Sa1251's Videos

Sa1251 Plays a Good $100 Hyper Turbo Regular 

Sa1251 faces off against former student and $100 regular yellowfin! in this two-tabling hyper turbo video. He discusses possible adjustments to make against a player that knows and incorporates similar techniques to his own game.

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Sa1251 Super Tubo Poker at Mid Stakes 

Sa1251 plays a variety of super turbo games on the Revolution Network. He plays opponents of varying level of skill, including a mid stakes reg, and from one to three tables at a time. Coffeehud, the new advanced HUD, is featured in this video.

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Sa1251 $80-200 Hyper Turbos on Revolution Network 

Sa1251 continues his live commentary with 1-2 tables vs players of all abilities. He focuses on betting patterns and how a limited number of hands can still be used to define an opponent's range of hands.

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Sa1251 Super Turbos 

Sa1251 1-2 tables the super turbos, with stakes ranging from $80 - $200. His live commentary delves into the process of developing more accurate ranges against mediocre opponents based on recent betting patterns and history.

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Sa1251 $15 PokerStars Hyper Turbo Leakfinder (Part 2) 

Sa1251 continues his hyper turbo leakfinder at the $15 level on PokerStars. He digs right into hands with in depth analysis, breaking down postflop hand reading in particular and decisions that make or break the success of low to mid stakes players.

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