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Interview with killuifuplay (part 1) 

killuifuplay: At the beginning I would like to point out that I really love husng.com, and I adore your weekly high stakes report. I think I didn't miss a single one since you started them.

Charles Hawk: Thanks man! :) Means a lot!


Charles Hawk: Are you happy with being able to profit from this industry?

killuifuplay: Yes, I am very grateful. Poker is my job and I sacrificed very much to be successful in this area. I used to have some post-it notes in the place where I grind with quotes like "I really appreciate the way how I am earning money for my living" and stuff like that. :)

I was top student, on my way to some law school, but at some point in high school, when I was 17 years old, I decided to give all my focus to poker. From the best student in class I became one of the worst, but I was very aware that at that moment, if I will go to school I will start to earn some serious money after maybe 5-7 years. I couldn't wait that long.

I never regreted my decision since then. So that is why I am very very grateful . It wasn't an easy journey, but now I can say it was totally worth it.


CH: Do you value money?

Barewire Heads Up Cash Two-Tabling Vs Tough Reg 

We have a new treat today: an HUNL Cash video from highly regarded HUNL Cash pro Barewire (also known as KRab42 on PokerStars). In this video, Barewire reviews two-tabling games against an opponent that he has a history with, but he analyzes the hands from the perspective of only using information that would be available from within the games and ignores his history with villain so as to make this video more useful to a wider range of viewers.

Although HUNL Cash can be very profitable to those who know how to win in this format, the format's somewhat niche status makes finding guides and instructional content a little more challenging. Barewire is renowned for his knowledge and skill in this format, and he has published two major video packs with us. The first one is a well-rounded and complete pack designed to introduce the format or raise the skills of those who are not yet experienced in it, while the second one follows that up by being targetted at players that already have a solid footing in the format and focuses on expanding on certain topics with more challenging content.

Interview With 200s Hypers Reg Torg0th 

Our latest interview subject is Olivier "Torg0th" R. Here's a little about him:

I'm a 23 years old French Canadian from Quebec, Canada. Growing up, I was very interested in science and math, so I ended up going to university in physics engineering for a year. I decided I didn't like physics enough to dedicate my life to this field, as it's pretty hard to find jobs / make easy money, so I dropped out. During my high school and university education, I was playing video games a lot, particularly StarCraft, and found out a bunch of ex-pro gamers switched over to poker after ending their careers. Only the very very top players (like top 5-10) in StarCraft made some serious money playing for a living, whereas it seemed much more achievable to make some decent money playing poker where the equivalent top players were making millions. So I tried poker starting with www.pokerstrategy.com free $50 and haven't looked back since. The road was actually quite bumpy, but I never went broke. I started out playing FR sngs and made a few hundred playing those as I dedicated a decent amount of time learning ICM. Then I switched to 6-max cash. I didn't do so good in cash and mostly broke even but my understanding of ranges and postflop play improved a lot. Eventually, I moved on to husngs because of a few blogs on pokerstrategy where some guys were doing pretty good. I liked the format a lot; it seemed more like playing 1v1 in a video game where you are actively trying to outplay your opponent.

Spin & Go HUD Updated To Version 1.0.6 

We have just released a new update from currrr14 for the Pro and the Plus editions of Spin & Go HUD. To prevent this update, which raises the version numbers on Pro and Plus to 1.0.6, from wiping out everyone's customizations (table group positions, font size changes, etc.) to the HUD, we are adding these updated profiles as new profiles rather than overwrites of the previous 1.0.4 profiles. Thus, you may continue to use the 1.0.4 profiles at your leisure, and switch over to using the 1.0.6 profiles when you are ready to do so. If you wish to have us remove the 1.0.4 and / or the older 1.0.1 profiles from your PT4, send us an e-mail to membership@husng.com.


Both the Pro and Plus editions received the following changes:

  • Added Flat BB vs SB Steal
  • Hands stat only counts 3H spots

In addition, the Pro edition also received the following change:

  • Created popups for different depths


Here is a screenshot of the Flat BB vs SB Steal:

Here's what the new popups in the Pro edition look like:


This week I tracked 39 players - 14 showed profit, 13 had losses and 12 were break-even. Winners combined for about ~$67,000, losers for ~$141,000. OLD TIME GIN played biggest sample - 1860 games.

Richard "chadders0" Chadwick Won The Most (+$15,827 after 560 games)

  • $1000: +$13,230 after 233 games;
  • $500: +$2,342 after 316 games;
  • $300: +$282 after 3 games;
  • $200: -$27 after 8 games.

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