HokieGreg Part 1 of 2 


This video is part 1 of 2 from HokieGreg HU. In this video he plays two tables of $230 and $345 games on PokerStars.


"Greg is an extremely talented and well rounded high stakes player.  I've had the pleasure of trading advice and strategy with him for the last 18 months and am a better player because of it.  He rarely makes major mistakes and you probably won't either if you continue to watch his videos." - RyPac13

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Skates Video 09 - Playing The $115 Games 

Skates plays a $115 turbo HUSNG on his Poker Stars username psimalive.  Included is discussion on how to play monochrome boards in position, why it sometimes makes sense to make your river bets very large, and 3barreling in limped pots.

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Croixdawg Video 07 

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xSCWx Video 08 - Two $230s against LAG players 


This video is of xSCWx playing two different loose/aggressive opponents.

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xSCWx Video 07 - Some games for fun against avd7a 


I decided to play two tables for fun against a friend of mine. He is a winning 5/10 HU and 6max player. One table is 50BB deep with no blind increase. The other is 200BB deep with no blind increase.

Warning: This video was created for fun so the quality is much lower than in the other videos. The gameplay is serious, but I have my TV running in the background.

 xSCWx: I might have been a little harsh with my description of this video. It isn't recorded as professionally as the others, but it is still a high quality video in terms of strategy in my opinion.

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