Cog Dissonance Beginner and Intermediate Hyper Turbo Strategy 

In this video, Cog Dissonance plays hyper turbos for a beginner to intermediate audience.

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Jared Hubbard Reviews Super Turbos 

Jared Hubbard reviews some of his first games in the super turbo structure in 2011. He discusses how he would play some of these hands differently with the knowledge he has today, and talks about what he did correctly in some spots as well.

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Big Stack, Small Stack Part 4 

Hands between berndsen12 and evanski and pokinho18 and hasankiki

In the 4th edition of this series, Heybude and Mersenneary review a pair of hyper turbo hands. In the first hand, Berndsen12 faces off against evanski. The second hand is played between Pokinho18 and Hasankiki.

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Sa1251 $15 PokerStars Hyper Turbo Leakfinder (Part 2) 

Sa1251 continues his hyper turbo leakfinder at the $15 level on PokerStars. He digs right into hands with in depth analysis, breaking down postflop hand reading in particular and decisions that make or break the success of low to mid stakes players.

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Big Stack, Small Stack Part 2 

In the second edition of their series, Mersenneary and Heybude review a short stack hand played between Pokinho18 and Roundsky, and a deeper stacked hand played between Lotte Lenya and Fishenzon. They pour over each decision with a level of detail not found in most videos.

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