Interview with Spencer '360flip019' Moe 


Interview with Spencer Moe

Charles Hawk: Tell me more about your transition to spins. Was it hard to learn it, especially after spinwiz ban when you need to play regulars?

Spencer '360flip019' Moe: My transition to spins was somewhat gradual. HU action was below average so I started adding spins to my grind. It didn't take long to realize that 100s spins have a bigger earning potential than the equivalent level of husng. Once spinwiz was banned the games definitely got tougher since the percentage of reg games was much higher. A lot of regs moved down in stakes after the software was banned.


Charles Hawk: How many tables do you play at once? Do you have pre-determined strategy/ranges and just clicking according to it preflop? When it becomes more intelectual?

Spencer '360flip019' Moe: I try to keep a contant 4 tables up. It depends on the opponents. Vs some people Its more calculated but there are other certain regs and fun players who permit some big adjustments.


Charles Hawk: Do you miss husngs? Do you play any side husngs in spins session?

This week I tracked 49 players - 18 showed profit, 13 had losses and 18 were break-even. Winners combined for about ~$81,000, losers for ~$62,000. "Kyle Aiken" played biggest sample - 1069 games.

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Part 2 interview with Alexandru "stalagmita" C. 


Charles Hawk: What are the most valuable lessons which you learned in Spins not from theory but from practice?

Alexandru "stalagmita" C.: As a professional Spin grinder, I believe you should stop caring and hoping and hitting the big jackpots. All it does is just make you anxious when you're not hitting any for 10k games or more. Instead focus on making the correct decisions everytime, even in x2.

Alexandru "stalagmita" C.: Also any chip advantage counts. The fact that you can lose a flip and still have chips in play gives you tremendous edge, so chip up in that first level yo!


Charles Hawk: Tell me how are you balancing life with poker? What do you do in spare time?

Alexandru "stalagmita" C.: I'm getting better at this balance. I've reached a certain point where I don't need to be at the tables 24/7 to make a living, thus I spend more and more time improving my wellbeing.

This week I tracked 52 players - 24 showed profit, 9 had losses and 19 were break-even. Winners combined for about ~$101,000, losers for ~$37,500. "Kyle Aiken" played biggest sample - 950 games.

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Charles Hawk: Introduce yourself to our community.

Alexandru "stalagmita"​ C.: I'm a chill guy from Romania, 27 year old. I dig good music and film, like traveling and visiting museums. I've been playing poker for around 6 years now, turned pro about 5 years ago.

Alexandru "stalagmita"​ C.: I guess main poker achievement would be making SNE twice and learning the fkin game better :) I've been a high volume player for so long. Now I'm mainly focusing on improving my game more than printing vpps as rb was lowered and will continue so.


Charles Hawk: Which limits do you play? Are you looking forward to $200s spin? Do you think it will be ever introduced?

Alexandru "stalagmita"​ C.: Playing 100s spins on atm and been playing 50-100s on ever since they added it until 31st December. Yeah, 200s spins would for sure increase my hourly and I hope they add it but it doesn't make that much sense for them as it would just make recs lose their money quicker and on top of that a 2 million top jackpot wouldn't be that much more enticing than the 1 million on 100s.