This week I tracked 55 players - 21 showed profit, 13 had losses and 21 were break-even. Winners combined for about ~$88,500, losers for ~$42,500. "azn-ra" played biggest sample - 1246 games.

mavrickkk Won The Most (+$18,567 after 643 games)

  • $1000: +$6,732 after 17 games;
  • $500: +$7,988 after 134 games;
  • $300: +$1,414 after 80 games;
  • $200: -$508 after 211 games;
  • $100: +$3,064 after 197 games;
  • $30: -$123 after 4 games.

More Winners

Interview with Daniel 'Pl@yerABC ' Sklar 


Interview with Daniel 'Pl@yerABC ' Sklar


Charles Hawk: Tell me about your this years perfomance. How are you doing? Any graphs?

Daniel 'Pl@yerABC ' Sklar: I have a new PC (bought it approximately 2 months ago) so I don't even have graph from the beginning of this year. I haven't won any tournament with big multiplier. So I have nothing to brag about.
Lately I am running above EV so hopefully this good run of cards will continue to create a really nice long upswing :-)

Charles Hawk: What new have you learned this year as a poker pro? What new have you learned off-tables?

This week I tracked 50 players - 25 showed profit, 17 had losses and 8 were break-even. Winners combined for about ~$105,000, losers for ~$65,500. "azn-ra" played biggest sample - 1224 games.

Olivier "Adonis112" Busquet Won The Most (+$11,335 after 218 games)

Interview with Kevin Laird (Koovoon)


 Kevin Laird won a 1 million Spin and Go about half year ago (CLICK HERE). I contacted him to ask how he is doing. We talked abit about his future plans.

  Charles Hawk: Hey, Kevin. How are you and your stay back in USA? Don't you miss poker? What's in your mind to do to replace it?

  Kevin Laird (Koovoon): I'm really glad to be back in the US. I dont miss poker at all, at least not playing professionally...I found a $1/$3 home game that I go to on Sundays. So I've been learning cash games a little bit, reading some books and looking up some videos and whatnot. But nothing serious, don't plan to do it for a living anymore, just a hobby because I still like the game.


  Charles Hawk: maybe you are planning to transition to live poker tourneys across the US and Canada?

  Kevin Laird (Koovoon): I may play in some WSOP events, I've only played one live event ever (PCA back in the day, Elky won it the year I played).


Interview with Spin and Go reg Knut 'smatt' Turk 

Charles Hawk: How your Spin game changed comparing with year ago? What weaknesses have you eliminated what strengths have you gained?

Knut 'smatt' Turk: One big change that has happened is the way I play from the btn, now I'm minraising instead of limping as a general rule.

I think the biggest gain during that time comes from playing current/former HTHU regulars from 60s+ a lot, which has improved my own game quite a bit.


Charles Hawk: Are you still studying Spins hard? Are you improving your preflop strat or is it basically set as a default unchangable for some time now?

Knut 'smatt' Turk: There is always room to improve, but in terms of playing vs recreationals it's a somewhat fixed strat for now.


Charles Hawk: What new moves have you learned post? Or if its a secret, have post flop game got tougher compared with year ago? How?

Knut 'smatt' Turk: Postflop game seems to have been improving steadily in the regular player pool, which is really no surprise considering the various tools that are around for solving postflop play.

Knut 'smatt' Turk: My new most favourite move postflop is mindonking all 3 streets.