HSR weekly report #198: Biggest Winner - "TILTMENOT "; ''IKSecret'' made the 2nd most 

TILTMENOT made the most this week with $19,492 profit. His average buy-in was just over $1,109!

***Arturs ''IKSecret'' Kurnajevs made the 2nd most, with $15,560 profit.

This week I tracked 33 players - 15 showed profit, 6 had losses and 12 were break-even. Winners combined for about ~$65,500, losers for ~$17,000. "Kyle Aiken" played biggest sample - 1080 games.

Saauron1 Won The Most (+$10,894 after 362 games)

  • $500: +$6,621 after 117 games;
  • $300: +$739 after 29 games;
  • $200: +$1,187 after 55 games;
  • $100: +$2,347 after 161 games.

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HSR weekly report #195: Biggest Winner - "madonken13"; Biggest Loser - "FaKeOrReaL" 

This week I tracked 36 players - 13 showed profit, 15 had losses and 8 were break-even. Winners combined for about ~$31,500, losers for ~$76,500. "noqqx" played biggest sample - 924 games.

madonken13 Won The Most (+$6,725 after 381 games)

HUSNG Hyper Turbos; Preflop and Flop Strategy by Lotte Lenya 

Preflop and Flop Strategy Explained in Depth by Lotte Lenya

In this video pack, experienced high stakes pro Alex talks in detail about preflop and flop strategy in HUSNGs.

About the Author

Alex 'Lotte Lenya' has been a top HUSNG player for over five years now. With over 3 million dollars in winnings and a reputation as a no-fluff teacher, his instruction is highly sought after and his respect in this game is second to none. His focus on this video pack was to take highly valuable concepts that can be utilized at every level of play, from low stakes to the highest, and bring them to viewers in an efficient and easy to understand way. The result is a concise presentation of valuable advice for hyper turbo HUSNGs, focused on preflop and flop play.

Below is a graph of just some of Alex's hyper turbo HUSNGs played on PokerStars. When combining his hyper turbo results on non PokerStars sites, as well as his turbo speed HUSNG results, he has over 3 million dollars in total profit lifetime. If you include the rakeback he has pocketed over the years, he has made close to four million dollars lifetime from HUSNGs.