Sa1251 Wins His Heads Up Challenge; PokerStars Adds Higher Buyin Hyper Turbos

Sa1251 Finishes Strong and Wins Heads Up Challenge

Sa1251 completed his 2025 games in nine days heads up challenge today, finishing with about 5 hours to spare.  He finished with $1,163 in profit over 2014 games, a total that was enough to guarantee victory with hours left.  With his win, he takes home $4,000 in side bet winnings for completing his challenge successfully and an estimated $2,000 in PokerStars VIP/FPP value to go along with his $1,163 in winnings in games during the challenge. will have some insight from Sa1251 on his big win tomorrow.

PokerStars Adds New Hyper Turbo Heads Up SNG Buyins

PokerStars Adds $60 and $100 Hyper Turbo Heads Up SNGs

PokerStars Expands Hyper Turbo Heads Up SNG Offerings

July 1st, 2011 -  PokerStars rolled out two new, higher buyin heads up sng hyper turbo levels earlier today.  The buyin levels were $58.74 + 1.26 and $98.12 + 1.88.  The rake rate on each of these is 2.1%, widely considered to be fair and beatable with this structure.

PokerStars added hyper turbo heads up sng buyins up to the $30 level just ten days ago.

There are currently two lobbies for each buyin level and no word if PokerStars plans to add additional lobbies.  There is also no word yet on any plans PokerStars may have to add higher buyin hyper turbos.

2000+ Heads Up SNGs in Nine Days Challenge Begins

sa1251 Attempts the Latest Heads Up SNG Poker Volume Challenge

June 28th, 2011 - $100 level heads up sng regular sa1251 begins a heavy volume challenge today, attempting to turn a profit over 2025 heads up sngs at the $100 level in just 9 days.  He will be 4-6 tabling on PokerStars, playing roughly 225 games a day for nine days straight.

He has ponied up just under $1,000 of his own money for the challenge.  If successful, he will win $4,000 from other heads up sng players betting against him.

Heads Up SNG News Roundup - June 21st, 2011

News Includes: PokerStars Expanding Hyper Turbos, Plauzee Controversy and Players Headed South

Heads Up SNG Poker News

PokerStars Expands Hyper Turbo Heads Up SNGs

PokerStars has expanded their hyper (super) turbo heads up sng offerings up to and including the $30 buyin.  The buyin levels offered (rake % in parenthesis) currently are $1.44 + .06 (4%), $3.40 + .10 (2.8%), $6.85 + .15 (2.1%), $14.69 + .31 (2%) and $29.37 + .63 (2.1%).

Heads Up Poker Player JackTheShipper Makes $50,000 in 50 Days

JackTheShipper Discusses Making $50,000 in 50 Days

June 13th, 2011 - Belgian heads up sng player Jan "JackTheShipper" has made $50,000 in the last 50 days. sat down with Jan for a quick Q and A about his recent success.

JacktheShipper 50k 50 days heads up sng poker graph

Q: $50,000 in 50 days is quite impressive, how are you handling this type of success and the emotions that presumably go with the success?

A:  I'm very excited about the success, and the future can go either way, I hope I'm not just on a long heater but I've had some good success over a significant amount of games, so I feel pretty confident right now. 

22 Flawed Reasonings In HUSNG Poker (Part 2)

The first half of this article introduced how there are dozens of common flawed ways of thinking about HUSNG poker that are pervasive amongst average midstakes players. In general, they tend to make use of heuristics that end up distracting from an accurate equity calculation at the core of the decision.  We'll now broaden this understanding towards your poker career and out-of-game poker choices, with a few more examples of specific common in-game situations interspersed along the way.

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Jake Cody Wins World Series of Poker $25,000 Heads Up Event

Cody Completes WSOP, WPT and EPT Trifecta

June 4th, 2011 - 22 year old British tournament professional Jake Cody defeated Yevgeniy "Jovial Gent" Timoshenko to win the $25,000 buyin WSOP heads up event.

He won $851,192 in addition to his WSOP bracelet.  Timoshenko took home $525,980 for his runner up finish.

Cody also won the EPT Deauville and WPT London earlier this year, as well as a PokerStars SCOOP victory in May.

Notables that cashed in this 128 player, $3,040,000 prize pool event included Gus Hansen (3rd place), Tom Dwan (9th place), Olivier "livb112" Busquet (12th place) and Jonathan Jaffe (16th place).

Olivier Busquet was knocked out by Timoshenko in the tournament, as was Daniel Cates.

HokieGreg and PrimordialAA Boot Camp Update

As Camp Closes, Coaches Reflect

May 29, 2011 - HokieGreg and PrimordialAA are only a few days away from completing their month long boot camp, taking place at PrimordialAA's residence in Austin, Texas.  By all accounts, it has been a great success.

"It's been really valuable, I realize now that before I got here I was an epic nit that had no idea how to play poker," said Joe, a poker player from Iceland that attended the camp.  In fact, the attendance was diverse, with players from Germany, Estonia, United Kingdom and United States.

Merge Network Responds to Players by Improving Super Turbo Heads Up Sit and Go Games

Slashes Rake and Deepens Super Turbo Structure

May 15, 2011 - The Merge Network followed through with their promise of lower rake and a deeper structure in their super turbo heads up sit and go games, slashing the rake by over 50% on some buyins and doubling the starting stacks of the games to 30bbs, from 15bbs previously.

The move comes less than 72 hours after Hero Poker's (a skin on the Merge network) CEO responded to player requests with the following statement: "Merge has listened and you will see changed tournaments in the very near future with rake reduced at all levels aside from $2.10.  And the 25/50 chip blind level [will be] added."