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CoffeeHUD For HU Cash Updated To 1.0.1 

Hi everyone!

Today we have updated the HU Cash edition of CoffeeHUD. The major update for this version is that all of the CoffeeHUD elements have been renamed just as we had done with the 2.0.4 update for the HUSNG edition of CoffeeHUD. This is intended to resolve rare installation errors that have occured in the past. While working on this update, a few errors were detected and fixed as well. Most notably, the counter for hands vs minraise in bb was not filtering correctly for the 10-13 bb line, which has now been fixed.

It is highly recommended that CoffeeHUD for HU Cash users who are using a version of PokerTracker that is 4.11 or newer perform a full cache rebuild in the Database Management window of PT4. We have seen reports suggesting that this is necessary any time you create custom stats or import a custom add-on (such as a custom HUD, like CoffeeHUD). If you are using PT versions from 4.10.6 to 4.10.9, this is not necessary. Fortunately, the steps themselves are simple. From the main PT4 screen, select as follows: "Database", "Database Management", "Rebuild Cache", "Full Cache Rebuild".

This week I tracked 20 players - 11 showed profit, 9 had losses and 1 was break-even. Winners combined for about ~$139,200, losers for ~$50,500. spiriteadreal played biggest sample - 1073 games.

A few days ago I posted an interview with Spencer "360flip19" Moe: CLICK HERE. Two hand packs posted last week: CLICK HERE and HERE.

Biggest Winner: Adam "v2the3/vtothe3" Sykes (+$63,943 after 880 games)

  • $1000: $35,916 after 148 games
  • $500: $24,661 after 446 games
  • $300: $4,828 after 175 games
  • $200: $513 after 23 games

Alex "A13X_J0neS" Jones won $18,214 after 754 games

Interview With Spencer "360flip19" Moe 

Spencer Moe

Spencer Moe
Alias: 360flip19
Stakes: $200 hyper turbo reg
Age: 24 years
Nationality: Canadian

Charles Hawk: First of all, introduce yourself to the people who don't know you: full name, nickname, where are you from, which sites do you play, game and level, results (if you can) and your main strengths and weaknesses.

Spencer Moe (360flip19): My name is Spencer Moe. I am from Canada. I play on Pokerstars as 360flip019 and on FTP as 360flip19. I am a regular at $200 hyper turbos and play down to $60s.

In last couple years I've enjoyed a lot of success playing heads up sngs as a professional and have also managed to have a scoop top 3 finish in 4max. I feel most of my success has come from always believing that my game needs lots of work. I don't think there is ever a place to become satisfied or complacent in regards to my skill level. The game moves forwards so if I'm not improving I feel I am falling behind. I think this applies to everyone in poker, especially husngs as of lately.

CH: How old are you and how long have you been playing poker?

Katipo Hyper Turbos vs SDoGOod Part I 

Katipo jumps back into the action after taking a break from poker with this first installment in a series of hyper turbo reviews. In these games played on black chip poker, Katipo takes on SDoGOod, a reg that Katipo had played against in the past and who proves to be a very challenging opponent through-out these reviews. This first video sees them start at $360, but later games in this series are played at several levels, including up to $1200.

fydor_8: Readless Hypers Part I 

Here is another free video from veteran video maker fydor_8. Fydor has been seeing success in his recent return to poker after spending time away from the game, and has picked up with his video-making ways as well. In this video, which is the first of two parts, he faces an opponent that he is not familiar with, showcasing play with no reads. Fydor spends a lot of time discussing each hand in depth and really walks us through his head as he explains his decisions.


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