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ShortSharpShock (Carryhero) $100 Hyper Turbos (Part 2) 

Shortsharpshock continues hyper turbo rematches at the $100 level on PokerStars under his alias carryhero. He talks about adjusting to an opponent as reads develop and analyzes hands in depth.

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ShortSharpShock (carryhero) $100 Hyper Turbos 

Dan "Shortsharpshock/carryhero" plays on PokerStars against the same opponent at the $100 level. He talks about various end game concepts that come up as the reads strengthen over time.

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Expert Plays with Bernardc 

Bernardc reviews interesting hyper turbo hands in depth from the $60, $100 and $200 buyin levels. He specifically chose hands he believes are more interesting than your average review, and discusses them at length in order to bring the most value to the viewer in the least amount of time.

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Hneves182 - Playing Exploitable Against Weak Opponents 

In his debut video, Brazilian regular hneves182 talks about how to exploit weaker opponents. He plays more exploitable himself in order to achieve this, walking players through his thought process against everyday, weaker non regular opponents. Games take place at the $200 hyper turbo level on PokerStars.

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Coffeeyay $60 Hyper Turbo Leakfinder (Part 2) 

Coffeeyay continues his leakfinder at the $60 level on PokerStars, discussing how to break down an opponent's hand range and find ways to be aggressive.

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