Barewire Advanced HU Cash Class Video Pack

Barewire brings players a ~3 hour heads up no limit cash class, designed for intermediate and advanced players. This video pack is designed to compliment his previous beginner-intermediate heads up cash pack, expanding on some of the concepts included in that well regarded series.

Sample Videos

Here are some videos with Kevin analyzing hands, similar to what takes place in this class video package.


Here are Kevin's lifetime heads up no limit cash game stats (about 65% of the profit is from post black friday):

barewire heads up nl cash poker stats

What's Included?

Below is a list of each section of the video pack, in chronological order.

The Approach

Barewire talks about having a fluid approach, using controlled aggression and playing exploitively.

The Lobby

King of the Hill (KOTH), bumhunters and battlers are discussed.


HEM, notes, color codes and population reads.


Barewire talks about categorizing your opponent.


Exploitive versus balanced strategies are explained.


Button, big blind and 4-betting is discussed. Included are hand range discussions.

Planning the Hand from the Flop

Barewire uses multiple hand examples to discuss your approach to a hand, starting at the flop.

Barreling; Our Multi Street Approach

Hand examples are used to discuss multi street barreling.

Exploitive Strategy

Hand examples are used to show how to adjust to your current opponent in a way that maximizes your expected profit.

Bet Sizing

Throughout several hand examples, the focus is bet sizing.

Game Theory and Guessing Games

Some wider concepts are discussed and the "he knows I know that I know he has" guessing games are explained in this segment.

Check Raise Spots

Postflop hands are used to show check raise spots and concepts.


Questions are asked by class participants and Barewire answers these questions.


Cost: $160


Payment Methods: Paypal (Credit or Debit card without a Paypal account), Moneybookers

Release Date: January 6th, 2013

Release Price: $160

Length: 2 hours and 43 minutes

Total File Size: 260MB

File Type: Windows Media Audio/Video File (.WMV)


Once you have purchased the video pack, you may download the videos here.