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Rocco "Rocmar87" Marotta going for SNE! (4,000 VPPs per day, 6 days per week) 

About a month ago Rocco "Rocmar87" Marotta (interview: CLICK HERE) decided to go for Supernova Elite. Today I asked him about how it is going.

Coffee Break - Video 5 - Hero Calling 

In this edition of Coffee Break, RyPac13 asks Coffeeyay to talk about Hero Calling (calling bluffs with weak hands). Coffeeyay is the designer of the CoffeeHUD poker HUD and the author of the Coffeeyay Math Pack video series. Check out his other Coffee Breaks in this YouTube playlist.

Fydor_8: Hyper Turbos With Reads 

Today's video marks the return of veteran video maker fydor_8. Fydor has taken up hyper turbos, and brings us a heads-up hypers video in the $30 buy-in on pokerstars in which he faces a reg that he is familiar with. Fydor has notes on this opponent (whose name he has concealed for the purposes of this video) and an understanding of this opponent's tendencies, and his purpose with this video is to demonstrate how he adjusts his game for this specific opponent, as opposed to discussing how to play against population tendencies.

This week I tracked 24 players - 10 showed profit, 7 had losses and even 7 were break-even. Winners combined for about ~$160,000, losers for ~$47,000.

A few days ago I posted an interview with Karliz/coixdog: CLICK HERE. Two hand packs posted last week: CLICK HERE and HERE

Daniel 'w00ki3z./jungleman12' Cates Won The Most

Interview with Karliz / coixdog 

Charles Hawk: When did you start playing poker? What have you tried before HUSNGs? How did that go?

Karliz / coixdog: I think I started playing online when I was like 16 and played pretty much everything except HUSNGs. Mostly MTTs, cash and random SNGs. I was pretty much breaking even and not making much money, until I won $5000 in a $10 tournament, then lost half of it the next week playing HU cash. I then mostly played HU cash and DoNs until I moved to Betfair and started playing $30 HUSNGs, and discovered it was pretty soft and the rake wasn't as bad as in HU cash.

Charles Hawk: What, at the very beginning, was the hardest to learn to be able to climb the limits in HUSNGs?

Karliz / coixdog: My biggest problem was probably volume. I one-tabled for the longest time and a good day for me was 30-40sngs. I was too afraid to lose my profit that I earned that day. I also didn't move up as quickly as I should have, because I always assumed that the guys who play a stake higher were great until I moved up to their stakes just to discover they were just slightly better than regs at my old stakes.

Charles Hawk: Did you have problems with tilt, discipline and motivation when you started playing profesionally? How did you solve these problems (maybe there are some problems even now)?


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