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Interview with Stevan "random_chu" Chew (just got into 100s division) 

Interview with Stevan "random_chu" Chew


Charles Hawk: Congrats on getting into the $100s division. Was it hard? How long did it take warring regs? How many games did you play in total? What are your combined results from that warring?

random_chu: yeah it was difficult, but i don't think there was ever a moment where i thought it wasn't achievable. i was beating the regs at a decent winrate early, so from there i just considered it to be a matter of volume. it did take me a while though, as i was only able to play for a few hours each day after my MTT sessions, which were in off peak times. i was grinding long MTT sessions during SCOOP, and then again while the WSOP was on. i ended up playing 4k games, and this took me probably 6 months. i mean, i could have pumped out the games a lot quicker if i wanted to, but the tournament action was so juicy, i just couldn't turn down all that EV yo!

random_chu: i'm such a pt4 fish. i had thought i had hit the 4k game mark, and my EV roi was something like 3%. then, once i tried to submit a report, i realised that i had a heap of fish games in the sample, and i had another 700 games to go! once WSOP finished, i just ended up cramming the volume in, often 4 tabling vs two different regs at once. i remember dropping like 1200 in EV in my very last session.

Mattraq1 & RyPac13: $20 Turbo On 

Mattraq1 and RyPac13 are back with another heads-up turbo review. This time, Mattraq is playing the maximum buy-in level, $20, on this real money legal Nevada online poker room. As Mattraq plays, RyPac engages him in conversation about his decisions. The opponent Mattraq is up against is a very different kind of player from the first vid, and the adjustments and reasoning for his decisions follows a different pattern accordingly.

This week I tracked 23 players - 16 showed profit, 6 had losses and 1 was break-even. Winners combined for about $99,000, losers for ~$66,500. Korpieworm played biggest sample - 1216 games.

A few days ago I posted an interview with Cog Dis: CLICK HERE

Dominik "mad_domonox/domonox" Won The Most

Interview with Cog Dis  

Charles Hawk: How did you come up with this nickname? Is there a story behind it?

Paul Collins (Cog Dis): Cognitive dissonance has quite a few meanings, but the one applies to poker for me is that people will fool themselves into thinking they are better than they are, despite evidence to the contrary. Logic seems to go out the window where poker is concerned

Charles Hawk:  What are your main strengths and weaknesses?

Paul Collins (Cog Dis): Well I have many theoretical leaks, otherwise I wouldn't be a midstakes grinder. Apart from those my volume is too low. It's an issue I've battled with for many years. I'm not sure what my strengths are, but I do know that I'm still around after all these years, so I must do some things right, just not enough to make it to the top!

Charles Hawk:  You have been playing professionally for 7 years now. Is it getting harder to catch fish year by year?

Paul Collins (Cog Dis): Absolutely, there are more regs and the same number or less fish to go between them. This year I had to add 30s to my grind, something I never thought I'd have to do. The future of poker is something I constantly worry about. If the USA comes back then we are saved. If it doesn't I think I could be doomed to a future of making less and less money at poker, especially when you consider inflation.

Ph33roX Leakfinder #8 - $20 Hyper Turbos (Part I) 

Here is part one of two of the last installment in Ph33roX's Leakfinder series. In this installment, Ph33roX reviews a student's play in Merge Network's $20-level hypers. Interesting topics include bet sizing tells, triple barreling and bluffcatching.

If you're interested in playing on the quality hyper and turbo structures that Merge offers, as well as earning free video packs, check out our offer for Merge's flagship, Carbon Poker.


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