New Ask a Heads Up Pro Forum; Heybude Q and A Thread Debuts

Heybude/Mirttinur Answers Questions

October 26th, 2011 - A new public forum has launched on, the Ask a Heads Up Pro forum.  Danny "heybude" Steinberg has began the first thread in this forum.  Drop in and ask him a question about anything you would like.

For those that are not familiar with heybude, you can read all about him in the heybude profile.

NBC Cancels National Heads Up Poker Championship

NBC Cancels Popular Heads Up TV Show

October 16th, 2011 - NBC announced earlier this week that they have cancelled the National Heads Up Championship for 2012.  The Championship becomes another post black friday casualty of the poker television world, with Full Tilt and PokerStars funded programming becoming relatively non existent in the USA in recent months.

The show has aired for the last 7 years and has enjoyed modest success.  Poker media sources CardPlayer, PartTimePoker and WickedChops, who originally broke the story, all speculate that the HUC may survive in some form, at some point in the future, due to the previous success of the event and the popularity among players.

Hyper Turbo HUSNG Power Rankings

September 30th, 2011 - Welcome to the Hyper Turbo HUSNG Power Rankings.

This edition's panel of judges includes some of the best heads up players in the game today: livb112, Bjoerni89, Lotte Lenya, Serkules and SkaiWalkurrr.

Judges each gave their top five choices, discounting themselves, and corresponding points (5 for 1st, 4 for 2nd, etc.) were totaled, divided by the potential number of votes and then doubled. One judge gave four votes instead of five.

Hyper Turbo HUSNG Power Rankings Picture

Pistons87 Wins $10,000 High Roller Event; SkaiWalkurrr Finishes 3rd

Pistons87 Takes First in $10,000 High Roller; SkaiWalkurrr 3rd

September 18, 2011 - Pistons87 beat akut in the finals to take home first place in the PokerStars WCOOP 41 High Roller Event, a $10,000 + 300 buyin heads up tournament.  "I faced a very tough group of thinking opponents and feel fortunate to come out on top," said Pistons87 afterwards.

The 32 player field was as tough as Pistons said, with notables Iftarii, SkaiWalkurrr, OLD TIME GIN, Fishenzon, Bjoerni89, ElkY, Berndsen12, Siervos, Daniel "Kid Poker" Negreanu and $tinger 88 all participating.

Akut had defeated SkaiWalkurrr in the semi finals to advance in a lengthy and exciting match.

Pistons87 takes home $119,000 for his efforts.  He defeated ElkY, buck21, maxim lykov, Daniel Negreanu and akut on the way.

Heads Up SNG News Roundup - August 25th, 2011

Heads Up SNG News Roundup

- According to an August 22nd PokerStrategy article, online poker room Party Poker plans to review and cut the rake in their lower level SNG games.  This is a welcomed move to heads up sng players, who have long critisized the above market rate rake present in Party Poker's under $100 buyin levels.  Party Poker's higher stakes games offer below market rake rates.  No word yet on when these changes might occur or to what extent the rake will be reduced.

HokieGreg Answers Your Questions

As a result of this forum thread, HokieGreg recently sat down and answered your questions.

HokieGreg Answers Your Questions

gar1_od: I'm a micro stakes player and my question is how do you stay motivated to grind after say winning 3 or 4 games in a row? Normally when this happens I kind of get that fear of losing what I've won and feel like I've done enough for the day, when in reality I know volume is the key but can't get past that stumbling block in my head. I really feel this is one of my biggest leaks at the micros and is stopping me from progressing as a player.

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Upcoming HUSNG Bootcamps in August

HokieGreg, FrankThomas8, RBJ to Lead August HUSNG Bootcamps in Spain

July 27th, 2011 - Two new HUSNG bootcamps are taking place in August.  The first is being led by FrankThomas8 and RBJ, two video contributors on  The second bootcamp is being led by veteran HUSNG coach HokieGreg.  Both camps are being held at a large villa in Spain, just outside of Barcelona.

The first camp begins August 16th and finishes on August 22nd.  The cost of the camp is $1300 (or 900 Euros) and in addition to the poker coaching the price also includes sleeping arrangements and three full meals per day.  RBJ and FrankThomas8 have previously been involved in a similar bootcamp earlier this year, which was led by Pistons87 (Note: Pistons87 is not involved in either August HUSNG bootcamp).  Attendence has been capped at ten students and six of those spots have already been reserved.

Short Interview WIth Heads Up Challenge Winner Sa1251

Sa1251 Talks with HUSNG About His Win

July 19th, 2011 - Sa1251 exchanged emails with HUSNG about his recent 2025 games in 9 days challenge.  Sa1251 completed the challenge successfully, turning a profit during those games and completing the games with over six hours to spare.

HUSNG: What was your plan on attacking this bet going into the challenge?  Did that plan change during the bet?

Bjoerni89 and Plauzee Disconnection Blind Down Issue Update

PokerStars Makes a Judgement, Plauzee to Send Back His Share of Winnings

July 11, 2011 - PokerStars has notified Bjoerni89 that he will receive an $8,000 USD refund for games he lost while disconnecting and being blinded down by heads up sng regulars Plauzee and alloman.  "As we consider you a valued player at PokerStars, we have issued [this credit]," said PokerStars senior support specialist Karl in an email to Bjoerni89.  The credit represents 50% of what Bjoerni89 lost while disconnected and blinded down on six total heads up sng matches ranging from $1,000 to $5,000 USD buyin.

PokerStars also clarified that they believed the disconnection was a result of Bjoerni89's connection and not PokerStars servers, a claim backed up by Bjoerni's original account of the incident and a lack of other players disconnecting on PokerStars at the same time.