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Dan "mrGR33N13" Colman Wins the Million Dollar Buyin WSOP One Drop Tournament 

For the last two years, Dan Colman has destroyed HUSNGs. Making well over a million dollars in 2013, and making many appearances in our high stakes weekly reports in 2014, Dan has been seemingly unstoppable. With an EPT High Roller tournament win earlier this year, Dan also showed that he's a formidable opponent in the live tournament setting as well as the online heads up scene.

But nothing has compared to what he accomplished today in WSOP Event #57: $1,000,000 Buyin One Drop. Dan bested a field of 42, including beating Daniel Negreanu heads up, to win over 15 million dollars and a WSOP bracelet.

Dan mrgr33n13 Colman One Drop Winner

To read about the final hand, or the action leading up to the victory, PokerNews has been all over the coverage.

This week I tracked 22 players - 7 showed profit, 11 had losses and 4 were break-even. Winners combined for about $41,000, losers for ~$78,000. Adam "v2the3/vtothe3" Sykes played biggest sample - 1765 games.

If you haven't read the interview with Tomas "masuronike" Kubaliak which I posted 2 days ago: CLICK HERE

Biggest Winner - Adam "v2the3/vtothe3" Sykes 

Results (+$20,907 after 1765 games)

  • $1,000: +$15,042 after 515 games
  • $500-$600: -$8,122 after 983 games
  • $300-$350: +$9,694 after 198 games
  • $200: +$4,292 after 69 games

What are your strengths and weaknesses?

My biggest strength is probably hand reading and understanding how the dynamic affects peoples decision making. Weakness is certainly maths/GTO

What is your daily routine?

Really disciplined in the week. Poker 6 hours, gym for around 2 hours and then poker for like another 6 hours and then bed. Very exciting.

Tell me your hobbies?

Partying over the weekend with friends and going to the cinema.

Interview With Tomas "Masuronike" Kubaliak 

Interview With Tomas "Masuronike" Kubaliak

Tomas "Masuronike" Kubaliak

Charles Hawk: First of all, tell us some basic info about yourself: full name, age, country, your hobbies, how long you have played poker professionally, your main strengths and weaknesses.

Tomas Kubaliak: Hey, my name is Tomas Kubaliak, I'm 24 years old and I'm from Slovakia. My hobby is my family. I have a girlfriend and a 2.5 year old son Kevin and I really love to spend time with them instead of drinking alcohol, taking drugs and paying hookers. Last few weeks I've enjoyed playing some sports (football, running). I've been playing poker from 2008, when I finished school but never really worked (if I don't count 2 days as a waiter).

CH: Why poker? Did you have any other ideas on what to do with your live before choosing that? What was your first deposit? Tell us about your journey from lowest stakes in to the high limits, especially the most interesting aspects: how you improved as a player during that and what main difficulties you faced.

Mattraq1 & RyPac13: $10 Turbo On 

Reviewed in this new video from Mattraq1 and RyPac13 is a $10 turbo HUSNG played on, the real money legal Nevada site. Mattraq takes the helm while Ryan asks questions. In addition to the structure and software, the two also talk about Matt's decisions in this game, including playing vs an aggressive unknown opponent, going over Mattraq's early, somewhat conservative strategy vs this opponent, and then finding spots to open up and play back.

This week I tracked 20 players - 9 showed profit, 11 had losses. Winners combined for about $70,000, losers for ~$40,000. Gorcsev played biggest sample - 1533 games.

If you haven't read the interview with Sentin which I posted few days ago: CLICK HERE

Daniel "mrGR33N13" Colman and Ankush "pistons87" Mandavia cashed for $111,942 (3-4th place) and $54,736 (5-8th place) in WSOP $10,000 HUSNG Event (#40). Serkan "Serkules" Kurnaz took home $26,584 (9-16th). If you want to read about some hands CLICK HERE

Daniel ColmanAnkush MandaviaSerkan Kurnaz


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