Ph33RoX's Videos

Ph33roX Hyper Turbo Leakfinder Review 

Hyper Turbo Poker Decision Making HUSNG Video

Ph33roX reviews Ohly's play at the $30 hyper turbo level on PokerStars. He talks about how to maximize the value out of your strong hands, and talks about what important variables go into short stack decision making. This video was a result of a twoplustwo heads up sng forum leakfinder and membership giveaway.

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Ph33RoX Mid Stakes Fundamental Leakfinder 

Ph33roX reviews preflop fundamental situations in hu poker video

In this video, Ph33roX reviews match play from the $15 regular speed buyin level on PokerStars. He talks about preflop decisions and some errors made calling with too weak of a hand in a spot and folding too strong of a hand in another.

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Ph33roX $300 Turbo Speed 

Ph33roX $300 Level Heads Up Poker River Strategy Decision

Ph33roX jumps into action at the $300 turbo speed level on PokerStars. He talks about adjusting to an opponent with some strange tendencies and concludes the video with a big decision facing an overbet on the river.

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Ph33roX Heads Up in the $60s Against a LAG 

Ph33roX plays $60 Heads Up SNG Poker Against a LAG Loose Aggressive Opponent

In his third video, Ph33roX plays at the $60 turbo level on PokerStars. He faces a very loose and aggressive opponent. He discusses the particulars of adjusting and handling loose open raising and constant 3-bet aggression, and a situation where playing vs a "reg" is much different than a "fish." The video concludes with 3-bet shoving math.

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Ph33RoX Turbo Match Play and 4-bet Presentation 

Ph33roX 4bet Presentation Heads Up SNG Poker Video

Ph33roX reviews play against a loose opponent at the $100 turbo level in his first full length video. He also goes through a presentation about 4betting, analyzes timing tells to gain more reads on his opponent's range, and talks about checking to induce bets from a range that is too weak to call a value bet.

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