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Fydor_8: Slow-Playing A Made Hand 

This video from Fydor_8 discusses how and why to slow-play a made hand on the flop. Fydor_8 reviews a hand where he flops the nuts, and talks about how to keep his opponent betting into him through smooth calling.

This week I tracked 62 players - 40 showed profit, 15 had losses and 7 were break-even. Winners combined for about ~$255,000, losers for ~$121,000. omaha4rollz played biggest sample - 2544 games.

Dominik "mad_domonox/domonox" Bosnjak Won The Most ($32,814 after 929 games)

Seven Regs Give Us Their Impressions Of Spin And Go's 

Last week, we talked to two PokerStars.fr regs about what they think of Spin And Go's, PokerStars's 3-max hyper turbo randomized prizes format. Today, we also have the thoughts of seven regs whom we have interviewed or profiled in the past: Spencer "360flip019 / 360flip19" Moe, Conor "Earl Hindman / Jaws Washington" Shelly, Johannes "Jossel2008 / JosselTheKiller" Meyer, Alex "A13x_J0nes" Jones, Steven "randon_chu" Chew, Karliz / coixdawg and Derek "dl184" Leach.


Two PokerStars.fr Players Share Their Thoughts On Spin & Go Tourneys 

PokerStars's Spin & Go tournament format is their take on the 3-max hyper turbo format with randomized prizes that was introduced by Winamax under the name Expresso and has since then been copied by other poker rooms under different names as well. The format has been met with some controversy and resistance by grinding professionals due to the format's added randomness element and its affect on the action in other formats, including HUSNGs. Last week, PokerStars introduced Spin & Go's to PokerStars.fr, their French segregated market poker room. We asked two PokerStars.fr regs to tell us what they think of the format.


Reg 1

This week I tracked 67 players - 31 showed profit, 25 had losses and 11 were break-even. Winners combined for about ~$186,250, losers for ~$210,800. omaha4rollz played biggest sample - 2587 games.

Biggest Winner: Jack "jackstack99/aisixer3jk" Ketendjian won $20,055 after 467 games


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