equity" be "Expected Value" instead ? 


WesDone's picture

In the video about

In the video about constructing population tendencies in PT4, Coffeeyay shows a 'minraise % 17-30bb' statistic for the range visualizer. However, when I click on the tool box in the top right, I can't seem to find it. The same goes for some other statistics I see him have. Is this because my PT4 in 2015 is new and they've been thrown out?

ShinKage13's picture

Small crime that Math in

Small crime that Math in HUSNG is the price it's at. This is the one video I wish I'd seen 5 years ago before I spent  a small fortune on training sites, coaching etc. This plus the Will Tipton book should be the starting point for everyone as it gives you the analytical and conceptual framework to understand poker.... on your own.

it1111's picture

Hi,I was trying to build the

I was trying to build the Population Tendencies database as described in video 8  for Spin and Goes, but unfortunately  the approach for HUSNGs does not work for Spin and Goes. 
Database update query fails every time,  I think it's because we cant  assign single villain alias to all villains as we have 2 different villains at our table in Spins so it's just not possible.

I would like to know if you guys have figured out some new method of creating the population tendencies database for Spin and Goes?
This would be a great update for this video pack.

"If you want to win, you must not lose!"

RyPac13's picture

We have not yet,

We have not yet, unfortunately. We'll let you know if we do.

If we do, we'd probably release it in a future Spin and Go Pack, but I'm just not sure that it's possible in PT4 currently.

it1111's picture

Thanks for the answer.  I

Thanks for the answer.  

I just watched this video pack again as a refresher and heard Coffeeyay talking about another interesting project that was never finished. 
He said that he was working on a HUD that would incorporate Bayesian Statistics in it. As far as I know there is no such HUD on a market yet so I guess the project was abandoned. 

Do you know the reason why this HUD never got finished? Was it too hard to develop or was it because Pokerstars and other sites would not allow players to have such advanced tool at the tables?

"If you want to win, you must not lose!"

RyPac13's picture

It was too difficult at the

It was too difficult at the time.

It is no longer too difficult and may happen at some point.

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I bought this pack and when i was about to watch vid-9 my time ran out is their any chance i can get 9,10,11???? please help :(

Kieran Lynch

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Hi Coffeeyay,

  i want to ask if this pack is suitable even low-stakes hyper HU SnG. I'm watching your vids in premium pack and i love them ;-)


RyPac13's picture

Sorry on the very late reply,

Sorry on the very late reply, I think this is definitely suitable for lower stakes players. It's really intended for low to mid stakes players and don't be afraid of the "math" aspect of it, it's really broken down in an easy to understand way and is not the sole focus of the video pack by any stretch.

eldooder's picture

Can we expect a follow up pack?

Can we expect a follow up pack? You mention in a video you might make one with further database analysis?

SL31's picture



Lessons are more focused on hypers or can be applied in turbos?

RyPac13's picture

They can be applied to

They can be applied to turbos, particularly at the end of a game, but Coffeeyay goes over a lot of math that is applicable to any heads up sng situation (like when talking about how to analyze 3bet shove type situations, or 3bet situations, it is applicable at any stack size).

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Hey guys, Is it possible to

Hey guys,

Is it possible to pay the 75 $ via Pokerstars player transfer?

RyPac13's picture

Sorry, we can't take

Sorry, we can't take PokerStars payments due to being from the USA.

If you email us, we'll look for alternatives for you though.


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I would like to buy the Cofeeyay video about maths:)

I am not able to use Paypal or Moneybookers. They are very little userfriendly, both sites, when they first block you out for some reason, like you type your password wrong some times, or you don¨t want to send thrid party information over an email with all of your identification papers.


So anyhooows.. I want to pay for this video package:) How can we fix this? I got a visa card, and I got a neteller account:)


Mareen's picture

Thanks for your quick answer,

Thanks for your quick answer, Rypac!

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Global Population Tendencies - Video 8 - Modeling

Hi Coffeeyay,


Is there a specific forum where we can post questions? I'm having some issues with the PT4 global alias process. No answer could be found in the 2+2 threads you mention in the video.

Many thanks,



RyPac13's picture

Questions are best posted

Questions are best posted here in the member video discussion forum:

Since it is centrally located coaches are easily informed of questions and can answer them right away.


it1111's picture

Hi RyPac13, I have a question

Hi RyPac13, I have a question for coffeeyay abouth the math in the last episode of the pack but that link you posted above doesn't really work for me, I can't post anything there...

"If you want to win, you must not lose!"

RyPac13's picture

You should have the

You should have the permissions to view that forum. Clear your cache and try again and/or try on a different browser. If that doesn't work, please email us and we'll try some other options, thanks.

Also, when you click that link, make sure you're still logged in. We've had some spam filters log people out when clicking links at times on our forums, I'm not sure why.