Skates' videos

Skates - High Stakes Heads Up Cash 

Skates plays at the $100-200 and $200-400 heads up cash buyin levels in this hour long video.

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Skates - Board Texture Part Two 

Skates reviews member submitted hands for this video on board texture.  He uses a hand replayer and uses reads when given by members.

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Skates Reviews Another $5600 Match Played by PrimordialAA 

Skates reviews another hand history of PrimordialAA at the $5500 + 100 level on Full Tilt.

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Skates Reviews a $5600 Match Played by PrimordialAA 

Skates reviews a match at the $5500 + 100 level played by PrimordialAA.  He uses a hand replayer and talks about various concepts and detailed analysis throughout the match.

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Skates - Video Review of rongwrong 

Skates and RyPac review a video from "rongwrong" in the $10 + .50 regular speed games on Full Tilt.  They cover some interest large pots that are played during the video.

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