This week I tracked 36 players - 21 showed profit, 6 had losses and 9 were break-even. Winners combined for about ~$98,000, losers for ~$37,000. "Saauron1" played biggest sample - 1329 games.

spin4play Won The Most (+$24,708 after 419 games)

  • $1000: +$21,577 after 370 games;
  • $500: +$3,140 after 47 games;
  • $300: -$9 after 2 games.

noqqx won $20,533 after 1299 games

This week I tracked 35 players - 17 showed profit, 10 had losses and 8 were break-even. Winners combined for about ~$60,000, losers for ~$46,000. "noqqx" played biggest sample - 1623 games.

PrimordialAA Won The Most (+$12,430 after 240 games)

This week I tracked 37 players - 18 showed profit, 8 had losses and 11 were break-even. Winners combined for about ~$83,000, losers for ~$44,500. "noqqx" played biggest sample - 1897 games.

IKSecret Won The Most (+$28,621 after 381 games)

Interview with Qi 'qihu00' Hu


You've made more than a million dollars from husng hypers (rb included), being one of top regs back in the days when I started working with High Stakes Rail :-) I had possibility to view some of your HH and it was def one of the reasons, why I've become successfull midstake husng hyper reg at euro sites. So first of all I want to endorse you and say – Thank You! :-)

Charles Hawk: You haven't played on Pokerstars for few years now. Please tell to my readers, where have you disappeared? What are you doing now as your main activity?

Qi 'qihu00' Hu: Haha, I've far from disappeared but I did have my Supernova Elite year in 2012, and then by the middle of 2013, I made the decision to reduce my volume drastically and become a stay at home father. My first son Jeremy, was born in June 2012, and after the one year maternity leave for my wife, she was ready to go back to work, and I was ready to take on the next step in my life as a father. I did quickly find that as much as I love my kids, being a homemaker is a bit boring and my competitive fire needed some spark. I did however play a lot of board games online during that time and became a top player in Settlers of Catan, Dominion, and 7 Wonders.

Bertie 'bigstealer' Bayley 


Charles Hawk: Have you started to win straight away when transitioned to Spins? How are you improving nowadays, how do you study Spin and Go's theoretically? What tools do you use while grinding and while off-tables?

Bertie 'bigstealer' Bayley: No I lost for about 1 month actually and was kinda tearing my hair out but after some trial and error/figuring out the population tendancies/plenty of HU study I got there and started 4 tabling them pretty comfortably.

I used all sorts of stuff but most of the study was PIO related. Occasionally I'd use flopzilla for the exploitative stuff but that was it really. I built my own HUD on HM2 (didnt join the pokertracker dark side) with lots of pop ups by stack depth which was super useful. It was amazing to start with how poorly people defended their limps HU vs BB raise and many of these guys were coming from $30-$100 cartels.