Poker Camp Trip Report 

Our first ever poker camp came to an end in October. It was a blast! With over a dozen players flying in from ten different countries, it was a lively and fun experience.

The location:

At about 9500 feet (2900 Meters) above sea level, nestled in the heart of the Rocky Mountains, the location was excellent.

Some of the participants, in order top to bottom: Adam AKA Coffeeyay, Evan AKA Gripsed (from, Kevin, Aljaz, Knut, Ryan AKA Chicagory, Raph and Marius

Interview with adamc1988 

Charles Hawk: Did you have any specific goals for 2015? If yes, what were they? Are you happy with your performance so far?

adamc1988:  My goals changed a lot from the start of the year to mid way through the year, but I guess the consistent goal was to move up the stakes. I started the year as a 300s reg so to have been accepted into $1ks by September, I would have certainly took that in January. Overall I would say I was satisfied with my performance so far, but it's certainly not the time for pats on the back as the work never stops and there are still plenty of areas I want to improve on. 

Charles Hawk: How many VPPs have you earned this year? Are you chasing any milestone yet? Are you planning to grind alot next month?

adamc1988: I have about 1.3m VPPs, I'll comfortably get 1.5m and don't have any goals to push for any more. I'll be grinding a similar amount to usual for the rest of the year.

Charles Hawk: What are you predictions for 2016 a) for online poker (especially for husngs and spins) and b) rakeback at pokerstars? Do you think amaya could reduce rewards or change whole VIP club system? 

This week I tracked 30 players - 15 showed profit, 6 had losses and 9 were break-even. Winners combined for about ~$90,500, losers for ~$68,500. "mavrickkk" played biggest sample - 1204 games.

spiritedreal Won The Most

Interview with Daniel "Pl@yerABC" Sklár (Part 2) 

Charles Hawk: You wrote to me in a previous interview (in April) that Spins are more fun for you than husngs. Do you feel the same today? If action would be equal, why would you choose spins over husngs?

This week I tracked 26 players - 10 showed profit, 11 had losses and 5 were break-even. Winners combined for about ~$53,000, losers for ~$94,000. "azn-ra" played biggest sample - 905 games.

adamc1988 Won The Most (+$22,896 after 769 games)

  • $1000: +$20,872 after 256 games;
  • $500: -$3,965 after 225 games;
  • $300: +$1,843 after 116 games;
  • $200: +$4,146 after 172 games.

More Winners

majcy won $4,416 after 374 games; Dmitriy "JustNoPain" Ivanov won $4,115 after 47 games; JstAplayer93 won $3,858 after 408 games; Ziroto won $3,691 after 503 games; Ryan "Moca Choca89" O'Donnell won $3,591 after 457 games; WhatIsICM won $3,349 after 154 games; spiritedreal won $2,323 after 385 games; azn-ra won $2,273 after 905 games; Ut Prosim won $2,187 after 328 games.