postflop play

Sa1251 $15 PokerStars Hyper Turbo Leakfinder 

Sa1251 makes a rare standard tier video, reviewing $15 level hyper turbo play in this heads up poker video. He puts an emphasis on post flop play and line taking as both one and two tables pop up on PokerStars.

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PHMERC and the Upper Classmen: $60s Edition 

PHMERC takes on the upperclassmen of the $60 heads up sngs

PHMERC takes on some of the better players at the $60 heads up sng level on PokerStars.  He talks about how to properly gather information to exploit winners regulars at this level.  He also focuses on manipulating ranges with different preflop 3-bet sizes and playing optimally with information he gathers postflop.

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Plugging Leaks at the Source and Planting Seeds, A Mersenneary Video 

Mersenneary preflop heads up sng poker adjustments.

Mersenneary gives a two part powerpoint presentation. The first part focuses on how preflop frequencies affect far more postflop decisions than most players are aware of, a common source of postflop leaks. The second half talks about how and why to even watch powerpoint videos, discussing the main ways in which players fail to use theory to increase their results, and the prevalence of two undesirable characters in the gambling world - the "poker dweeb", and the "poker bro".

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