This week I tracked 32 players - 15 showed profit, 8 had losses and 9 were break-even. Winners combined for about ~$89,000, losers for ~$105,500. "San4ouz" played biggest sample - 1008 games.

Richard "chadders0" Chadwick Won The Most (+$25,662 after 760 games)

This week I tracked 27 players - 15 showed profit, 5 had losses and 7 were break-even. Winners combined for about ~$77,500, losers for ~$44,000. Richard "chadders0" Chadwick played biggest sample - 1085 games.

mavrickkk Won The Most (+$18,694 after 986 games)

  • $1000: +$18,917 after 254 games;
  • $500: +$1,177 after 564 games;
  • $300: -$4,407 after 60 games;
  • $200: +$3,233 after 92 games;
  • $100: -$226 after 16 games.

Dominik "mad_domonox/domonox" Bosnjak  won $17,521 after 1042 games

Interview with SpinWiz owner and creator Sander Meister 

Interview with SpinWiz owner and creator Sander Meister


My name is Sander Meister, I'm a 24 years old handsome guy from Estonia.

I've been "programming" since I was 14. I've been working for myself online since I was 16.

My main interests have always been game development, bot development and security.

For several years I wrote automation software for internet marketers such as eWhore IM bots, social network bots, CPA bots etc.

I have wrote several tools for gambling/poker also, such as a bot for PartyPoker, registration tools for PokerStars and a few programs to beat player vs player skill games in online casinos.


Charles Hawk: When and how did the development of SpinWiz start?

Sander Meister: The development of SpinWiz started in December 2014 when the majority was still convinced spins are not beatable.

My friend "frontbet" came to me and said I should stop everything I'm doing right now and work on a poker tool with him.

He spent a week at my place to help me with all the theoretical stuff. At first it was pretty much just the two of us, but now SpinWiz is owned by 5 people.

Pbogz (Creative thoughts are flowing) 

Hey guys,

     So I've never been much of a blogger, but figured it would fit in just fine with me streaming as well. So, for starters, lets talk about our very slow start in the bankroll challenge. Honestly, it really isn't much of a surprise. The swings and run bad on these sites are just insane. Being " live" does help push through the nonsense but I figured that what I'm doing away from the tables is just as important. recently, I started eating healthy. Drinking some fruit smoothies in the Am that just happen to be loaded up with protein. Who needs coffee?? :). Also, doing my best to meditate as much as possible. I don't think people realize how powerful meditation can actually be. If you haven't tried it before. Go for it and let me know how it went when you see me on the stream. Overall, poker is all about balance because life will throw you a bunch of curve balls. Like waking up with a tooth ache angry. Anyways, I hope this blog will gain some interest and I'll be updating at least twice a week!


See you on the stream guys and gals!!!

This week I tracked 28 players - 14 showed profit, 4 had losses and 10 were break-even. Winners combined for about ~$111,000, losers for ~$46,000. "San4ouz" played biggest sample - 1104 games.

307th Won The Most (+$37,597 after 799 games)

  • $1000: +$35,976 after 672 games;
  • $500: +$1,621 after 127 games.

anthonyff won $24,768 after 309 games