Coffeeyay Spin and Go Strategy on Pyhakaru Twitch 

Coffeeyay reviews Spin and Go poker in this free video. He joins in on Pyhakaru's twitch stream for this special video.

Important PokerTracker 4 Issue Regarding Custom HUDs 

PokerTracker is aware of an error with custom HUDs that happened during a recent update. We recommend you do not update your PT4 software until it is patched.

If you have already updated and you are experiencing an error that does not allow your HUD to work at all, we recommend this temporary solution (you may have to perform it each time you restart PT4):

 go to Hud -> Edit Hud Profiles, selects the bad profile and clicks ‘Options’ then ‘Replace with Original,' doing that should resolve the issue.

We will update this topic with all important updates.

This week I tracked 25 players - 13 showed profit, 7 had losses and 5 were break-even. Winners combined for about ~$62,000, losers for ~$47,000. "dr3amka888" played biggest sample - 1324 games.

spiritedreal Won The Most

Interview with Mateusz 'uczniak' Zbikowski 

Interview with Mateusz “uczniak” Zbikowski



Charles Hawk: When have you started grinding spins? What have you grinded before? 

Mateusz “uczniak” Zbikowski: I moved to spins as my main game in April 2015; before that I used to grind MTT (2011-2015) and started my career with cash games (2007-2011).


Charles Hawk: How much time to you spend to work off-tables? How do you learn (a theory)? Which tools do you use? 

Mateusz “uczniak” Zbikowski: I work off the tables a lot, especially in the last few months, hence lower volume. I like to have solid GTO foundations as my default strategy and go from there when it comes to adjusting to exploitable tendencies. As a result the main tool I use is PioSolver, which I believe is ahead of the pack among existing GTO calculation software.


Charles Hawk: What have you learned not from theory but from practice?

Interview with Barewire (+PHOTOS) 


Interview with Barewire

Charles Hawk: (Although you are quite known to the community) Please introduce yourself to those who knows you only from your two video packs on tell briefly about yourself, your interests, your achievements in poker, in coaching, and something from your personal life –some “living the life” stuff :-)