Coffeehud for Cash

The best selling PokerTracker 4 HUD is now available for cash games. All the popular stats used by the pros have now been converted for use in heads up cash.

Note: By default users that purchase the CoffeeHUD Cash will receive the CAP version. If you need effective stacks for full stack heads up cash, email after purchase and we will enable the full stack version of the HUD (no extra charge).

Take a look at the screenshots below to see the HUD in action.

To order, simply click "buy this product now." For the HUD to work, you'll need to fill in the email address associated with your account, as well as the last 6 digits of your registration code (found under Help > About area of your PokerTracker 4).

You will receive an email confirming your HUD activation, usually within 24 hours of your purchase.

Price: $100

Release Date: 10/21/2013


4 card brett's picture

is the full stack version of

is the full stack version of this, a separate hud, or the same hud with extended stats for higher stack sizes, for the pre flop stats?

if its the same hud but extended can it be contracted (so if i am playing cap games not full stack games i can make the hud smaller )?

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HU Zoom

Will this HUD work for HU Zoom?

And I'm also, like M1ndsurf3r, interested in what data the color coding is based on, because personally i think balanced stats are way different in HU SNG, HU Cash and HU Zoom. So just to know on what game the color coding is based, so I know wether or not to totally disregard the colors or make my own.

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Deep stack and CAP cash HUDs

Deep stack and CAP cash HUDs are both included in the purchase price of the heads up cash version, they aren't sold separately.

As far as the cost, it took the same hours to design the HUD that is being sold for SNG or for Cash. The stats had to be converted over, sure, but it's the same work that went into the stats being sold, whether you play HU cash, or HUSNG, I don't think you should save money if you choose one game over the other game.

"Can we know what statistics have been used for the color coding ? Can you specify which games and stakes, what sample size, from whose database ?"

I don't understand this question, can you please rephrase it? I can have the programmers answer directly, but I'm not clear on what you mean. Thanks.

m1ndsurf3r's picture

That's what I mean, it's the

That's what I mean, it's the same work that went into the stats being sold, but I already paid for it when I purchased the SNG version. Having the benefit of free updates was one of my considerations when I decided to purchase it, so it seemed a little harsh not to even get a discount; I would be surprised to be the only one to think it. However I understand that Coffeeyay has a special politic about pricing which reserves the HUD to rich/lazy players, which isn't entirely terrible. After all, Coffeeyay is an instructor and as such should encourage players to put in some work themselves at some point instead of always relying (cheaply) on the work of others, and by making each stat's description available for free, in fact made the CoffeHUD available to anyone willing to put in the many hours (indeed 100+) necessary to reinvent the coding behind the stats, which is extremely educating. I myself went through the process of almost entirely rebuilding it from scratch, adding my own stats, after which I decided I was lazy and rich enough to buy it and get the certainty of no errors in the stats, plus free updates, and it only costed a few hours of grind. I am new to CAP but I quickly understood that the players who already owned the CoffeeHUD and wanted to be able to use it for cash games certainly converted it a long time ago already and that only the richest and laziest will buy both versions, which are nearly identical. What contributed to my irritation was that I was forced to transition to Cap overnight due to new country restrictions but I am fine with Coffeeyay pricing his product as he pleases, it's within his rights, the HUD didn't come with the guarantee of free updates after all, and I'm sure if he soon made and extra stat or two and released them in a new version for $100 there would still be unregarding HUD owners to buy it.

As for my question, one of the benefits of the HUD lies in the inclusion of population tendencies from Coffeyay's database ($100 pokerstars hypers mostly, I believe) in the form of the color coding of the stats, white meaning close to equal to the population's frequency, red more aggro than the population, and green more passive. I wanted to know what data had been used to color code the cash game versions, which could be by far the most attractive aspect of these versions to SNG version owners, and justify the price thing.