PHMERC's videos

PHMEC Live Play $110 and $220 Turbos on Black Chip Poker 

PHMERC plays two $110 level and one $220 level turbo speed heads up poker matches on Black Chip. He talks about making the best decision possible in tough spots, and making assumptions with limited information as a sample size of information and tendencies is built.

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PHMERC's Heads Up Poker Bet Sizing Tips 

PHMERC does a bet sizing/barreling heads up poker concept video. He explains the proper thought process behind these tips and how to learn them correctly. He shows a few examples of barreling correctly for value and as a bluff. He also shows a real hand at the end of the video between him and high stakes reg Mandza17 on Pokerstars employing the lessons learned in the video.

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PHMERC $100 and $300 vs Regulars (Including Borg7) 

PHMERC plays against Borg7 at the $300s and another regular at the $100s. Borg7 will review his side of play in an upcoming video.

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PHMERC Faces PrimordialAA at the $570 Turbo Level 

PHMERC faces off against veteran pro Bryan "PrimordialAA" Pellegrino in this special standard membership poker video. The video takes place at the $550 + 20 level on the Merge Network.

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PHMERC $15 Level Leakfinder (Part II) 

PHMERC continues his $15 level leakfinder, going over essential fundamental concepts such as bluffing, continuation betting, preflop raising and 3-betting.

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