SmallPears Videos

SmallPears Discusses HUDs vs Wide 3-bettor 

SmallPears discusses HUDs in HUSNGs on Merge Network

In this video Small Pears discusses using HUD stats to make adjustments, and adapting vs players who 3bet too frequently. He also touches on barreling frequencies vs players with weak flatting ranges. This is a turbo speed game at the $33 + 1.50 buyin level.

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SmallPears Heads Up Sit and Go Poker on Bovada 

SmallPears faces a variety of opponents on Bovada in the $20 and $30 buyin levels. He faces some aggression and talks about 3-bet pots, among many other situations, in over 45 minutes of action.

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SmallPears in a $110 Turbo vs a Regular 

Small Pears reviews a match vs a reg in $110 turbo on the Merge Network. He discusses readless play vs regulars and adjusting against players who play tight out of position. He also covers 3bet sizes and gives in depth analyses of his opponents continuation bet range.

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SmallPears at the $55s 

In this extended video, Smallpears plays at the $55 turbo level on the Merge Network. A variety of situations are analyzed, including 3-bet pots, continuation bets and some bluffs.

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SmallPears Video 3 - $110 Turbos 

SmallPears takes to the tables at the $110 turbo speed level on the Merge Network. He discusses several later street situations, including an interesting semi bluffing situation.

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