SGT RJ's Videos

SGT RJ - Full Length Detilter Cooldown Video 

Nicole "SGT RJ" is back with a full length detilter video, expanding from her popular 5 minute version. She defines tilt, talks about recognition of tilt and irrational thought, ways to prevent it and concludes with a cooldown.

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SGT RJ Presentation: Irrational Beliefs (Part Two) 

SJ RJ Tackles Irrational Thoughts in this Mental Game Poker Video

This is part two of SGT RJ's Irrational Beliefs video. In this video, Nicole talks about understanding your previous irrational mistakes and how to prevent them from occurring in the future. A quick recap of the first video leads into ways to identify and tackle irrational thoughts. Specific examples and strategies are discusses throughout the video.

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SGT RJ Presentation: Irrational Beliefs 

Mental Poker Video Discussing Irrational Beliefs and Fear

In this video, Nicole "SGT RJ" discusses irrational beliefs. She talks about how it impacts your poker game, as well as related topics such as fear and helplessness.

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