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This week I tracked 36 players - 17 showed profit, 12 had losses and 7 were break-even. Winners combined for about ~$171,500, losers for ~$99,500. Ryan "Moca Choca89" O'Donnell played biggest sample - 1013 games.

Eric2441989 Won The Most (+$37,769 after 34 games)

  • $5000: +$38,488 after 16 games;
  • $2000: -$75 after 2 games;
  • $1000: -$42 after 2 games;
  • $500: -$1,038 after 6 games;
  • $300: +$556 after 4 games;
  • $30: -$120 after 4 games.

Daniel "w00ki3z." Cates won $26,858 after 30 games

Pokerstars allowing automated decision software? (Regs' opinions) 

Read more: HERE. Discussions: HERE.

Comments about this issue

Adam "v2the3/vtothe3" Sykes: I think it's clearly a terrible decision by PokerStars to encourage the use of bots / advanced aid software. A system that had been proven to be essentially identical between three players with unprecedented results and to be further allowed by PokerStars is incredibly shortsighted. If appropriate sanctioning isn't taken quickly it will become the norm to seek and design software as opposed to playing/learning poker. It then won't be too long before recreational players begin to learn through mainstream media that this is the industry standard, and that's when online poker will begin to die.

Controversy Erupts Over Player Aid in HUSNGs 

Credit HumanRobo

Players Using Controversial Aid; Stars Clears Use

Recently a player aid developed by high stakes player skier_5 has come under intense scrutinity by the community and PokerStars.

Skier_5 has built a player aid that contains, but is not limited to, propogated preflop charts that assist in decision making in many situations. According to at least one player that uses this software, skier_5 has rented this software out in exchange for a % of the player's profits, depending on the specific buyin level that they play in.

Many players are in rage about the use of the player aid, and have observed previously lower stakes or struggling players move up several buyin levels in only a few months after using this player aid with practically identical preflop stats. The players using the aid have not as of yet revealed all the exact details of how it works or what it does when asked by fellow players.

In Defense Of The Player Aid

This week I tracked 39 players - 19 showed profit, 11 had losses and 9 were break-even. Winners combined for about ~$99,500, losers for ~$91,000. "azn-ra " played biggest sample - 1051 games.

mavrickkk Won The Most (+$18,250 after 111 games)

  • $1000: +$17,570 after 109 games;
  • $500: +$487 after 1 game;
  • $200: +$193 after 1 game.

Eric2441989 won $15,944 after 85 games

Short interview with Adam "coffeeyay" Sobolewski 

Charles Hawk: What are the main mistakes you see from players who transitioned from husngs to spins?

coffeeyay​: One very common mistake is they play too many hands pre-flop in--particularly on the button and in small blinds. I see a ton of huge mistakes in simple spots like shallow stacked push/fold play, which is easily solvable 3-way. 3-handed Nash push/fold ranges are very different from HU push/fold ranges, and that trips people up a lot.

Charles Hawk: Your HUD for husngs is the best there is available online. I would say it is a MUST-have thing for regs, like sharkystrator. :) Will you produce a HUD for Spins as well? If yes, when?

coffeeyay​: I definitely plan to produce a HUD for Spin and Go poker. However, there are a lot more technical and design issues associated with Spin and Gos that I want to solve before putting it out. I'm not willing to release a CoffeeHUD for spins unless it's perfect and solves those issues to my satisfaction. The original CoffeeHUD redefined what a HUD for HUSNGs could do. I've learned a lot about designing and developing the best HUDs, and now I know what a HUD can and should do. Because of this I know how good my Spin HUD can be, and I'm not willing to settle until it meets my expectations.

However, I am still working hard to achieve the level of detail and precision that I expect, so there is not yet a planned release date.


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