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CoffeeHUD PT4 Outage Resolved 

At this time we recommend that all CoffeeHUD customers who are already using a 4.11.x version of PokerTracker update their PokerTracker to the 4.11.2 version (click here for Mac version). We are also monitoring user feedback for the new 4.11.6 release, and will change our recommendation to that version of PT if it proves to be stable and successful.

PT users who are still using 4.10.9 or older versions of PT who wish to upgrade to a 4.11.x version should exercise caution with that new series of PT releases, as many players have reported new errors with each new release in the 4.11.x series so far. Players who wish to upgrade from 4.10.x (or older) to 4.11.x should do a full manual backup of their PT database prior to updating, as updates to 4.11.x require incompatible alterations to the PT database that make a direct downgrade to 4.10.9 impossible.

The current mainline version of CoffeeHUD, 2.0.2, will not work with PT 4.10.9 or older versions. Current CoffeeHUD 2.0.2 users who need to get a copy of CoffeeHUD 2.0.1 for use with 4.10.9 or older releases should e-mail me their PT4 registration e-mail and 6-digit code (in PT4, go to Help and then About to find this info), and I will activate you for 2.0.1.

zZzTILT vs jungleman12 Part I 

Today we kick off a new series of reviews from zZzTILT: a series of hypers games that he played against Daniel "w00ki3z./jungleman12" Cates! Jungleman plays the highest stakes online, but frequent readers already know this from his frequent appearances on our High Stakes Rail reports. Peer inside zZz's thought process as he explains his decisions two-tabling this master of heads-up poker.

As many have already learned first-hand, zZz's last premium pack, Crushing Regs: The Way To Beat Tough Opponents, is all about teaching how to play against the best.

Faarcyde: Exploiting A Static Opponent In Hypers Part V 

Here is the final chapter in Faarcyde's series of reviews of his games against the same opponent played at $35 hyper turbos on FullTilt. Faarcyde's goal with these videos has been to demonstrate the adjustments he makes against this kind of opponent to exploit his passive and tight tendencies. As the two games reviewed in this video are at the end of their series against each other, Faarcyde's opponent does also show adjustments of his own. Faarcyde continues to explain the deliberation behind his decisions and comment on his opponent's decisions.

Here are also the first four vids in this series:

Part I

Part II

Part III

Part IV

This week I tracked 27 players - 17 showed profit and 10 had losses. Winners combined for about $186,000, losers for about $208,000. Adam "v2the3/vtothe3" Sykes played the biggest sample: 947 games.

Take a look at this week's MIX HAND PACK: CLICK HERE

Biggest Winner - Rachid Ben "SkaiWalkurrr' Cherif 

Pbogz's Hyper Turbo Test Part 2 

We now present the second installment in Pbogz's new classroom-style series of presentations for beginnner-level hypers. In this series, Paul teaches concepts by first asking a "test" question with multiple choice answers, and then reveals the correct answer and goes into some length explaining what makes that the correct answer. The final question is a "homework assignment" for which Paul does not reveal the answer.

Continuing on from the first installment, Paul begins this video by first answering the homework question from the previous video. As in the first video, most of Paul's focus is still on preflop action, with some flop coverage as well.

Players who have not seen the first video should start with that one prior to watching this installment, so as to maximize the value they get out of this one. The first video can be found here.


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