Coffeeyay: Coach to the Pros
Coaching, Videos, Software, and Staking

Hi Guys!

Besides creating the CoffeeHUD, I made the Math in HUSNGs video pack and many other free and premium videos.

Along with one-on-one coaching, I analyze villain HUD stats, break down villain ranges, construct exploitative strategies and charts, and help with off-the-table study.

I work with players of all buy-in levels: I have taken players from struggling at the $7s to succeeding at the $100s, and I’ve done sessions with 1k regulars. Some of the top players I’ve worked with are: M@d@M@d@D@ne, Jhub3000, spacegravy, HokieGreg, I just L0Ld, eric2441989, Chadders0, and BigHusla.

I’m also the head coach for the Staking Program.

HUSNG Poker Staking

I have a BS in mathematics, a BA in physics with honors, and an MS in mathematics. I also have a university-level teaching certificate and have taught several semesters of calculus and physics. My experience teaching high-level mathematics allows me to help players easily grasp the difficult mathematical aspects of poker and game theory.

I have extensive experience with poker software that can help players with their grind and study. I regularly work with: PT4, HEM, ICMIZER, PokerStove, CardRunners EV, Flopzilla, ProPokerTools, and Equilab. My large student base, my expertise with software, and my confidence with mathematics enable me to help players maximally exploit their opponents and take their games to the next level.

I’ve coached over 100 students, and I tailor each session to the specific player. I don’t like the “one size fits all” approach. Your current development as a player will help determine the best course of study to make you more profitable. I’ve worked with players who are not sure why they’re struggling, and I’ve helped high stakes players dissect specific opponents’ ranges and leaks. I also develop strategies tailored to the population tendencies at your buy-in level, helping you to crush the opponents you face daily.

I'm currently offering a coaching special, $500 for 3 hours of coaching.

My email address is I look forward to hearing from you!