This week I tracked 32 players - 14 showed profit, 5 had losses and 13 were break-even. Winners combined for about ~$87,000, losers for ~$13,500. "noqqx" played biggest sample - 1158 games.

Luke ''LFmagic'' Fields Won The Most

Interview with Raph 'InMexico/HannahArendt'

(Raph, his gf, Elliot Roe)

Charles Hawk: First off, introduce yourself briefly to our community or to those who don't know you.

Raphael “InMexico/HannahArendt”: I'm Raphaël, a french 24 years old husng and spin grinder. I play under the sn InMexico on .eu and HannahArendt on .fr. I've been playing spins ever since they introduced the 100s and I still play hus aside.

Charles Hawk: Could you write short introduction about yourself describing your personality and some facts about your poker carrier and off-table activities?

Raphael “InMexico/HannahArendt”: I used to do a lot of sports, especially rugby but I dislocated both of my shoulders when i was 16 so had to stop and needed a replacement. At 1st it's been UrbanRivals a strategy card game where I held the world record for 6 months and then poker. Because of that I was over confident I would crush poker when I discovered it, my beginnings were a lot tougher than expected :D In college I was as broke as you can be, mostly cause my mental game and brm were non existent.

HSR weekly report #218: Biggest Winner - ''v2the3''; Biggest Loser - ''adamc1988'' 

This week I tracked 31 players - 14 showed profit, 8 had losses and 9 were break-even. Winners combined for about ~$80,500, losers for ~$34,500. "bubbleoutcas" played biggest sample - 771 games.

v2the3 Won The Most (+$32,503 after 331 games)


Interview with Daniel 'Pl@yerABC' Sklar



Charles Hawk: How are you doing both in poker and whats new in your life in general? 

Daniel 'Pl@yerABC' Sklar: In poker I am still playing Spin&Go tournaments - in these days I am sitting mainly at the $60 tables. I really enjoy the format. I am playing against recreational players  - which is good for earning chips :) and against professionals - which forces me to think hard about many decisions and it puts me under pressure to improve my game - and that's good. When I was a kid in elementary school I was a straight A student. At the time I was happy about that. Obviously the reason behind my "success" was that the school was easy. These days I want to put myself in more challenging enviroments (like when I compete against other regs in Spins) so my leaks and mistakes and very visible and I can improve my game and grow as a poker player. So what I have found out is that it's good to put yourself under pressure, to force yourself to work little bit harder.

This week I tracked 30 players - 19 showed profit, 6 had losses and 5 were break-even. Winners combined for about ~$104,500, losers for ~$40,000. "147maker" played biggest sample - 915 games.

adamc1988 Won The Most (+$40,482 after 542 games)